Ultimate Local Email Marketing Guide To Start With

Since the growth of online businesses, regardless small or big, local businesses are required to step up their game. Not only do they need a better way of targeting their customers but better marketing too.

And that’s where local email marketing comes in; it is basically a technique that helps local companies to connect with their potential customers and help in driving more sales. 

Well, to start with this, here is an ultimate guide for your help. 


What Should You Know About Local Email Marketing? 

Email marketing is a practice of communicating with your current as well as potential customer by sending a series of emails in order to persuade the prospects to engage with the business. 

Local email marketing is similar to that. However, it’s a strategy of choice for you if you are a small business that has a local reach and customer base. 

With email marketing, you get the opportunity to speak directly with your pencil customer. This also enables you to contact your customers more easily and at any time. 

The potential returns on investment for this are huge; it includes: 

  • On average, email marketing can bring in $38 in revenue for every $1 you spend. 
  • 81% of small businesses depend on email marketing as their main customer acoustic method. 
  • 81% of small businesses depend on their emails for customer retention. 

For example : 

You run a local coffee shop, and your aim is to get visitors to sign up for the email list. This way, you can do so by releasing the new drinks or roasts exclusively for those who signed up. 

With this, you have more interested people along with an incentive and sign-ups. 

Getting more opt-in to your newsletter requires more than just you are asking; here, you need to offer something to them. 

But what you offer can depend on what easily fits your model. For example, you can offer a new drink or roast from your local coffee shop. 

Even though you limit the work for smaller businesses along with having a limited budget, still, you can take advantage of this,  as you can pay extreme attention to details and create connections locally. It will help you in creating a stronger image for the brand. 

Even for the larger business, it’s a difficult task to do. 

Who Could Get Benefit From Using Local Email Marketing? 

With the right use and understanding of email marketing,  regardless of what kind of local business you operate, you can get the benefit. 

It includes some of the major ones, such as : 

  • Coffee shop
  • Hotels 
  • Restaurants
  • Brick-and-mortar shops
  • Gardening services
  • Plumbing services 
  • Coworking spaces 
  • Etc 

You can use this for promoting the local business, products, and services, announcing flash sales and new product arrivals, and inviting more people to your event. 

Why Do You Need Local Email Marketing? 

Email is a great channel regardless of whether you are running a small, medium, or local business. Everyone can take leverage from undertaking and applying the marketing strategy. 

As the cost of email marketing is related to low or even free products depending on the size of the audience, you have. It makes email a much better option for doing campaigns and promotions. 

However, there are some other reasons why local email marketing is needed, it includes : 

Creating Brand Awareness 

For the local business, there are high chances that not many people know about your brand. Since you are limiting your promotions and marketing, this leads to fewer people being aware of the brand, and the effects are clearly shown in the sales you do. 

But with local email marketing, you can target a much wider range and also create brand awareness without affecting your budget. 

Around 90% of internet users in America have access to their email accounts, whereas only 70% have access to social media. 

Creating The Brand Loyalty 

How many times has it happened when a new shop opens locally, and you end up losing customers to them? 

Well, one of the reasons it happens is because your customers don’t have loyalty towards your brand. 

And it’s extremely important to prioritize those customers who are frequently purchasing from your shop. With email marketing, you can reward their loyalty and get more loyal customers for your business. 

Leveraging The Device Trends 

More and more customers are using their phones and tablets to access their email,  so there is a high chance that your customer will open the promotional email you sent. 

Customers are spending more time on the phone during their long commutes or coffee breaks, so make the time invested in shopping or investing in promotional materials. 

Lifespan Of Email Over Social Media 

While social posts are permanent, the way customers view them is fleeting. 

Compared to email, it stays in their inbox, and they have more understanding and chances of getting notices as social posts fade into their newsfeed.

What Are The Types of Local Email Marketing?

Well, there are different email types that you get in local email marketing.  You can use it for promoting the upcoming event, connecting with your local community via using a newsletter, sending them welcome emails, etc. 

Email marketing tools for campaigns help in making a connection with the rated customer base much more effective and simple.

