A Beginners Guide For WhatsApp Marketing for Small Businesses

Facebook has around 1.65 billion users whereas Twitter has 310 million users. As for LinkedIn, they got 100 million users, these platforms are ideally used for marketing.

 For a small business, these are effective ways with better lead generation results.

WhatsApp is the most used messaging mobile app yet not largely used for marketing purposes.  The app alone has more users than any other apps. 

As compared to email marketing, WhatsApp has a 98% open rate which is extremely high and makes it the most engaging channel.

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WhatsApp is now coming into consideration. For small businesses. This one got lots of opportunities for establishing and marketing the brands.

The History Of WhatsApp and Who Is Using It?

WhatsApp was introduced on 3 May 2009. It’s a solution that eliminates the use of expensive SMS text fees. 

Instead of putting money for data recharge, WhatsApp made free to use the services all around the world.

The app was created by two ex-employees of Yahoo with an idea of making communication free. WhatsApp is not just omitted to text, it includes voice calls, video calls, documents, and sharing location.

WhatsApp has versions depending on the phone like Android, iPhone, Nokia S40, and Windows. For Mac and Windows, there is a web version as well. But to use it on a desktop, firstly you need to have it on your phone.

Since Facebook owns WhatsApp now, including messenger the user accounts are  79% combined in the messaging market.

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Some countries rely on WhatsApp but some are still adapting. In countries like the Netherlands, Turkey, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, South Africa, etc largely use this app on a day to day life.

As for the US, unlike any other country, this one is expensive in sending a text. But due to WhatsApp, the expenses turned zero and it’s free to contact anyone across the globe.

What to Know About WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp turned out to be the most used app in day to day life.  As for the marketer, WhatsApp is allowing different options to communicate with the audience.

Using WhatsApp for promoting the service or products to lead the potential client, this is what is called WhatsApp Marketing.

WhatsApp is considered good for marketing due to its reach and easy to communicate options.

Small businesses that have a limited budget and can’t afford too much investing in customer services, well for them, WhatsApp is cost-free. 

You can connect with your audience anytime and help in solving their issue.

Also, WhatsApp is free of cost and introduced its business model for marketers.

But using WhatsApp for marketing purposes is different from other platforms. And the app is conversational based, so sending bulk emails or SMS won’t work.

To promote business on WhatsApp, it requires something out of the box.

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How to Step Up Your WhatsApp Business Presence?

Setting up your business account in WhatsApp is easy and simple. You can simply download the app from Appstore. Also, it’s free of cost and easy to use.

But to make an impressive image of your company, you must follow these steps –

Step 1.  Create an Account

Image sourceMorph.ai  

Simple to do but it includes a process.  Install the app on your phone, create the character name, and make sure you don’t cross 25 ( max) character names.

Select a profile photo and put a  status describing who you are.

Pro Tip – Your Name and Number will not be going to change either. Make sure you have both permanent

Step 2.  Fill Up the Contact List

Image sourceSynup

Unlike any other form, WhatsApp is built on permission.  Here you have to ask people for numbers and you have to explain why they should. 

Sharing numbers is sensitive, and its purest form for building a loyal customer.

Here are two methods to follow:

Give them your number 

Get a phone dedicated WhatsApp so you don’t have to ask the customers to share their number, you are sharing and trusting your number with them.

The same method was used by BBC Europe. They set up a WhatsApp group for Ebola Crisis by sharing three health alerts on a daily basis.  They witnessed 25,000 sign ups

Get the numbers 

Harder than the first tactic, asking someone’s phone number is not an easy job. But you can simply post your WhatsApp number. And the interested people will add you.

Basically, here you are asking the users to add your number. They will text you when you get the number.

Tips for WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

WhatsApp turned out as a golden opportunity for small businesses to build a loyal customer. Unlike other options, WhatsApp is introduced to every household and most of the people are already using it.

More than 60 billion texts are sent via WhatsApp on a daily basis which gives the user engagement. For a small business, the customers are directly in touch and generate in leading more potential leads.

But WhatsApp requires strategies that can work full proof. The marketing strategy should be a focus on every aspect. 

To improve yours, follow these tips.

Engage Directly with Your Customers

Image source : Sumo

In today’s world, customers look for real conversation instead of texted messages.  WhatsApp has end to end encryption and features like video calls, voice, and text.

The platform offers direct communication and engagement in two-way conversations. This helps in creating a reliable channel for the customers as well as for small businesses in the global market.

Businesses can send direct confirmation,  delivery alerts, and support to their customers without any disturbance in the middle.

