22+ Pros and Cons of Post-Purchase Email Marketing (Explained)

 Transactional emails that are exchanged between the customer and the representative of the eCommerce platform after the customer purchases a product is what we call post-purchase email marketing. Online shopping has become extremely easy and convenient as you can always keep receiving these follow-up emails until your product arrives at your door. This entire process keeps you updated from time to time. 

Every campaign involves certain advantages and disadvantages. Post-Purchase email campaigns are beneficial for the eCommerce company because that helps them stay connected with their customers for a long time. However, the customer’s mailbox may overflow with spam messages.  

Builds up a strong networkSpamming
Strengthens the relationship between the customer and the companyCampaign designs
Offers and discountsUndelivered messages
Promotes future purchasesDifficult to gain attention from your clients
Fastest mode of communication 
Less intrusive

Advantages of Post-Purchase Email Marketing:

  1. Builds up a strong network: 

If the client already buys a product from an eCommerce platform and is satisfied with the quality and specifications of the product, then chances are high that he or she may recommend the same to his or her peers and relatives. The customer may share the details of the post-purchase email marketing campaign details with his friends. That is how the company can build up a strong network of potential customers. 

  1. Strengthens the relationship between the customer and the company: 

It is extremely essential for any business agency or company to develop a healthy and long-term relationship with its customers. To gain your customer’s attention and trust, keeping him or her notified about your latest offers and collections is very important. An almost regular interaction can actually strengthen the buyer-seller relationship. 

  1. Offers and discounts: 

Once your customer buys something from your shopping site and wishes to buy more from there, all you need to do is update him or her about your latest as well as seasonal offers. You can make the whole process more intriguing by offering a surprise gift voucher to your customer, or a special discount offer.

This personalised business interaction can inevitably strengthen the buyer-seller bond and you can get hold of a number of faithful customers who’d always be interested in the offers you advertise through your email campaigns. 

  1. Promotes future purchases: 

Quite obviously these email marketing campaigns are specially designed to encourage or promote future purchases. If your customer is satisfied with the product as well as the service you offer, then he or she would definitely want to buy something else from your company in the future.

After the initial purchase, all you can do is spread your brand awareness and product offer details through the post-purchase email campaigns. This is how you can influence your customer to buy more from your company. 

  1. Fastest mode of communication: 

Emailing is any day the fastest mode of communication. It is easy and you can reach out to your customers without any interruption. If your customer intends to continue exchanging mails with you, it is important for you to respond quickly. Post purchase email marketing makes this entire conversation between the customer and the company simple and convenient. 

  1. Cost-Effective: 

Post-Purchase email marketing campaign is extremely cost-effective. After you finish designing the campaign, you can reach out to your customer just by sending emails. This online interaction is fast and easy and makes every transaction hassle free. Hence, nothing can be as affordable as post purchase email marketing. 

  1. Less intrusive: 

This is a very crucial point. Unlike telemarketing, email marketing is much less intrusive. Your client can read your email whenever it suits him or her. You would not disturb your client when he or she is probably in a meeting or busy doing something important. 

  1. Time-Saving: 

Post-Purchase email marketing is a time-saving approach through which you can reach out to maximum potential customers in a few minutes. It is not a door-to-door campaign. Hence, the amount of time you will have to invest in contacting your clients is much less. 

Disadvantages of Post-Purchase Email Marketing: 

  1. Spamming: 

There is a high chance that you may get marked as a spammer. As a result, your client can block you and may lose an opportunity to stay connected with your client for future purchases. This is a major disadvantage that can ruin your campaign and weaken the buyer-seller bond. 

  1. Campaign designs: 

Despite the approach being extremely easy and convenient, it takes a lot of time to design the campaigns.

You need to be absolutely aware of the offers you are going to display, the details of your collections, product specifications, seasonal offers and customised gift vouchers. You get a smaller space compared to the information you need to convey to your clients. Hence, smartly designing your campaign is important. 

  1. Undelivered messages: 

Since you are responsible for connecting with so many customers all at the same time, it may happen that some messages can remain undelivered.

After months when you will open your mailbox and go through your email conversations, you may find some important messages in your outbox which you intended to send to your customers. Hence, it is quite difficult to keep a track of so many emails and ensure whether all of them have been sent to the customers. 

  1. Difficult to gain attention from your clients: 

Once your client already buys a product from your company, he may not be interested in buying something else any time soon. If you keep bothering your client by sending marketing emails on a regular basis, it may happen that your client can block your id and even lodge a complaint for spamming his inbox. 

Hence, there are certain advantages and disadvantages associated with conducting a post-purchase email marketing campaign. All you need is a well thought-out plan before you actually try to execute it. A proper campaign with a systematic schedule and customised content are ideal for developing a strong bond with the customer. 

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