Well, to start with local email marketing, here are some of the types you can consider 


The newsletter is used by a lot of small businesses, it’s for updating eh suer abound the current or renewed offer, 

A monthly newsletter can help in sending out more coupons and promotions to the customer for redemption. 

With this, you have many chances to get those same customers back to the store and purchase again. 

Have a look at the 100+ Amazing Email Newsletter Content Ideas.

Sales Email Campaigns 

A sales email campaign is great if you are going to start a new deal or read the customers with a coupon to boost loyalty; email is a great way which can help you in promoting deals, new products, and specials. 

Also, it’s great as you don’t have to invest in hefty advertising. 

Have a look at the 101+ Best Sales Email Subject line ideas.

Holiday Email Campaigns 

The holiday email campaign can help in deals or want to improve branding and customer relationship. 

You can leverage the email channel to get a head start on the consumer holiday gift for buying in months like November and December. 

Have a look at the Ultimate Holiday Email Marketing Guide.

Event Emails 

Well, if you have any event going on in your local community and want to get more customers to know about it, you can also use this to know more. 

With this, you can also include the local charity event and get the participant. With the email, you can send invites or tell about the events to the local customers along with telling how they can be involved. 

How To Build Email List For Local Email Marketing Online? 

To start with your local email marketing, you need to have a customer base. 

And to create one there are different ways that you can use it online. There are different ways by which you can use this for creating email marketing for your local business. 

Use The Website 

If you own a website, you can use this for helping to create your customer base. 

There are advantages to listing building opportunities; it can offer you a place to signup forms at different places on your website, such as the end of the blog, post, or the sidebar. 

According to First Site Guide, 71.02% of bigger emails are collected from the subscribers in one way or another. 

Apart from this, you can get the options for creating signup forms that you can use for the website. 

One of the forms that are considered is Pop-ups which appear in the center of the screen. 

Not just that, the rest of the content gets too dimmed out as it’s called a lightbox.

Using The Segmentation To Existing Contacts 

For most businesses, you might have a list of your existing customers as well as prospects; this is great to start with. 

However, not all of your contact is relevant to local email marketing, 

You can make contact with them in an email list instead of using specific contacts, which is time-consuming but also has fewer chances of receiving positive results. 

In order to avoid the one size fits all approach, you require using the existing contacts in the area. 

This means that doing the segmentation; the contacts are divided into smaller groups to get an idea of the prospects as well as customers who share similar locations, cases, attributes, demographics, etc. 

You can do this manually, or you can use tools, especially if you have a large list. 

Use The Landing Pages 

You can create landing pages that are targeted at visitors from a specific geographical area. 

Have a clear call to action on the landing page, which directs users to sign up. 

Make sure that it’s easy for the customer’s subscribers, reducing the number of fields that they require to fill out. 

Promoting The Landing Page 

Promote the landing page by using paid advertising on Facebook or  Google; with that, you can allow the target users in specific locations. 

You can promote the landing page using social media. With that, you can link the landing page’s URL from the profile and posts. 

 Along with that, you can create signup forms that allow the users to subscribe to the list directly to the page on Facebook. 

Have The Lead Magnet 

You can give the user an incentive to the subscriber; this is called a lead magnet

You can offer a free eBook, discount code, video course, raffle entry, etc., to the potential subscribers; this can help you in giving the reasons to hand over their personal information to you.

Doing Cross Promoting 

You can collaborate with more local businesses as well as organizations; they can be those to whom who are not competing. 

You can promote the service, events, or email list to the subscribers, and there are situations where you can promote your brand, and you can do the same as well. 

How To Build Email List For Local Email Marketing Offline? 

Apart from online options for building the email list, you can also consider offline options. 

There are also different ways this can help, this includes : 

Get Your Customer To Subscribe 

There is nothing better than getting them to ask directly. Encourage the in-store customers to sign up for creating the email list. 

Don’t ask them to simply write the email in printed form, it might be illegible. 

Instead of this, ask to sign up on the dedicated computer, tablet, and phone; this can be set up for the purpose. 