Update Status Daily

A status is a great tool for flashing important news and business-related information. Make sure to update the status on a daily basis.  Keep the status attractive and informative for the customers

Do not post random things that make no sense and have relatability to your business.  The status should be catchy, crisp, and short.

Greetings on Special Occasions

Image sourceSynup

Customers should feel special and valued. To build a bond of emotions, make sure you send personalized messages on special occasions.

The message makes special bonds, wishing them on festivals, events, or their birthdays.

Find the Right Time for Active Audience

People are not always using WhatsApp. Some people use it in the morning for checking the text or evening when they are coming back from work.

Knowing when your target customers are active the most, you can use the opportunity for open text rates.

Also make sure you don’t send the messages, posts, videos, or photos all day. It’s annoying and disturbing too.

Maintain the quality

Even though it’s a message, for small businesses it’s important to focus on the content quality.  The message with short and on point language attracts more audience. For people, it’s easy to read.

Avoid writing paragraphs or long text. It takes time and most people don’t read it.  Make sure your content is readable, use easy and simple words to understand.

However, if the long text is important then keep it scannable.

To increase the click rates, send short messages with a promotional link. These links get opened most of the time.

Also, avoid sending one kind of text again and again. If you are sending a text, keep it short and easy to read.

Make a Broadcast list

Sending one by one text is not time taking but also tiring. For saving time and fast work, make a broadcast list on WhatsApp adding one kind of audience in one list.

With this, you can send or share one-way information to all of them within a minute. Also, add links or invitations to make it more engaging.

Don’t Let the Curiosity Die

Find creative and entertaining ways to engage your audience. Use teasers to promote upcoming campaigns, sales, and events. Make people curious about what more you are offering.

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Strategies For Effective WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp is different, its focused-on conversations and marketers need contact numbers. But with the right use of storage, the app can help in lots of issues including fast customer support, advertising, etc.

Use the Business App, Instead of Regular One

WhatsApp launched the new application just for the business. It’s called WhatsApp for Business or WA.

WhatsApp for business is an android app based and free to download. The purpose of WA is for developing a platform for small businesses. The idea was to make the interactions easy by using the right tools.

The new application has lots of beneficial features for a small and large business. It includes :

  • Business Profile – The new one lets you make a business profile. Include the information like business descriptions, Email addresses, and links to your website.
  • Automated response – To boost communication, WA has an automated response feature. The automat response will help in greeting greetings or welcome text with information related to your business.
  • Fast replies –  To stop wasting the time, save the response similar to a question you have been asked by the audience.

Build a Persona on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a personal and messaging app. People use it for reaching out to their family and friends.

To create content, you should focus on making it appealing. Also, your business should have its own persona and image. So, the audience can register you right away.

People don’t like to communicate with unknown brands of people on WhatsApp. And to make them feel safe and familiar, your brand must have its own persona.

Develop A Contact Database

A contact database is a reach you have to communicate directly with the audience. To build a contact list, you require contact numbers as much as possible.

But the message should not be pushed when there is no mutual affiliation. Develop an organic database without selling or buying the numbers.

The more authentic you are, the better audience you can target.

Pro Tip – To ask more numbers, you can promote coupons, discounts, free services, or anything in exchange.

Offer What’s Relevant to Customers

Image source : DigitalMarketingskill 

WhatsApp is widely used and since the engagement is high, the content should be more interesting and relevant.

According to CNET, WhatsApp has a higher engagement rate as compared to Facebook.  On a daily basis, Facebook has 61% engagement where WhatsApp has 70%.

Because of higher engagement, the customers look for relevant content. Focus on maintaining the quality and improving the engagement.

Digital Marketing strategies are important for WhatsApp too. Make sure your content is precise, crisp, and easy to understand without any errors.

Deliver A Helpful Customer Support

Image SourceHubspot

For a small business, offering real-time customer service is not affordable. With WhatsApp, you can do that right away.  

Because the app is used in almost every household, you can use audio, text, or video anything for customer support.

The app has a 70% opening rate which ensures that the customer will check the messages.

For example –  MTN Nigeria started five smalls but dedicated WhatsApp customer support. The company notices that their customer requests fast and easy to communicate to get their answers.

The five different WhatsApp lines were dedicated to different problems. They witnessed the quality of important and better communication relationships with their audience.

Also, at this time, they have more than 45% of users using their WhatsApp services.

Pro Tip: WhatsApp is the fastest way to respond to the queries. Never take hours to respond. Get a team of a small number of people to focus on these questions.

