28 Effective YouTube Marketing Tips for Small Business

Youtube is a world’s best and popular Video sharing and searching platform.YouTube is a great source for funny, entertaining content, but it’s also increasingly becoming an essential tool for marketers. It’s right that there huge potentiality to grow your business or create its branding image.

The best and easy ways to get your business Interantin identity and improve the overall SEO and marketing Presence.

YouTube allows marketers to present content in a unique way that is easy for viewers to consume and share.

Youtube helps your business to get improve and done some important things and updates Check the below

  • Helps to make brand
  • Engage with Your Customer
  • Free Tool to show your Business
  • Helps to improve Search Engine Rankings
  • Get Review on Your Business.

80% of businesses today use Youtube to post video content. 90% of people say that they discover a new brand from Youtube only. 

These statistics alone must convince small businesses to put their blood and sweat on youtube. 

Well, if you already decided, then you are just these 15 tips away from excelling in video marketing. 

Youtube is indeed the new Google! 

Here are some effective youtube marketing tips for small businesses to rank their videos, and connect to larger audiences. 

1. Publish Video Consistently 

If you ask every successful Youtuber or brand on youtube about what’s that one thing made it work, they will tell you – Consistency! 

And it’s true, actually for all digital platforms. 

But it is more than that. If you want youtube videos as a marketing tool for your business, you need to keep making a lot of them. 

Youtube algorithm favors those creators who are consistently publishing videos at regular intervals.  

Also, since there is a lot of competition and an enormous amount of videos in your respective niche, you need to be consistent at least to get noticed. 

2. Optimize Your Youtube Channel

Image Source: Neil Patel 

This should be the very first thing to do with your youtube channel if you’re starting out on the platform. 

Optimizing your youtube channel includes filling out all the required spaces on your profile.  

Optimizing also begins from customizing. It is to brand your channel to give a specific presence, images, colors, relevant information, links, and more. 

It also includes your social media links, profile image, cover image, contact information, and other sections. 

You can go further in this by creating playlists of your videos. Categorize accordingly so it will be easy for a new user to navigate. 

Don’t forget to put featured video at the top of your profile. This video auto-plays when a viewer visits your youtube profile. 

You can either put your best video here, so users get connected to you instantly. 

Or you can put a custom-made video specifically talking about your youtube channel/ business and what you provide here. 

3. Create Compelling Titles 

  It doesn’t matter how good your video is if no one clicks on it. So it becomes essential you optimize your video titles to attract viewers. 

You must create compelling titles that a) reach the target audience; b) attract viewers to click on it. 

Start with selecting the right keywords into your title. Keywords help Google crawlers to know what your video is about. 

The keyword is also the search term that a viewer searches for, so it also tells them what to expect from your video. And if it fulfills the user intent, you’ve hit your mark. 

Image Source: The Tufts Daily 

Keep your video titles short. It shouldn’t exceed 60 characters. Something that can be seen in just one glance. 

Be clear and descriptive about your title. Don’t put too much pressure on viewers to figure it out. 

The idea here is to spend some time brainstorming over engaging titles rather than just going with the first idea that pops into your head. 

For Example, consider checking Youtube giants like WhatCulture and BuzzFeed. Their titles are question-based or listicle with some intriguing lines in the tail.  

write optimized youtube video titles

4. Customize Your Thumbnails To Be Interesting 

Just like the titles, effective and attractive thumbnails also make users click on the video right away. 

It should be relevant to what content you provide inside the video and the title. Also, you must decide a certain color scheme of your thumbnails for your business youtube channel. 

The same color scheme and distinctive style in the thumbnail will create branding for your business. 

Try to tell a story through your thumbnails. Something that hooks the audience and compels them to click on the video. 

Image Source: Neil Patel 

Some more tips on how to create attractive custom thumbnails: 

  • Use a thumbnail image of the video size such as 1280x 720 or 1920 x 1080.
  • Put the video title in your thumbnail. 
  • Use arrows in your thumbnail to highlight.
  • Only use high-quality images. 
  • Stick to a distinctive style and color scheme. 
  • Use portraits, faces, emotions, eyes to grab attention. 
  • 16:9 aspect ratios work best with Youtube.
  • Put click-bait images/text on a thumbnail.
  • Use Canva or photoshop to design thumbnails. 
tips create youtube video thumbnails

 5. Use Your Logo on Thumbnails 

Image Source: Technology.ie 

This small addition to your Youtube videos can impact the audience in a major way. Using your logo on the video thumbnails boost brand awareness. 

Interestingly, even if no one is clicking on your videos, the thumbnail still spreads brand awareness. Also, on a subliminal level, it incepts your company’s name in the viewers’ minds. 

Personal brands use their own face as a logo to do the same. 

For Example, CNN news youtube channel put a big logo at the left bottom corner on every single video. 

6. Optimize Your Videos To Under 5 minutes

As per the Comscore survey, most of the youtube videos seems to have 5 minutes of average watch time. 

It tells you that, most of the people preferably comfortable to watch videos under 5 minutes. It works for maximum engagement. 

