How to Get Clients from Twitter: 10+ Tested Ways

With around 330 million users, Twitter is one of the popular ways to interact with audiences. It not only helps you to promote your goods but also helps you to reach out to people with your voice.

Nowadays many big companies and also a few lesser-known companies are using it as a platform to promote their products to leverage more customers.

Why should you use Twitter to acquire customers?

  • Due to the engagement of a large number of people on Twitter.
  • Promoting your product through Twitter is easy and effective.
  • To create business networks.
  • It will be easier to understand what competitors are doing. 

few ways that you can follow to acquire more customers through Twitter: 

Make a Strong Profile

Building a strong profile for your company is of primary importance to leverage clients. You should make your first impression on your customer good. In order to do it, you need to build your profile on Twitter in a proper and professional way.

How to do it?

  • List the services that your company provides.
  • Upload a crisp profile picture along with a professional cover photo.
  • Give the official website of your company and other important links related to your company.
  • Contact Number of your company.

Other than this you can also give information about attractive seasonal offers that your company is providing (if any). You can also give your company’s headquarters or important locations and other information if you like to.

For Example: Amazon has a very good profile. They provided important information on their official page with cool and innovative profile picture and cover picture. 

Have a strong Content

If you have strong content then you will able to generate more traffic to your profile. It’s a proven theory. 

To build strong and useful content you need to have, 

  • Product Comparisons
  • Reviews
  • Buying Guides
  • Cool Captions
  • Attractive images 

Also, remember to not just promote your company through your tweets. Maintain an 80/20 ratio where 80% of your content is based on interesting staff and rest 20% is based on marketing staff.

Be consistent with your Tweets

Being consistent with your tweets in very important for maintaining traffic and leveraging new customers. If you don’t remain consistent with your tweets then you will fail to remain in the minds of people which can make you lose potential customers.

If you need to make any important announcement then you could do it through your tweets to keep your followers updated. If your company launches any new product then help people know about it through tweets. Follow the general rule of tweeting at least once in every 4-5 days or twice every week.

For Example: If you ever see Walmart Twitter page you will notice that they are very much consistent with there tweets. They tweet thrice or four times a week and sometimes twice a day. 

Be responsive when someone tweets you

Responding to your customer’s tweets strengthens the relationship between you and your customer. It is very difficult for big MNCs to respond to their customer’s tweets but if you can reply to them then it will help you in increasing your subscription list.

You can send appreciation tweets or clear doubts of your customers if possible. Responding to hate or negative comments is very important as it will clear the confusion on any issue that your customers are facing, otherwise, it may result in losing many of your existing customers and many potential customers.

Tweet on your peak hours

Like other social media platforms, Twitter also has some peak hours. At a specific time of the day or week, you will see most of your users online. If you tweet on these peak hours then the chances of your total views and engagement increase. And through this, you can also acquire many new clients.

Studies show that posting during day hours yields most views, maximum engagement, and highest CTR (Click-Through-Rate).

Promote through Twitter Ads

Though one of the most expensive ways to promote products on social media platforms but is extremely effective when it comes to leveraging clients for your business.

Through innovative ideas for advertising your product, you can increase your engagement rate on your channel. It has been found that Twitter’s CTRs are much more superior to other social media platforms that means ads on Twitter have a higher rate of views than that of other platforms.

Proper use of Hashtags

Like Instagram, the use of hashtags on tweets is of utmost significance. The use of hashtags is very popular in the twitter world. You will often see at least one hashtag used in every tweet. With appropriate hashtags, you can help a targeted population to find you. Also, the usage of hashtags in your tweets increases the engagement in your profile.

Through studies, it has been found that, if you use hashtags in your tweets then it increases your engagement by 1050% compared to tweets without hashtags. Also, the retweets increase by 33% with hashtags on your tweets. That’s how important it is to use hashtags in tweets.

Tweet with the help of images and videos

Using images in your post is a common thing in the world of social media. If you want to increase your engagement just add images and videos to your tweets.

The use of images on twitter posts is even more important as you can use a maximum of 280 characters in your post. You are allowed to add a maximum of 4 images in your post but even if you add 1 image then also it will increase your channel’s traffic. 

Through images, you can reach out to your audience more swiftly and easily. If your image is not enough to convey your primary message to your audience then you can use brief captions to help your audience out. Through studies, it has been found that with the addition of images in tweets the engagement increases by about 300%. 

For Example: If you follow Starbucks on Twitter, then you will notice how often they use images and videos on their tweets. No wonder why they have 11M followers on Twitter.

Providing special offers

We all know how freebies work in our life. Basically, each and everyone in this world likes free items. So, promoting your product by providing special offers to them is a cool way of gaining more customers. Remember special offers don’t mean free items only. Special offers also include discounts, giveaways, cashback, etc.

Through surveys, it has been found that around 55% of your followers follow you because of special offers and other promotional activities of your company. So you do know how important it is to provide offers in order to acquire more customers.

For Example: Flipkart is very much consistent with their tweets and keeps their clients updated by posting about special offers and gifts (if any) through their tweets. 

Use of Twitter cards

As you know that in twitter the maximum characters that you can write in your tweet is 280. Is seems a big number but trust me it will get exhausted before you know about it. This is where the use of twitter cards comes handy.

With the help of Twitter cards, you can add more content to your tweets. It can be a photo card, product card, lead generation card, app card, etc. Such cards will make your tweet attractive and dynamic which will increase your CTRs and will help you in gaining more subscriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions about to acquire customers from Twitter

Can we reach targeted audiences through twitter?

The answer is yes, we can. It is one of the main reasons to use twitter for promotion activities.

How to use hashtags for advertising?

Hashtags help people to find you. Hashtags work like a slogan and state the purpose of your tweet in a very brief way. For example, if you are tweeting about your company’s offers then you can use #specialoffers, #limitedoffers, etc.

What is the use of Twitter cards in tweets?

With the help of Twitter cards, you can expand your tweets. In each tweet, you can only use a maximum of 280 characters which sometimes doesn’t meet your tweet requirement. In such a scenario, you can use Twitter cards to meet your requirement.


As more and more audiences are engaging on Twitter with days passing, it is becoming one of the lucrative platforms for the promotion of your product. With certain limitations in Twitters (like character limits), it becomes a challenging task for entrepreneurs to promote their product on Twitter but that’s where innovation comes in. If done right, you can leverage a large number of clients through Twitter.

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