99 Swag Bio For Instagram to Make Your Profile Unforgettable

We all use social media, and often we are at a loss to put up the perfect bio. Sometimes, we do not get any bio that suits our needs, maybe because they are not cool enough or because they are not smooth and sassy enough. Well, you may find just the one you are looking for among the following! Enjoy!

Awesome Swag Bios ideas for Social Media

Swag Bio for Instagram

-Love is overrated; try momo!

-Why chase love when you can chase pizza!

-Contact me to get the worst-ever relationship advice!

-I may give you a lot of lectures on how to live your life, but trust me, I do not follow that!

-Can anyone tell me how to get 3 months’ long vacations four times a year?

-I am really passionate about procrastinating!

-Being nice was a walk in the park, but then I turned three and learned how to talk!

-Overthinking is exhausting; it’s time I get paid for it!

-I am waiting for the day when it becomes legal to marry food items like pizza!

-If anybody were looking for a personification of a typo, they would find me!

-Unfollow me if you like caramel popcorn!

-Hi there! Did the Evil Queen’s magic mirror direct you to the laziest in all lands?

-Warning! You might get burned!

-Do not blame me if my sarcasm is a little too much for you!

-I speak the language of television and web series; do you too?

-Do not give me your opinions unless I ask for them!

-Give me your opinions only if you can show me the receipts for the bills you have paid for me!

-People should really tell me how they manage to get so much work done in the mornings, I can hardly get up!

-If you forget my name, please feel free to use “Your Highness”!

-Sorry if I missed your opinion, I was busy looking for the bill you paid for me!

Swag Snapchat Bios

-Great! You have found a human potato! #instagrammer 

-Do you want to have fun with me? Don’t blame me later on!

-Text me to make your life a bit messier than it already is!

-Do not be stupid, do not make your life harder!

-Are you a potato? Because I am!

-I am normal but abnormally normal!

-You will find me to be the best person for your 3 am talks! #instagramhub

-It is boring to be normal, so do not be normal!

-If you want to be entertained, you have come to the right profile!

-I was born on my birthday if that matters!

-Someday, the onions are going to pay for making me cry so much!

I-Surviving in the best way I can! 

-For tips on how to be a dysfunctional adult, message me!

-I fall for chocolate and not for humans!

-I may have failed in most of my mathematics tests but I will never fail you as a friend!

-Learning techniques to use apples to keep away everyone, not only doctors!

-I am sure I am a fork, and I am trying to get good at adulting which is a soup!

-I was made a fork and I was left to deal with adulting which is fruit juice!

-I will not be growing up, be it now or ever!

-Do not expect an adult here, no matter what the age shows!

-Warning! No adults found!

-Warning! Teenage twenty-four years old!

-Hi there! Did the Evil Queen’s magic mirror direct you to the fairest in all lands?

Swag Pinterest Bios

-What if we talk and discover that we are twins, separated at birth?

-You are looking at the profile of the most sarcastic soul you know!

-I can season your life as well as Gordon Ramsay seasons his dishes!

-A dash of wit, A sprinkle of sarcasm, and a pinch of forgetfulness bring you the dish that I am!

-Do not look for a second me, because you won’t find one!

-There will always be a reason for you to give me up, I want you to cling to the one reason that says why you should not give me up!

-Great! You have reached the real-life version of Sherlock Holmes!

-Hi, I mind my own business, and I hope you do too!

-Art is liberating!

-Do not underestimate the joblessness of this profile holder!

Swag Twitter Bios

-There was once a student in me who was put to a never-ending sleep by the spell cast by the Covid-19 pandemic!

-So can I be allowed to interest you with a few meaningless and useless tweets?

-Tweeting my way to absolutely nowhere!

-Tweeting all day, tweeting all night, and tweeting all morning!

-The truth is, the quarreling in your neighbor’s house is more entertaining than any Netflix show!

-I would be plunged to a well of joblessness if one-day Twitter vanished!

-Hi, I am here to warn you of my 100 useless tweets all day!

-If I was paid for the number of tweets I make all day, I would probably beat the Kardashians with my wealth!

-Do not underestimate the daily count of my meaningless tweets!

-I find it really hard to be an adult and I do not mind that!

-I am my flaws and flames put together!

-Just another girl, passing away time with her useless tweets!

-Just another boy, wasting time away on twitter instead of studying!

Swag Facebook Bios

-Please do not trouble yourself to send me a friend request if you are my relative!

-My relatives think I do not use Facebook, and I am more than happy with this!

-If my posts bother you, please take some time off for self-introspection!

-Living my life as if this was my last day on the planet!

-Hello, I offer poor jokes and bad life suggestions for a living, only that I am not paid for it!

-The word is on the streets that I am the most savage of them all!

-If by wild you mean, going to sleep at 9 pm and brushing twice a day, then I am the wildest of them all!

-If you are looking for someone to share secular views on life and politics, you have found the right profile!

-If you do not enjoy my memes, I think you should think twice about your taste!

-Feel free to enjoy my posts, but do not try to lecture me on why I should not be posting them!

-If you meet any relatives of mine, and they ask you if I happen to use any social medium, please tell them that I am too old school for that!

-You may leave if you are done stalking my profile!

-Do not bother to know where I am when you invite me, I will always be there in five minutes!

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