25+ Actionable Book Publishing Marketing ideas

If you are an author and are working on writing a book and on the verge of getting it published, one of the biggest things on your mind right now would be how to market it? Well, for every creative person and especially those who choose to self publish their books, there is a pressure to make their project successful with the help of sales in huge numbers.

How to promote your book publication business?

  • Make sure to design a suitable portfolio for your book publishing business.
  • Do not forget to go to local meetups like bookstalls and book exhibitions to introduce your publications and books .
  • Always provide proper and valid contact and information so that clients can reach you.
  • Tie up with other commercial business like printing press, editors, Author clubs, and book stores.
  • Drop off a set of invitations by making a batch of envelopes attached your business card and books into your local market shops and stationaries and libraries and schools colleges.
  • Create Amazon associates account a book cover and link back on website.
  • Participate in book publication related events Exhibitions and book fairs, poetry groups.
  • Create one on one of the discussion on websites and to do guest posting and refer to your books in the author box.
  • Put something inside a book to encourage people to signup your e-mail list and run a contest and give away your books to attract buyers.

For this to happen, the book publishing has to be well promoted and marketed so that readers from every nook and corner gets to know about the book and reach the stores to buy it.

Here are some of amazing Book Publishing marketing ideas that will make sure that you absolutely nail the book publishing and emerge a winner-

_Genre and target audience identification

You need to make sure the content you create has a genre that is appealing. For a book, it can be thriller, horror, romantic, non-fiction or fantasy. These are some of the most popular genres which can help the writer to set a target audience and also attract those people who are hooked to any of these genres of books.

If you do not have a target audience then your product will turn out to be a dud and fail miserably. Having a target audience makes sure that there is a set of audience willingly associated to your book and eager to have a copy in hand!

_Market Viability

Check the market and see that whether there is a demand for such books or not. Supposedly, if the market is full of novels on teenage romance and you too are on the path to write such a novel then please refrain from it.

Your book has to stand apart from the rest which are already in the market and also have been in the list of top sellers on the various ecommerce sites such as Amazon. Browse the best sellers list and see what they have used as cardinal keywords to make their book more appealing to the audience. Learn and implement so as to be a successful marketer of your book publishing.

_Have a website or blog of your own

Being someone who is into book publishing, people would be hungry to get content from you on a regular basis. Your blog posts are sure to get many readers and this popularity will add to the sales of the book that you opt to publish.

As the time of book launch comes up, start conducting contests of book giveaways and also contests offering free tickets to the book launch. Posting such contests and high quality content in the blog and website will make sure that people are intrigued for the book and they flock in numbers to the bookstores to their copy.

_Use social media to spread the word

It is you who has to be proactive for a buzz to be created around the book publishing. Use your profiles in social media such as facebook, twitter and instagram to post about the book and connect with the audience.

Regular posts about the book and also certain updates and quotes from the book can be an instant crowd puller if it appeals to the people. Over social media, readers can communicate with you and you need to make sure that you respond to each of them with utmost professionalism so as to have a good image in the public.

_Get reviews for the book

There are many book reviewers who put up their book reviews as soon as any new title hits the bookshelf. You should send free copies of your book to these people and seek for their review because they have a huge following by the avid readers and hence their review can be a great force to bring the readers to your book!

There are certain people who are touted as top reviewer in ecommerce sites such as Amazon.

Check what they say about the book and share the same in social media to let everyone know that the book is being loved by these people so that an average or new reader gets added reason to get hands on your newly published book.

_Enticing book blurb

This probably single handily can drive in most of the reader to the bookstore. A book blurb is a short 150-200 words content that is posted at the back cover of the book.

It is up there on the carious social media channels too so that the reader can be given an idea about the plot of the book and at the same time piquing their interest to such a level that they end up buying the book. Such a blurb always has to begin with an intriguing sentence that leaves the reader on intrigued and then move to a short description of the plot and end on a tenterhook!

_Design a cover that sells

The cover of the book is the foremost thing that takes the fancy of the reader even before they know anything about the plot.

It goes in the social media, outdoor ads and also as posters in the various bookstores hence you should take extra effort to make it as captivating as you can. Do not try to save money in this because the investment done in the cover will reap you long term profits!

_Mailing list

You must have a proper mailing list through which you can market the book directly to a set of audience who regularly follow your blog or website. It will help you rake in a lot of sales directly from email!

How to drive sales to book publication business ? 

  • Show up your book-related quotes summary on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Make sure to send an email to your list and give them a valid reason to buy books for your publication.
  • Make sure to get a review that helps you make up on your amazon and grab the trust, attention, and appreciation by delivering good offers and services to the buyers.
  • Make sure to be responsive to inquires and also contribute advice and ideas to LinkedIn groups and other social media platforms.
  • Make sure to give A+ customer services by sending them kind short professional emails to the clients.
  • Make sure to use discussion forums and make announcements to let your clients, customers, and buyers when you launch.
  • Make sure to write a blog post on topics related to or covered in your book and then reference and link to your book in the post and attached.
  • Do not forget to take reviews and feedback from authors writers to market your business to the upper level.
  • Run promotions seminars such as teleseminar to drive more clients and e to translate your book into one of widely spoken language like Spanish, German, and other languages.

With these set of marketing ideas, your book publishing is all set to be a great success. However, always remember that content is the king and even after all of these, the book needs to have proper content so that it can catch the fancy of the reader and make a mark in their hearts. All the best for your book publishing!

Here are some Important FAQs about Book Publishing Business to Get more Detail about it.

1. How to market your book publishing business?

Whether they’re books you’ve written, or books by writers you’ve published under your imprint, you’ll need to know how to market them. Although many authors are promoting themselves, every book needs promoting, if you pitch in, you have an advantage over competition.

Marketing isn’t costly: most readers are now finding new books through online channels. Engage social media players such as Twitter and Facebook, review books, collaborate with writers, or create your own books publishing site.

2. What is the target market for the book publishing business?

The best client for all the latest ideas is a publisher. Beyond that, you try someone who loves the ideas and designs that you have already made. Typically, customers say directly to bookbinders what their deck is like, but some can treat the interaction more than a one-sided exchange. You want people who enjoy what you do and care about the esthetic value of their book.

3. How to keep the customers coming back to your book publishing business?

Most bookbinders attract customers by doing something else; many mass-produced books, in particular considering the existing bookbinders. Put your own dream into something that you do rather than traditional book publishing. Know what works and what does, and stay as flexible as possible and try as long as possible.

Depending upon your ability to perform the work, you should increase the number of people who want to use your services. Bookbinders from the past will normally learn from a professional before using their own knowledge. Today, however, people still sell their designs on art sites. You may want to advertise through social media, since what you are is highly visual.

4. What is the growth potential for a book publishing business?

The book world can be unpredictable, but often only one book cannot be placed on a kindle to generate public interest. However, some people just want to have a hard copy of the book, because they do not need to worry about their machines because the reading experience is not satisfactory. For those dedicated to the field, the growth potential is definitely there.

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