10+ WSP Global Competitors: A Closer Look at Their Strategies and Innovations

WSP Global faces tough competition from companies like AECOM, Jacobs Engineering Group, and Arcadis. ?

These companies offer similar services and have a strong presence worldwide. They challenge WSP Global in sectors like transportation, water, and environmental consulting.

Competition in the industry is fierce, and it pushes WSP Global to keep innovating and delivering excellent results to stay ahead.?

WSP Global

WSP Global

The constructed and natural environments are controlled and cautioned with the aid of using WSP Global Inc., a Canadian commercial enterprise with American and British roots. On the Toronto Stock Exchange, it’s miles traded. ?

With a few 47,000 people running in 500 places of work throughout forty countries, WSP Global effectively became one of the biggest expert offerings groups withinside the world after shopping Parsons Brinckerhoff, a corporation with its headquarters in New York, in October 2014.

In 2016, we brought 2,500 experts from 8 different acquisitions to the reveal already in our operational zones for the Americas, EMEIA, and Asia Pacific. We additionally installed our footprint in three new nations: Chile, Peru, and Mexico. ?

The biggest organization to sign up for us became Mouchel Consulting, a 2,000-man or woman engineering consulting corporation with a presence in the Middle East and operations in general withinside the UK and Ireland.

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10+ WSP Global Competitors

  • Aecom
  • Snc-Lavalin Group Inc
  • Aecon Group Inc
  • Stantec Inc
  • Sacyr
  • Kajima
  • Eiffage
  • BrandSafway
  • Morrison Hershfield Ltd
  • Hershfield. 
  • Jacoba Engineering

WSP Global vs. Its Toughest Competitors:



Year Founded: 2012
Headquarters: Dallas, United States Of America 

AECOM, in the beginning, was referred to as AECOM Technology Corporation, a worldwide infrastructure consultancy agency primarily based in the United States. On the 2019 Fortune 500 list, AECOM is ranked 157th with approximately 51,000 employees.?

AECOM Technology Corporation served because of the agency’s prison call from 1990 to 2015; it’s miles now referred to as AECOM.

The enterprise is traded at the NYSE below the ticker image ACM. and using the ticker image E6Z at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Announcing plans to move its international headquarters from Los Angeles, California, to Dallas, Texas, in August 2021.???

Pros And Cons of Aecom

Pros: employers’ satisfaction, healthy work environment

Cons: Long work hours and work-life balance might be a challenge 

Snc-Lavalin Group Inc

Aecon Group Inc

Year Founded: 1911
Headquarters: Canada

Engineering, procurement, and creation (EPC) services are furnished through SNC-Lavalin Group Inc., a Canadian commercial enterprise with headquarters in Montreal, to numerous industries, which include mining and metallurgy, oil and gas, surroundings and water, infrastructure, and sustainable energy. ?

As of 2018, SNC-Lavalin is the biggest Canadian creation corporation in phrases of revenue. With workplaces in more than 50 nations and sports in more than hundred and sixty nations, the organization employs over 50,000 humans worldwide.

Pros And Cons of Snc-Lavalin Group Inc

Pros-ample growth opportunities, competitive atmosphere

Cons– frequent changes in management might be a challenge

Aecon Group Inc

Year Founded: 1877
Headquarters: Canada

Aecon Group Inc. is a Canadian production enterprise offering customers within the public and personal sectors for its three key divisions: concessions, industrial, and infrastructure. ?

Construction substances produced by Aecon consist of asphalt, aggregate, and prefabrication substances created in 8 company-owned fabrication flowers positioned throughout Canada.

Some of Canada’s most famous structures, including the CN Tower, St. Lawrence Seaway, Ontario Highway 407, Vancouver Skytrain, and Montreal-Trudeau International Airport, have been constructed with the assistance of Aecon.?

Pros And Cons of Aecon Group Inc

Pros– Diversified market

Cons– Growth opportunities limited

Stantec Inc

Year Founded: 1954
Headquarters: Canada

Stantec Inc is a multinational company with expert offerings in the layout and consulting fields. In 1954, D. R. Stanley Associates, a Canadian business, mounted in Edmonton, Alberta. ?

For infrastructure and centers tasks, Stantec gives certified consulting offerings in planning, engineering, architecture, indoor layout, panorama architecture, surveying, environmental sciences, task management, and task economics. 

With more than 26,000 employees running out of more than four hundred places across North America and places of work on six continents, the organization gives offerings on tasks worldwide.?

Pros And Cons of Stantec Inc

Pros– Premium services offered

Cons– You have to keep up with the trend as well.



Year Founded: 1986
Headquarters: Madrid, US

Sociedad Anónima Caminos y Renegados, the organization’s unique call from 1986, was modified to Sacyr in 1991. The Chilean El Elk dual carriageway became the organization’s first concession, which it received in 1996. ?

From that factor forward, it began to develop by using concessions in Chile and Spain and shopping for matters, just like the Avasa toll road between Bilbao and Zaragoza. 

It bought 24.5% of Vallehermoso, a prestigious Spanish housing organization, in 1921 and 2002. Sacyr Vallehermoso was created in 2003 following its merger with Vallehermoso.

Isolux Corsán made a buyout provide for Europistas in June 2006 for 4. eight euros consistent with share, valuing the enterprise at 646 million euros.?

