McDonald’s – History, Brand Value, and Brand Strategy

McDonald’s is an American food chain and is one of the biggest on the planet, known for its burgers. The brand has loyalists just due to the tremendous quality of food it has offered over the years and the magical taste of the dishes worldwide! Its central command is in Oak Stream, Illinois. 

McDonald’s History

The principal McDonald’s restaurant was begun in 1948 by siblings Maurice (“Macintosh”) and Richard McDonald in San Bernardino, California. They purchased machines for their little cheeseburger restaurant from sales rep Beam Kroc, who was fascinated by their requirement for eight malts and shake blenders.

When Kroc visited the siblings in 1954 to perceive how a little shop could sell such a significant number of milkshakes, he found a basic, proficient configuration that allowed the siblings to create enormous amounts of nourishment at low costs. 

Seeing incredible guarantees in their restaurant idea, Kroc offered to start an establishment program for the McDonald siblings. On April 15, 1955, he opened the first McDonald’s establishment in DesPlaines, Illinois, and around the same time propelled the McDonald’s Company, in the long run purchasing out the McDonald siblings in 1961.

The number of McDonald’s outlets would top 1,000 preceding the decade’s end. Helped by consistent development, the organization’s stock started exchanging openly in 1965. 

McDonald’s Brand Value

Established in California in 1940, McDonald’s has become the biggest speedy assistance eatery network on the planet, creating an overall income of $ 25 billion in 2016. The chain’s nearest rival, Metro, produced an income of $ 18 billion.

Having begun as a grill restaurant in San Bernardino, California, McDonald’s, despite everything, produced the biggest extent of its income locally, with a total of $ 8 billion in the US in 2017. The US is likewise the area with the most substantial number of unique eateries with a sum of 14,027 McDonald’s units throughout the nation in 2017, in contrast with under 3,005 in Japan, the nation with the most noteworthy measure of restaurants in Asia Pacific district.

In 2017, there was a sum of 37,240 organizations that worked and diversified McDonald’s restaurants around the globe, just about 5,001 more than in 2010. 

McDonald’s is likewise in the main ten most important North American brands of 2018, dependent on organization esteem, with its image estimation of $ 126 billion, setting it seventh on the rundown. The organization detailed burning through $ 633 million on promoting worldwide in 2017.


The company earned a revenue of $21 billion as per reports in 2019. It had an operating income of $9 billion and a net income of $ 6 billion. MacDonald’s has accumulated total assets worth $33 billion, and its total equity stands at $ -6.258 billion. It has around 210,010 employees working under the roof.

McDonald’sBrand Strategy

The 4Ps:


As a food chain business, McDonald’s has an item blend made mostly out of nourishment and drink items. This component of the advertising blend covers the different products and enterprises the organization gives to its objective markets. McDonald’s item blend has a mix of these principal product offerings: 

  • Cheeseburgers and sandwiches 
  • Chicken and fish 
  • Servings of mixed greens 
  • Titbits and sides 
  • Refreshments 
  • Pastries and shakes 
  • McCafé


This component of the showcasing blend lists the scenes or areas where items are offered and where clients can get to them. Restaurants are the most conspicuous spots where the organization’s items are disseminated. In any case, the business uses different places as a feature of this 4P variable. The principle puts through which McDonald’s conveys its items are as per the following: 

  • The restaurants.
  • The kiosks.
  • McDonald’s versatile applications.
  • Postmates site and application.

McDonald’s restaurants are where the organization produces the greater part of its business income. A portion of these restaurants likewise oversees kiosks to sell a constrained choice of items, for example, sundaes and different sweets. A few kiosks are transitory, as in the instances of kiosks utilized in pro athletics rivalries and other regular occasions. This component of McDonald’s advertising blend includes the organization’s versatile applications.


This component of the promoting blend characterizes the strategies that the business uses to speak with clients. Among the 4Ps, this variable spotlights promoting interchanges with target clients. For instance, the organization gives new data to convince shoppers to buy new items. McDonald’s uses the accompanying strategies in its special blend, orchestrated by essentialness in the business: 

  • Promoting
  • Deals
  • Advertising 
  • Direct showcasing 

Ads are the most eminent among McDonald’s promotional strategies. The strategy utilizes television, radio, print media, and online media for its ads. Then again, deals attract more clients to the organization’s restaurants.


This component of the promoting blend determines the value focuses and value scopes of the organization’s nourishment and refreshment items. The point is to utilize costs to boost overall revenues and deal volume. McDonald’s uses a blend of the accompanying evaluating methodologies: 

  • Group evaluating technique 
  • Mental valuing system 

In the group evaluating technique, McDonald’s offers dinners and other item packages at costs that are limited, contrasted with buying everything independently.

Internal promotion

Mcdonald’s comprehends the criticalness of the two customers and representatives. It comprehends the reality that cheerful specialists can serve appropriately and drive upbeat clients. Mcdonald’s restaurant continually does inside advertising. As this system becomes powerful, it will naturally lead to accomplishing outside promotion.

Space investigation 

McDonald’s and NASA collaborated on an advertising campaign.


McDonald’s entered the NASCAR Cup arrangement in 1977and supported Richard Childress for one race. Between 1977 and 1986, McDonald’s would just support a bunch of races in a season. In 1993, McDonald’s became the full-time supporter of the No. 27 Junior Johnson and Associates Ford.


McDonald’s is one of the biggest food organizations on the planet. They proceed with their way for progress by remembering their buyers seeing their item choice just as their costs.

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