Use Short URLs And QR codes. 

Another way that you can consider creating the email list is to offer a URL that is easy to remember, such as signup, your website, etc. 

Also, you can create the OR code, which can be easy to scan for their customer and bring the landing page. 

Apart from this, you can distribute the short URL or QR code on business cards, or you can print it on shopping bags; even consider advertising on large billboards,

Use Local Events For Getting Leads 

Another way you can consider using local events is to create better opportunities for leads. 

Apart from that, you can either host one in your local shop or invite people and others who belong to communities to gather. 

You can do this by sharing the business card along with a short URL/ OR code, collecting the contact details, and sending it to get a signup link later. 

You can even ask them to sign up on the spot using their tablet and phone.

Tips For Local Email Marketing To Boost Their ROI 

There are different ways by which you can boost local email marketing, which can help in getting effective results. 

However, you can get these tips for improving their local email marketing, it includes : 

Craft Subject Lines For Improving Results 

35%  of people open their email based on the subject line. Create subject lines which are eye-catching. 

The good idea is to create a sense of mystery or suspense, so this will help in creating the urge to open the email in the recipient, 

Personalizing a subject line increases the open rates by 22% on average. 

Another idea that you can use is emojis in the subject lines. Using emojis can help in standing out the email and doing other emails in the inboxes of the recipient. 

It can also help in adding a touch of personality.

It’s important that you constantly do the subject line because writing subject lines should never be based on your gut feelings. 

Make it Easy For Subscribers To Unsubscribe 

Well,  it’s important that you make it easy to unsubscribe. Make it easier for them to unsubscribe; this can be ensured when you put the link at the bottom of the email. 

Don’t require the users to log in and go to the setting to opt out of future emails. 

With this, you can decrease the complaint rate of spam and allow users who are not interested in products. 

Send Bulk Emails To List 

Even if you automate the follow-up series, it’s important that you send bulk emails to the list. 

That’s why you should consider broadcast email, which is a great way that can tell subscribers about local promotions, new services, upcoming product releases as well as local event

Split Test Emails And Analyzing The Data 

Always use split testing in email marketing campaigns; that’s why use split testing or ding A/B testing, which includes comparing two different versions of the email campaign. 

For example, you can send the same email to your two different segments of the email list but use the subject line differently. 

Or you can send the same subject using different segments of the list. One list can be the version of a word using urgent, and another one should omit it. 

There are different things that you can use for soil testing, including : 

  • PPC ads
  • Landing pages 
  • Giveaway offer as an incentive to subscribe
  • Subject lines
  • Links in email 
  • Pictures 
  • CTAs
  • Email sending times
  • Email length 
  • Email sending frequency 

Not just that, but make sure you are analyzing the data, including open rates, CTA, unsubscribe rates, etc in order to optimize the campaign.

Mix Up The Content 

You can also send different types of content using email to the list, there are different ways that you can do that, and with this, you can get better engagement too. 

For example, you can try with : 

  • Product Promotions 
  • Blog roundups and curated content 
  • Discount as well as coupon codes 
  • Newsletter with information 
  • Surveys, as well as requests for the feedback 

With the content,  you can also go personal and be human during email, avoiding a tone of voice that is cold and promotional. 

Include The Local Offers Which Is Relevant 

Sending the subscribers the right offers is crucial for making sure that unsubscribe rates are low. 

Your offer requires to be relevant; you can include discount codes that consumers can use when making in-store purchases at the retail business. 

For example, you can also send tailored deals to consumers depending on their demographics, previous purchase history, and locations.

Clean Out The List 

Keeping the email list clean removes those contacts which are not active and can increase the conversion rates. 

Subscribers who haven’t clicked on their emails for a really long time can also end up getting deleted. 

You can also send them a reminder email before you remove them from the list. 

This can help you understand if they want to stay or want to live. 

Optimizing The Email For Mobile Devices 

49% of emails are opened using mobile devices. Also, you can optimize the emails; you need to make it comfortable for users to click on them while they are using mobile devices. 

