22+ Pros and Cons of Newsletter Email Marketing (Explained)

Newsletter email marketing is a popular email marketing campaign through which a company can reach out to its maximum users. These emails generally contain latest updates and news.

They provide informational content in order to reach out to the subscribers and technically they do not insist their clients to buy anything or they do not push products. All they aspire to do is to build a strong connection with the clients by regularly keeping them updated. Several newsletter marketing emails contain relevant articles based on the lifestyle and preferences of their clients. 

Let’s see what their advantages and disadvantages are. 

Benefits of Newsletter Email MarketingDrawbacks of Newsletter Email Marketing
Engages more clientsNeeds thorough research
Personalised contentSpamming alert
EffectiveSubscription issues
Time-SavingLong contents can frustrate the customers
Does not push productsHigh expectations for content
Incentives for loyal customers
Builds brand awareness

Advantages of newsletter email marketing:

  1. Engages more clients: 

Needless to say, any form of email marketing has the potential to engage many clients all at the same time. Newsletter email marketing can reach out to multiple potential clients and can keep them updated with relevant news and content related to their company.

Like for example, if a healthcare industry forwards customised newsletter emails to its subscribers related to healthcare and lifestyle, then that not only can engage more customers, but also enrich them proper and contextual information. 

  1. Personalised content: 

Once an enthusiastic client subscribes to the marketing campaign, he or she can keep receiving relevant news and updates that are related to their lifestyle. Like for example, if a digital education company sends out academic newsletter emails, then that can promote their brand on one hand, and can benefit their customers on the other hand. 

  1. Effective: 

Newsletter email marketing is hands down extremely effective given the informational content it creates and designs. Designing this marketing campaign is cost-effective and also people can regularly keep a check on these news and updates if they turn out to be interesting and engaging. No mindless consumerism is promoted through this marketing method. Rather, it is effective for both the company and the client. 

  1. Time-Saving: 

Gone are those days when people had no other option but to opt for a door-to-door marketing campaign. Newsletter email marketing is time-saving in the sense it can reach out to multiple customers within a very short time.

Although a lot of time is needed to be invested in researching, writing and designing the informational contents, once they are ready to be published, it does not take much time to conduct the online campaign through emails. 

  1. Does not push products: 

One of the biggest advantages of newsletter email marketing is it does not push products. It does not insist or compel the customers to buy their products. It simply believes in sharing news and information that are relevant both to the client and to the company. This is the reason why, the customers also get intrigued in subscribing to these emails so that they can enrich themselves with various informative facts about the products. 

  1. Incentives for loyal customers: 

Loyal customers who agree upon subscribing to these emails deserve incentives, personalised coupons, vouchers and discount offers. They are constantly updated about the latest collections that the company releases and they also receive personalised emails that can amplify their interests.

Overall, newsletter email marketing is an extremely viable option so far as building a healthy and long-term relationship with the customer is concerned. 

  1. Builds brand awareness: 

Last but no the least, these informational articles, news and latest updates help a company to build its brand awareness because more a client reads and learns about the company and its products, more confident he feels to buy product from there and also share relevant feedbacks and suggestions that can help the company grow. 

Disadvantages of newsletter email marketing: 

  1. Needs thorough research: 

One of the biggest disadvantages of newsletter email marketing is it needs thorough research to write an article. An informative article needs to get its facts and figures right, and also its grammar and use of vocabulary must be accurate before it gets published and forwarded to the clients. The company’s reputation depends a lot on these news and articles, because if it starts losing its subscribers, it may run a huge loss. 

  1. Spamming alert: 

Although these emails are sent only to the interested subscribers, constant spamming can actually demotivate the customers to follow the emails regularly. They may overlook these emails which contain important information and after a point can even unsubscribe. 

  1. Subscription issues: 

Some companies may offer free subscription, but a few can demand a subscription fee which can instantly persuade the customer to not follow these emails any further. Also, people who do not have proper access to the internet, or the ones who are not familiar with the subscription process, may find it difficult to continue following these emails. 

  1. Long contents can frustrate the customers: 

One of the major problems of newsletter email marketing is that these emails generally contain long contents and a number of clients may not have that much patience to read long emails on a regular basis. Soon they may lose interest and can unsubscribe. For example, if a healthcare and fitness company constantly gives fitness updates to its clients, after a point, the client may feel frustrated and stop following these updates. 

  1. High expectations for content: 

Since newsletter emails depend a lot on the quality of the news, articles and updates they contain, it puts immense pressure on the ones who write these contents and design these marketing campaigns. Customers expect high quality content from a company because he or she has subscribed to it. That is the reason why it gets really difficult to maintain the standard of every content. 

Hence, as every email marketing involves both advantages and disadvantages, newsletter email marketing is not an exception. Only well researched contents gain immense popularity and attention. It requires immense patience, resources and time to design these emails and send them to the potential clients. It is indeed a challenging task. 

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