22+ Actionable Window Company Marketing Ideas

A window company sells window or glass products to customers. It is a small-scale business that can be expanded through effective marketing. You just need to identify the marketing techniques that will be appealing to your target audience.

How to promote your window company

  • To enlighten the people about your window company, one of the easiest and the best alternatives available to you is to put up ample of signboards and banners everywhere. This will ensure faster promotion of your business.
  • Collaborate with the carpentry stores. This will allow your products to come in contact with more people and hence the purpose of promoting your business will be served.
  • The business will be easier to promote once it has a unique name and a very creative and beautiful logo. This will allow easy distinction of your business, making it less burdensome to promote.
  • The business directories are extremely helpful tools when it comes to the promotion of any business. So do not waste any time and get enlisted in the business directories to promote your business soon.

Here are a few marketing ideas for a window company that can make it popular among customers.


You need to reach out to your target audience through advertisements. It will help you to spread the word about your window company among potential customers. You should advertise your business in newspapers and magazines that are widely circulated in your locality.

Highlight the specialties of your products and services in all the advertisements. TV commercials and radio can also be utilized for advertisements. Place banners in and around locality where they are visible to the target audience.

-Business Cards and Fliers  

Print business cards and fliers which you can pass on to potential customers. Place the logo of your company in the business cards and also mention your contact details in them. Carry the business cards with you whenever you go to attend any public event.

Distribute the fliers in crowded areas like a market or railway station. You can also paste some of your fliers in the local community board.

-Create a Brand Identity

You should create a unique brand identity of your business that will help you to attract new customers. Brand identity is an essential component of marketing for any business as it provides you with the scope to stand out in the market.

There should be something special or unique in your company that is missing in others, it can be your products, customers service, logo, name, business cards, and website.

-Quality of Products and Services

You should give top priority to the quality of your products and services. If customers are satisfied with the quality of your products, then they are likely to recommend your company to other potential customers whom they know.

Your company should sell different types of window products which are trending in the market. The products should be able to meet the specific demands of your customers.


Use referrals or word-of-mouth advertising technique to generate new customers. It is a basic marketing tool that does not require much investment. Request your loyal customers to refer your company to their friends, neighbors, and relatives.

Make it a point to thank the referring customers and reward them with gifts, cash commission or free products for each successful referral.

Logo of Your Company

You need to design a unique logo for your company. The logo should represent the values or goals of your business. Make sure that the logo is present in all the advertising materials. The logo should be creative and stylish, something that instantly captures the attention of your customers.

Numerous logos are available on online websites which are free, you just need to choose the one that is ideal to represent your business.

-Reviews and Feedbacks

You must collect feedbacks and reviews from your customers and monitor them regularly. It is the best way to know the opinion of your customers. You will get to know whether the customers want to see any changes in the quality of your products and services.

Provide a space in your website or social media pages where customers can write reviews and rate your services. Positive reviews will help in enhancing the reputation of your business.

-Discounts and Deals

Offer lucrative discounts and deals to your customers frequently. It is the traditional way of promoting any business. You should offer discounts to repeat customers and also to the ones who buy products in bulk from your company.

Offer special prices at the launch of a new product or during festive occasions. You can also offer daily deals like buy two and get one free.

-Sponsor Local Events

You should consider sponsoring events in your locality as that will help you to engage with the local community. You can purchase advertising spaces to sponsor the event.

Try to sponsor charitable events where you donate money to a charitable organization. This will contribute to creating a good impression among potential customers.

-Participate in Trade Shows

Your company should participate in local trade shows. It offers you the scope to showcase your products to potential customers. Pass on your business cards to any visitor who shows interest in buying products from your company. Such events help your business gain more exposure.


One of the essential requirements of your company is a website. It helps in consolidating your online presence. Create a professional and user-friendly website that features all the important information related to your business.

It will help you to reach out to customers who are mobile users. Upload clear images of your products on the website so that customers can view them online.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help in making your website visible to customers who search online with keywords that are related to your business. All you need to do is register your website with online search engines and directories.

-Email Marketing

Utilize email marketing to add a personal touch to your marketing techniques. Once you know the choices and preferences of your customers, you can send them personalized promotional offers through email. Also, send newsletters to the customers via email. Inform them about the launch of new products through the mail.


Customers are likely to buy products from a company that knows their job well. Blogging allows you to showcase your knowledge and expertise in the field of window and glass products.

Write articles in your blog which customers find interesting to read. You should share the link of your blog on the website and social media pages.

-Social Media

Use social media to reach out to your target audience. Create a page on social media websites that are dedicated to your company and post promotional content or advertisements in it. You can also interact with your customers in social media regularly and provide an answer to their queries.

Request your friends and close contacts to share or like the promotional posts in your social media pages. You can also upload photos from your previous works in social media.

How to drive up the sales of your window company

  • The sales of your company will increase by many folds when its reach to the people increases. This can be done by properly using the social media in a constructive manner which will result in higher sales.
  • The traditional methods of advertisements in the newspapers and the television channels will turn out to be one of the most effective ways of increasing the sales of your business.
  • The price of the products of your company will affect the sales of your business significantly. So make a comprehensive study of the price scenario of similar products in the market and then set the price.
  • The customers will be more inclined towards using your products when they get enough discounts and offers on the purchases. So make sure that you are giving enough discounts on the products frequently.
  • The positive reviews from the previous clients will also help raise the sales of your business by making your company more trustworthy. 
1. What is the target market for the Window company?

You can plan new structures and renovations in each market, depending on whether you want to provide residential or commercial services. You can become a subcontractor for a larger business or a retail window business, which will change the target market to concentrate more closely on the under-contracting businesses. In general, ensure that you always show your company and services with a professional image.

2. How to make your Window company more profitable?

Provide customers with a preventative maintenance service in which the hardware, screens and installation as well as glass and hinges, sashes, locks and associated hardware are inspected periodically. Even, for older, difficult to locate large windows, consider a recycling and repair service. If the windows can be replaced to suit historical restore specifications, the window installer can load much more than the normal install.

3. What marketing strategy you can implement in your Window company?

Some of your marketing will depend on your credibility as a consumer. Word of the mouth is an ideal way to attract and keep customers, but the good stories and perceptions of the consumers need to also be shared. Having a website, Facebook page or engaging in online discussion forums thus provides a platform to exponentially increase your credibility. In order to produce more business and to create new connections, trade journals, Blogs, and trade event can also be excellent methods.

4. What is the growth potential for a Window company?

Installation and replacement of windows is a lucrative and continually rising industry. The need for trained and licensed window specialists continues to increase with the upward growth of home building. Some customers still choose to substitute for older windows, which means that window installers have several, growing facets of their industry.

5. How to keep the customers coming back to your Window company?

Offer fair prices for customers and never skimp on price or quality of service, and insist on the employees’ professionalism and produce these features regularly and efficiently. You will be paid the value of the window and labor costs for each window repaired or newly built. If the dealer acts as a subcontractor for a window manufacturer, he or she must pay for the services rendered and the cost to the customer of the window.

Every small business requires some effective marketing steps locally to attract customers. Here is the Infographic which guides you how social media helps you in your window Business. Read Below.

social media for window business

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