So make sure you are making emails easy to read on email apps as well as mobile browsers. 

Design The Emails Carefully 

When you design email marketing, make sure it’s easy to read and has plenty of white space along with images and videos, which can help in increasing the segment. 

In your email, it should have an additional call to action; consider using the links which are highlighted or the easy-to-notice CTA buttons. 

The email design needs to have the continent with the brand, including logos, slogans, and colors. 

List Of Strategies For Local Email Marketing 

However, you need to ensure that local email campaigns are worth your investment, every email you are sending should be relevant, engaging, and timely. 

At first, you may be tempted to try email marketing practices that are used for the larger business but maybe do not belong to your local business. 

In order to help yourself,  here are some of the top tactics that you can use for local email marketing success, these include: 

Check The Data 

Automated email software is imperative for checking the performance of emails. You want to see how your hard work is put into the email; this is where the software can help you in doing that. 

With the help of email software that tracks different metrics, it can help you in improving the emails and see higher ROI,

Promote New Products by Adding Offers 

If your business is introducing new products or services, you can also promote them through email. It can help you in telling it to the prospects. 

However, instead of singing phrases about the business, you need to show what values your product or service holds. 

So you need to tell them what the product or services offer them and how this is good. 

But for existing customers, you can also add freebies or discounts to make them appreciative. 

Make It Easy For Them To Subscribe 

Make sure you are taking the steps which lead to taking in order to subscribe and it’s easy for them to do so. 

If people have to invest in finding ways to opt-in to the email,  This will lead to giving them up and not subscribing. 

In order to engage your customers, the signing up should be interesting and easy to comprehend. 

Segment The Audiences 

Further, to personalize emails and heighten the experience of the customers, you may also need to separate the email list into subgroups defined by hobbies, age, or other characteristics. 

This helps you in gathering an audience and will help in creating content that is special but it’s tailored depending on the interest of the customers. 

Ask For Reviews And Feedback 

As for the local business, it’s important that customer extension happens. 

However, in order to keep the customers, you are going to know how the customers feel about it. 

So you should ask for feedback and reviews; it’s the best way to know how customers feel about the business and fare amongst the competition. 

Include A Promotion 

Local promotion is advantageous for the people who own the local businesses, similar to doing the promotions, hosting events, and going another way to grow the email list for offering something. 

It can include special discounts, exclusive coupons, and complimentary perks that come with signup, and you can include them in promoting the email. 

It’s also a great idea which is a low-cost option for the existing customer and leads that you care about. 

Keep This Personal 

No matter what you sell, even if it’s a local business, personalization works for everyone. 

It’s so much that even personalized emails have six timers and higher transaction rates instead of genetic ones.

But personalization is not about adding someone’s name in the subject line, you need to be more specific, and you should appeal to the interest of the prospects. 

List Of Ideas For Local Email Marketing 

Once you get an understanding of email marketing tools as well as the list is ready, you are all set to start with. 

However, what emails can you send exactly? Well, that depends on what kind of business as well as marketing needs.

As you can find out different ideas for creating a local email marketing strategy, there are basically three key things to consider : 

Be The Real you 

When you are sending the email, make sure you are choosing what fits with the business and brand. 

This makes it more effective and helpful; however, the farther you are not yourself,  it will be more difficult and less effective. 

Be Consistent With It 

Don’t surprise the customer by coming up with a new personality every time you are sending the inboxes. So it’s important that you need to pick a style and voice which suits the brand. 

Make sure you are keeping consistent with the voice and tone, so the people can get familiar with it 

Balance Out The Consistency 

While you need to keep the voice and design the same, sometimes you can mix up the content in order to keep things much more interesting as well as fresh. 

Apart from these, you need to come up with interesting ideas for local email marketing; here are some of the ideas that you can consider : 

Team Up With Local Businesses 

Your business and others in your locality might have a similar customer base. 

You can join them to expand the reach of the customer. For example, if you start using bread from your local bakery for the sandwiches, you can turn this into an opportunity for creating co-branding. 