Pros And Cons of Sacyr

Pros– good work hours, cooperative environment

Cons– short- breaks, management system might be challenging



Year Founded: 1840
Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

One of the largest and oldest creation companies in Japan is Kajima Corporation. The enterprise became mounted in 1840, and its head workplace is in Motoakasaka, Minato, Tokyo. The enterprise is properly famed for its DIB-2 hundred suggestions. ?

The company inventory is a part of the Nikkei 225 inventory index and is indexed on 4 of the pinnacle Japanese inventory exchanges. Design, engineering, building, and actual property improvement are among Kajima’s services.

High-upward thrust buildings, railroads, energy plants, dams, and bridges are all built with the aid of using Kajima.

Its subsidiaries are unfolded throughout North America, Europe, Oceania, and Asia. Kajima improved its operations in the environmental sector, notably waste treatment, water treatment, soil rehabilitation, and the environment.?

Pros And Cons of Kajima

Pros– timely salaries

Cons– professional growth might be slow



Year Founded: 1993
Headquarters: Velizy- Villacoublay, France

French corporation Eiffage S.A. makes specialty in constructing civil engineering projects. It became the fifth-biggest corporation in Europe and the third-biggest of its type in France as of 2010. ?

Some long-status businesses, which include Fougerolle (set up in 1844), Quillery (created in 1863), Beugnet (based in 1871), and La Société Auxiliaire d’Entreprises Électriques et de Travaux Public, or SAE (based in 1924), had been mixed to shape the organization in 1992.

Pros And Cons of Eiffage

Pros– expanding firm, globally recognized company 

Cons– tight deadlines, working hours are not very flexible.



Year Founded: 1936
Headquarters: Kennesaw, US

The American organization BrandSafway makes specialty in civil engineering and construction. Thirty distinctive international locations have bought from BrandSafway, which generates five billion in sales annually.  ?

The enterprise offers protection gadgets to agencies everywhere in the world. There are 114 of them spread throughout North America. There are 253 places for the enterprise worldwide.

 Georgia serves because of the organization’s headquarters; it became based there in 1919. The enterprise has grown across the world over the years. The enterprise has provided protection tools for constructing projects. ?

The organization commenced targeting protection tools that might be required to improve infrastructure in 2017. In North America, bridges and infrastructures have deteriorated; consequently, BrandSafway commenced targeting and imparting important protection tools.

Pros And Cons of BrandSafway

Pros– healthy work culture, timely payments

Cons– limited time-offs, strict deadlines

Morrison Hershfield Ltd

Morrison Hershfield Ltd

Year Founded: 1946
Headquarters: Toronto, Canada

Engineering and control consulting offerings are presented within the fields of electricity and industry, construction, generation and telecommunications, transportation, environment, water and wastewater, and land improvement via the employee-owned expert offerings agency Morrison.?

Pros And Cons of Morrison Hershfield Ltd

Pros– good payment cycle, competitive work culture

Cons– work-life balance might be challenging, and strict deadlines



Year Founded: 1946
Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The enterprise has sixteen places in North America. To meet the needs of the post-struggle constructing boom, Carson Morrison, Charles Hershfield, Joe Millman, and Mark Huggins shaped an agency that furnished civil, structural, and mechanical engineering offerings, founding Morrison Hershfield in 1946 in Toronto, Ontario. ?

Since then, Rolf Jensen and Associates, Maunder Britnell Inc., Maxim Engineering, Mitchell, Pound & Braddock Ltd., Ruys & Company, Suncord Engineering Ltd., Jeffers Engineering Associates, and Structural Design Inc. have amalgamated with Morrison Hershfield. Sikon Inc. counts Morrison Hershfield as a minority possession partner.?

Pros And Cons of Hershfield. 

Pros– good inter-firm relationships, healthy work ethics

Cons– strict deadlines, limited promotion opportunities

Jacoba Engineering

Jacoba Engineering

Year Founded: 1947
Headquarters: Harwood Center Dallas, Texas

An American agency supplying professional technical offerings across the world is known as Jacobs Solutions Inc. ?

The agency serves an extensive spectrum of customers globally, including businesses, organizations, and governmental organizations, by imparting engineering, technical, professional, and product offerings and clinical and specialty consulting. 

Jacobs has constantly been positioned first on Engineering News-(ENR) Record’s Top 500 Design Firms for 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021. and Trenchless Technology’s Top 50 Trenchless Engineering Firms for 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021.

In the financial 12 months of 2021, it saw a growth in income to $477 million and growth in global sales to almost $14 billion yearly.?

Pros And Cons of Jacoba Engineering

Pros– great growth opportunities, good work-life balance

Cons– limited salary hikes

FAQs for WSP Global Competitors

What does India’s AECOM do?

India is at the forefront of developing a new standard of living, working, and recreation for tourists and locals with a specific Smart Cities program.

Is Aecon undervalued?

On the Toronto Stock Exchange, Aecon Group is currently listed as one of the top 10 undervalued stocks in the Industrials sector. If a stock trades below its valuation, the calculation used to determine a company’s intrinsic (true) value is undervalued.

Sacyr Construction is owned by who?

Manrique Manuel Cecilia

Is Jacobs Engineering an EPC company?

JACOBS GROUP is a leading International Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) provider well-known for its reliability, flexibility, and strong execution track record.

How often is Aecon’s dividend?

Aecon gives Dividend Quarterly. 

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