10 Tips to Write a Perfect New Customer Welcome Letter

Customers are the most important asset of any organization or business plan. And when it comes to new customers, the value gets doubled. Because you not only keep his demands fulfilled this time but also has to ensure that he revisits your institution or remember your brand for the rest of his life for some good reasons.

Returning the customers’ visit means a lot to the business holders. And to do so, they need to carry on a good relationship with their customers.

There are lots of ways to boost this bond, however, we support the idea of offering a welcome letter to your new customers. Because it has hundreds of advantages lie within itself. Here are the most prominent benefits of writing a new customer welcome letter:

Benefits of Writing a New Customer Welcome Letter

  • Such letters will strengthen your personal as well as professional relationships with your customers. This friendly step also establishes a favorable engagement of your brand with the buyers. And you can learn very easily what your customers are expecting more from your products or service and you can raise your level steadily.
  • Their dissatisfaction can also be visible in a neutral light while doing so, and you get the opportunity to work on providing better service next time.
  • Another benefit can be your showing what new offers or discounts your service are providing under your brand name and then they will feel confident about enjoying it.
  • Introducing your brand name and different branches they can reach for easy access can also be informed through a welcome letter.
  • Since your service will always be good, why not explain it to them on the very first day. We know your customers will gradually know it. But what if they are just trying to visit every brand possible in search of the best one? So, by claiming aka announcing your good sides it to them yourselves, you’re doing a favor to them and eliminating the idea of speak peeking other stores so to build a long term relationship.
  • It’s not that we are saying your service is not good enough and your customers may knock the door of other stores becoming dissatisfied with your service. But we believe in the theme that “there is always room for improvement”. So why not take the chance of sharpening your service and make your brand unforgettable imprinting it to your customers’ memory with a wonderfully presented welcome letter?
  • It’s not that your company alone need to hold on the customers. A welcome letter comes handy to a new buyer as well, where he or she finds a consolation that a lot of could have missed if they didn’t encounter your brand.
  • You know you value your customers, we also know you do. But what about them? If they remain unaware of what a high valued and worthy personalities they are to you, how would they feel comfortable returning their visit everytime they need something your company can offer. So be the conversations tarter and let them know their high seat in your eyes. Don’t worry you would love their pleasing reaction.
  • If someone is new in the city or area and enters your shop by chance to get something you’re offering at a good price, also maintaining the quality, chances are they would love to know more about your address or other contact info so that they can reach you with minimal effort. They may not be enough inquisitive to ask for the detail, so act like a mind reader and share the details with them through a welcome letter.

Now, as you see there are bunches of advantages related to the simple task of writing a new customer welcome letter, it’s better to know the steps or the format of an effective one.

Tips to Write Perfect New Customer Welcome Letter

Letterhead of the Company

The letterhead is used to let the customer know from which company the letter came. The letter of the company must be published on the letterhead of the company.

When the company does not have the letterhead then the company must include the name of the company because without the company name the receiver will not be able to understand from whom the letter came.

The address of the company must be included in the beginning to help the customer where to return the letter. The telephone number also must be included otherwise the customer will not be able to contract.

Again, the e-mail address also needs to be included in the letterhead because nowadays the return message is passed through the email. The other available contract way like fax number the company website can also be included in the letterhead.

Date and the Address of the Recipient

The welcoming letter for the new customer must include the date of the. The letter date will let the customer know when the letter was sent to the customer.

The date will also define the priority because if the company send the welcoming late then the customer will feel that they were not given priority. On the other hand, if the letter is sent quickly then the customer will feel like they were given priority.

The address of the recipient also must be included. Both the date and the recipient address be included in the left alignment. The recipient address box must include the full name, the title, the company address and the mail address of the recipient.

Greeting/ Reception Massage

The greeting or the reception message comes after filling the date and the recipient box. The greeting or the received message must be something that relates to the relation of the company with the customer.

For example, when the relationship is very formal the greeting message can be like “Hello Mr. Sharma” because the latter sender must write something that shows respect.

But when the relationship with the customer is not formal and frank then the greeting message can be like “Hello Sharma” this greeting shows the frankness. Thus, depending on the relationship with the customer the greeting message must be given.

Massage to Welcome the Customer

After the greeting message, the welcoming must be included. That start the letter main part of the letter. The welcoming message must be something that makes the customer feel good.

With this message sometimes, the customer judges the company. When this message is good then the impression of the customer on the company will be very good.

If the customer has a good impression on the company then the customer will be delighted and might become a loyal customer. The welcoming message can be like “From the entire Consulting team, I Avi Islam would like to take the opportunity to welcome you as a new customer”.

Company Introduction

The body of the letter must have an introduction to the company. This part will let the customer know about the company. This part informs the customer about how the company treats with the customer, how warmly the company receives their customer.

This part let the customer know about the culture of the company with their relationship with the customer.

For example, “Our Company takes pride in consulting the customers with a view to providing the best service.” To us, our customers are the most important part, and we work determinedly to ensure complete satisfaction for our customers as long as they are our customers.”  

This part also let the customer know who is writing the letter and sending that letter to the new customer. This part also introduces the writer of the letter with the customer.

Contracting Ways

This section is one of the important parts of the company and the customer. This part includes all the possible ways how the customer can contract with the company.

This part is important because the customer needs to know the time when they can contract with the customer. Because if the customer fails to contract after going to the organization then they will be dissatisfied.

Again, the contract ways are important for the customer because the customer contract with the company agent will let the company know the detail information regarding the needs the customer has and the problem they are facing with the product. Thus, this contract will be very helpful for the company as well as the customer.

Message of Reassurance     

The reassurance message is the last section of the letter. In this part of the letter, the customer is thanked by the company to become a part of the company. This part is very important because when the customer is thanked then the customer is very delighted, and they become loyal.

This part makes the customer happy. This part also makes sure that the customer is very satisfied with the company.

When the customer is satisfied with the company then that customer will become loyal and satisfied with the company. This loyal customer is very vital for the company because when the customer is very loyal then they will buy the product continuously from the company.

Closing the Letter    

The closing of the letter is very important for the company because of this the last part that the customer will remember about the letter. So, this part is a very vital part of the letter. This part of closing the letter starts with a farewell message. For example, “sincerely, most obedient” etc.

This part is very vital because in the very small word this part keeps a great impression on the customer.

The last words must be very carefully written because when there will be a problem in the last part then the customer will have a bad impression of the company. So, this part must be very carefully written. So the last part must have all the good things that are needed to impress the customer.

To sum up

Now, since you know the format of a new customer welcome letter and have got an idea of how to treat your customers like persons of utmost importance, there is no doubt your business will see a new ray of success with more profit and top class goodwill. Strengthen your relationship with your customers, and they will take care of your business for years to come!

Out of word during writing Customer welcome letter. Here is the Sample Letter which gives you more idea. You can write as per it. Read it.

welcome a customer letter sample

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