You can announce the partnership using an email list, and the customers who are fluent in them will visit your store and vice versa. 

So it gets beneficial for both businesses 

Have Something For The Announcement 

Think about the business and what you can do to keep it fresh, and you can use the email marketing mailing list to speed up the customers. 

There are different things that you can come up with; here are a few things to consider: 

Flavors Of Month 

 You can come up with new flavors; for example, if you own a local donut, you can email the new flavors announcement every month along with mouth-watering photos.

New Products 

Whether you own a bookstore or restaurant, you can announce new book releases. Seasonal menu or new designer etc. 

Make sure  that you are showcasing the latest as well as the greatest ones to offer


Local email marketing is a perfect way that you can use to promote in-person events.  Some of the classics you can get are bookstore reading, open mic nights, etc. 

Different types of events you can consider for the business, such as if you have a dry cleaning service, you can do a winter coat drive for your local charity.

Show Off The Expertise 

Well, if you run the business, you might have a local expert in something.  So you can show off your knowledge and help in building the trust of customers, 

If you are running a salon, you can recommend the hair care or record store; you can share the music pools, etc. 

You can add this to your email marketing to promote it. 

Create Editorial Calendar With Holidays, Events, And Local 

A local focus can endear the business to your local customers of yours. So you can create an editorial map that is based on the events, holidays, and local happenings, which is important for the audience. 

Well, it includes : 

  • You can add the local gift guides, promoting the top-selling gifts in the local area, including the ones based on locals, driving the business to the retailers. 
  • Promoting athletics related to local sports, it can be a restaurant offering a pre-game special or a spa offering a discount by the local football team.
  • Promotions for the community holidays shipping days such as small business, Saturday,  black Friday, etc. 
  • Interesting facts regarding your city of yours.

Do The Promotions 

People require to feel like they are getting something that holds value from your mail list of yours. 

Not just that, people like to get free or discounted stuff. So you can mix it with the promotions. 

You can also make the email subscribers feel like they are specific about having exclusive access. 

Peddle The Merch 

People tend to feel a strong connection with their local coffee shop and bookstore. 

So it is much easier to purchase a shirt or tote bag on which they get the brand’s logo. 

So you can start with the merch, and you can email the new merch notifications with images to improve engagement. 

Mistakes To Avoid While Doing Local Email Marketing 

Just as it’s important that you know about what strategies can help you in earning an audience and promoting the local business.  It’s crucial to know what not to do. 

It includes : 

Sending out Do Not Reply 

Sending such emails is not welcoming, not just because such emails have a high chance of not getting the chances of opening up. And these types of emails are not trustworthy, and people won’t open such emails. 

Complicated Emails 

Do not make the emails complicated with the topics; make sure you are keeping it clear and focused on the message and one call to action. 

So send out an email that is easy to understand and likely to purchase the product. 

Ignoring The Mobile Optimization 

If your mail is not for mobile optimization,  there are a lot of people who are using mobile phones. So if the email is not mobile-optimized, it means you are losing customers. 

Taking One Size Fit All Approach 

Make sure you are tailing the email content based on the customer instead of offering everything the same. 

It won’t fit them if it’s not tailored for them especially. 

Why Use Automation For Local Email Marketing? 

Automating emails can help you in saving time but also improve productivity, increase the ROI, and help in managing the campaign with much more efficiency. 

Many email marketing also allows setting up workflows. 

For example, you can send an email along with a link to the product.  Then you can send the emails to different groups of your subscribers based on their actions.

It includes : 

  • Users who didn’t open their email for a long time
  • Users who have opened the mail but did not click the link. 
  • Users who did purchase items 
  • Users who clicked on a link but didn’t purchase it. 

Additional examples that you can get by automating the email include : 

  • Send a welcome email that you can send to the subscribers who are new, and you can set the expectations along with what kind of content they will get. 
  • Send a drip series of new subscribers to promote the product. 
  • Segmenting email lists based on what your users want.
  • Resend an email to subscribers, which helps in getting emails that haven’t clicked. 

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