However, you can surely make longer videos but make sure you are not repeating yourself. Focus on the value you are providing in less time. 

Especially for small businesses, it is wise to create videos around 5 minutes to gain maximum engagement. 

Provided it must be very high-quality content, informative, and interesting for an audience to engage. 

7. Setting Up Youtube SEO

Youtube is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google. Also, one of its own kind. 

Remember, just like people find queries on Google about products, how-to, and other stuff, same they do on Youtube as well. 

So, you need to optimize your channel and videos catering as a solution for your prospects out there. 

You must know that 70% of the top 100 google search results, youtube videos show up in these results as well. 

 Follow the same practices of Blog SEO to Youtube as well. 

8. Branding Your Youtube Channel

Image Source: Oberlo

Branding your Youtube channel means to give an identity to your entity. Something through which people can recognize you instantly and instill their trust. 

It also helps you boost brand awareness as well. 

And there are some simple steps to follow : 

  • Try to make your youtube channel as another digital presence of your business. 
  • Use your company logo. 
  • Embed your company logo in your videos. 
  • Use your company’s social media handles in your videos. 
  • Write short but engaging company info in your “about” section.
  • Encourage viewers to visit your social media channels. 
  • Doing giveaways and contests can be a great way as well. 

9. Find Out What Your Audience Wants 

Small Businesses require to figure out what their audience wants to watch. What content they are expecting from you depending upon what you sell or provide. 

You may start with your own thing. And it may get viewership and engagement or not. Either it is essential to find out what your viewers want to see. 

You can also look at your competitors and what kind of content they are making. Which of their videos is getting the most engagement?  

But the point here is to not just simply replicate other’s content strategy. You rather find what your audience expects. What questions they have in their mind which you as a brand resolve. 

Image Source: Single Grain 

Use Youtube Analytics to analyze your previous videos. Check which kind of videos are getting most views and engagement. 

Also check, Where the audience comes from, from what demographics and other details. You will get the idea of what viewers are more inclined to watch from your side. 

Comments or direct interactions with your fans will further tell you the same. You can do polls, ask people to leave their opinions in comments, or go live with them. 

Once you really understand what they want to watch. All you have to do is provide value around it. 

10. Using Calls-To-Action (CTAs)

You might have heard CTAs in youtube videos plenty of times. And even if they come across a bit irritating, they are highly essential. 

With CTAs, you have to be very clear and precise about what actions you want people to take after watching your videos. 

You might want people to visit on your business website, so ask for that. CTAs can be liked, subscribe, comment, visit, email, or anything else that matters to your business. 

You can tell them to subscribe so you can help them further in the process. You can also use graphics/ text on your video as well to say the same.  

Whatever your goal is, try to put it out smartly in your CTAs. These little efforts you will make in the videos will have long-term rewards. 

11. Distributing & Sharing Videos On Social Media

content distribution for youtube videos

When you are starting out, and looking for the initial viewership on your videos, social media can be the gamechanger. 

If you have already followers and fans on your social media business pages, you can redirect the people to your youtube content. 

You can also distribute your youtube video content to your social media channels such as Facebook business page, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 

It will help you increase overall engagement towards your business across various digital platforms. 

Another way is to curate the micro-content from your videos, like short clips and share on social media. Short clips are easy-to-digest content and spread quicker. 

If your short clip videos go viral, people can redirect to your youtube channel giving you, even more, viewership and engagement. 

12. Collaborate With Other YouTubers

Image Source: Youtube 

Collaboration videos are amongst the most popular content on youtube, especially for content creators. 

And there is a reason for it!  Collaboration videos are a win/win situation for both the creators. Both creators or brands have their own subscriber base. 

When they do collaborations, viewers from both sides get exposed to the other creator. It is also exciting to see creators coming together to make content for fans. 

Consider doing collaborations every once in a while with a brand relevant to yours. They even can be independent creators or vloggers as well unless they are relevant to your niche/product/services. 

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Question)  about youtube Marketing for Small Business

1. How To Use Youtube To Market Your Business?

Most people today discover brands on youtube. It is the second-largest search engine where people search for products, how-to, reviews, suggestions, and more. It is evident that you can leverage youtube video content to connect to the prospects in your niche. Creating video content around your product or services will help your customers as well. 

2. How To Optimize Your Youtube Videos?

Here’s how you can optimize your youtube videos to rank on top :

-Use keywords in your title. 
-Rename your video file with a targeted keyword. 
-Add relevant tags to your videos.
-Create custom-made thumbnails. 
-Write an optimized video description using keywords. 
-Use high volume long-tail keywords as your title. 

3. How To Do Youtube SEO?

Here are some of the best youtube SEO practices to rank your videos.
-Including keywords and tags in the title and description of your videos. 
Brian Dean from Backlinko says saying your keywords in a video improves the SEO as well. 
-Increasing engagement in your videos also pushes the video to rank. 
-Optimize the categories to target the right audience. 
-Write detailed descriptions for your videos including multiple keywords. 
-Use relevant tags to your videos giving the context to the content.

youtube marketing tips

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