10+ Best Workday Competitors & Alternatives

There is nothing that an organization wants more than achieving its targets in the most optimal and profitable manner.

And the first step towards this is – coming up with a suitable business plan. Planning is a complex process that takes up a lot of time and effort.

Year Founded: 2005
Headquarters: Pleasanton, California

Thanks to advancing technology, many tools are available today, making this process simpler and more convenient.

Workday is one such tool that serves the purpose very efficiently in this regard. However, if you already have been a Workday user and are searching for an alternative to the platform for some reason, check out this list to find out the best alternative to Workday that caters to your needs perfectly.

Pros– can be configured easily, highly flexible.

Cons– it might be laggy occasionally in low-network connections; some bugs need to be fixed.

Best Workday competitors with Excellent Features:

SAP Successfactors

Year Founded: 2001 
Headquarters: San Francisco, California

SAP SE owns this cloud-based software company that provides applications for HCM as well as talent management. The company has over 100 million customers in 100+ countries and is worth billions in revenue.

These numbers clearly indicate that multinational companies and their workforce use this software.

Its functions, including how it supports many languages, different currencies, and various tax systems, make it ideal for global companies. It also focuses on boosting business executions for better results.

The software does face some serious challenges. Implementing the software itself is a costly affair and being software that supports several systems, it isn’t as flexible, and one would need some sort of training to use it properly.

Pros– enhanced financial management features, reliable sharing of data

Cons– a bit on the pricier side

Ceridian Dayforce 

Year Founded: 1992
Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Another software company is operating in the HCM sector. Dayforce is Ceridian’s quality cloud-based platform and also their moneymaker.

It aims to utilize the workforce optimally and provides applications for HR functions like talent management, benefits, payroll, etc. The company operates in the UK, the US, Australia, and several other countries.

Being easy to use and administer are some features that make it a popular choice for management solutions.

Pros– quick and accurate paying features, great user-experience

Cons– file uploading needs optimization, needs regular updates

Oracle HCM Cloud

Year Founded: 2011
Headquarters: Redwood City, California

After PeopleSoft (also Workday’s competitor), Oracle Corporation developed this cloud-based HR software for talent and workforce management. Oracle has now integrated all of the cloud’s HCM, ERP, and other HR applications.

This makes Oracle Cloud a complete solution for HR management and services. Not Just that, their large database and networks support the creation of analytical tools that enhance business. Their User Interface simplifies the whole process and makes it easier to use the software.

Oracle HCM Cloud is one of the biggest and best players in this market right now, with its functionality managing every HR operation and being user-friendly. This clearly makes it a top alternative for Workday.

Pros– downloading and uploading speed is very efficient and highly customizable.

Cons– sometimes become laggy in low-spec devices.

Adp Workforce Now

Year Founded: 1949 
Headquarters: New Jersey, United States

Workforce NOW from ADP offers customized solutions for all HR operations. This cloud-based integrated software can be used by an enterprise of any size and is easy to set it up and do business with.

The software can also break down complex HR requirements and integrate them with other HCM, ERP, and HR tools, making it more convenient to use.

After Workforce NOW launched in 2011, ADP started offering several support services on different platforms, available 24/7. This improved user interactions as well as software usage.

Pros– reporting feature is consistently accurate, easy to use

Cons– has some optimization issues, contains some unsolved bugs

Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG) Pro

Year Founded: 2020 
Headquarters: Florida, United States

Ulti pro, or UKG Pro, from multinational tech company UKG, is a software that provides HR management and services solutions. It’s used by small to medium organizations trying to figure out ways to reduce costs and increase productivity.

It’s highly flexible and can be made fit to our needs. The software has issues, including its low compatibility with certain browsers, how setting up and running it is time-consuming, and the software updates causing glitches and errors.

Pros–  very easy to learn and use, customizable interface

Cons– contains a lot of bugs. Regular updates required


Year Founded: 2008 
Headquarters: Utah, United States

This platform offers cloud-based Human Resource Management Software (HRMS) and HR solutions.

One can choose or customize accordingly with two packages as options- one for basic functions and the other for more complex and advanced operations.

Thus, this is a great option for smaller organizations that won’t need the advanced package. There’s also the option for additional functions and features that we can choose according to the business’s needs and growth.

Pros– time management feature is very optimized, very user-friendly

Cons– occasionally lag in low network connectivity


Year Founded: 2006 
Headquarters: India

This HR software is a tech startup using AI and Machine Learning applications. They provide HR and HCM-related services.

They suggest a digitalized workplace with an environment enabling everyone to work comfortably whilst contributing to the company’s growth.

After acquiring PayReview, a compensation platform, in March 2022, they have been ready to integrate and form a new platform focusing on applications for pay management by designing tools whose operations will be based on AI technology.

Pros– value for money, very convenient to use

Cons– lacks some basic features, can be made more optimized.


Year Founded: 1997 
Headquarters: Illinois, United States

This software is focused on HR and payroll management. The attributes that make it stand out are its automated nature, reporting features, time and compensation-related features, and so on.

It’s accessible all the time and has different functions, like a paycheck calculator and a quick pay option that’s built-in to make the process easy and quick.

It’s got HR functions like personnel tracking, scheduling, and even a communication feature for interactions. These functions can help create a new working environment with an engaging workforce.

Pros– clean and optimized UI, contains almost all the important features

Cons– runs slow sometimes on low network connections

Zoho People Plus

Year Founded: 1996 
Headquarters: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Zoho, an Indian tech company, launched Zoho People Plus for HR solutions. It provides applications for functions including recruitment, performance management, and HR analytics, and its automated nature helps employees track their workflow, make requests for time off, and so on.

Small and medium-sized companies use this software for their HR requirements.

Pros– works on both PC and mobile phone, very user-friendly

Cons– customer-service hours are limited, and the mobile app can be made more optimized


Year Founded: 2015 
Headquarters: India

This software provides applications not just for the HR requirements of a firm but also for the HR processes. By automating its recruitment, payroll operations, talent management, and even employee engagement, it aims to empower the workforce and also simplify various HR processes.

Their instant success and growth have definitely turned heads and have also made them a leading player in this market.

Pros– simple and clean interface, beginner-friendly

Cons- the mobile app needs a lot of improvisation and requires regular updates

Workday Competitors

FAQS for Workday Alternatives & Competitors

How do you choose software for HR management?

The first step will be addressing your goals or what you want to achieve out of this. And, of course, set a budget. Next, research. Check out the software that is within your price range and then look into what tools they offer and their applications and choose what you think can be useful for you,

What is HCM?

Human Capital Management basically refers to the applications that help an organization manage and enhance its workforce.

What is ERP?

Employee Resource Planning combines all the core processes, that is, HR, manufacturing, services, etc., to simplify the process and make it more convenient to track data.

What are the benefits of HR management software?

It helps save time, simplifies the process, and makes tracking workflow and other relevant information easier. This will then help us get more accurate conclusions.

How’s the user experience?

Check out the demo videos that are available online. Watching it will answer most of your doubts and also help you decide whether or not this software is suitable for the organization.

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