Share Flash Sales, Promotional Codes and Discounts

Sharing Flash Sales and Promotional codes are attractive for the buyers. Also, WhatsApp is more personal as compared to any other social media apps. So, the customer will get better access to information.

You can directly send the promotional codes to the buyers. Or you can hold the flash sales for the interested audience.

You can add two hour or three hour or one-day flash sales to drive the traffic. It’s beneficial for creating the buzz.

Research and Feedback from Customer 

The inexpensive platform is perfect for running quick research or getting feedback from the customers.  It’s also good for conducting a quick survey or meeting within the company.

To ask for feedback, use the questions to have relevant answers. It’s free of cost. Your customer can directly answer the questions, and it’s an interactive way to know how your service or product is working among the customers.

Take Leverage of WhatsApp Status

Image Source : DigitalMarketingSkills

Most of the people use the status for showing three kinds of emotions –

Either they are traveling and they want to share their trip or vacations photos

Or, they want to share some specific feelings to everyone or to a special one

Or, for stating some kind of statement.

For a small business, the status option in WhatsApp is great for flashing advertisements. The stays for 24 hours and there are no special limitations on updating more.

The small business can use the status for –

  • Informing about the availability, or special promotions or sales
  • Sharing behind the work and to set the brand’s own voice
  • Putting the details of announcements or important events


In today’s world, Giveaways are the most famous and effective tactic for generating leads.

The giveaways can be daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the foot traffic and visitors.

Since the app is free of cost and so does the WhatsApp advertising, the only investment you require to do is on your promotional services or products. 

It lowers the expensive prices and works best to drive customers.

Mistakes to Avoid in WhatsApp Marketing

No doubt, WhatsApp provides great potential and also a chance to generate better leads. However, it requests to have proper skills and strategy.

Doing it in the wrong way can not just cost you sales but also you can end up wasting the chances. To avoid such scenarios, here are some mistakes to avoid in WhatsApp marketing

Spamming Groups

WhatsApp is permission-based marketing. You have to ask permission for the number and even to make groups, so the one who is interested can choose to join.

To have better reach, adding people to marketing groups is a common mistake.

However, this can end up troubling your group members and admins. Ask for their consent and have all permission so you don’t spam the groups and be kicked out of it.

Content with No Purpose

The post you share or the links you add. Make sure it contains the information or something for your audience. Don’t send anything for the sake of content.

Creating content is different from selling the services. And content keeps changing according to the platform you choose for marketing.

For WhatsApp, your content should be crisp and tailored fit just for your customer. Don’t put random things that don’t catch the attention.

Not Having List of Interested Contacts

Not having a list means you don’t know who is going to get your content. If you don’t have an interesting contact list, you are sharing your post aimlessly.

Before you share, make a list of people who are interested in your services and look forward to hearing it from you. These people are the prime audience with high potential for turning into loyal customers.

Pay close attention to what the customer in the list wants and make sure each post has something for them.

Delaying in Posting or No Posting

Consistency is an important factor even in WhatsApp marketing. The frequent message holds the attention and the people remember you.

However, there is a fine line between sending frequent content and spamming. Your post should have something important. 

Sending unimportant text at the wrong time will not just lose the trust of your audience.

But most of the people silent the group or worst leave.

Adding People Without Asking

If you have access to lots of people on WhatsApp. Don’t start adding people in your group just because you can.

It’s better to request than getting banned or reported. Also, with permissions, you get the audience who actually wants what you are offering. Also, it helps in building a trustworthy and reliable company.

Too Much of Images, videos, and Texts  

WhatsApp is a personal thing and even if it’s not, no one wants to have tons of images, videos, or text in their message box.

It’s irritating and if it’s not relevant, then people will just leave the group. WhatsApp is a place where you have to be carefully strategic. 

Showing what the customer wants to maintain their curiosity is a tough but important point for marketing.

Frequently Asked Question ( FAQs) for WhatsApp marketing for Small Business

1. Can  I send bulk messages?

Yes, the bulk messages can be sent.  But sending automate bulk message are not recommended due to following reasons –

-Against the terms of WhatsApp usage
-The number can get banned
-The marketing message should be personalized
-The purpose of automated bulk messages is useless

2. How can I use my WhatsApp for driving traffic?

Think that your WhatsApp message is your Facebook post for promoting your business. Use the exact points including correct grammar, crisp language, and misspellings.

Make the message attractive and appealing. Add links with short messages to the customers, it helps in driving the traffic but also communicating well with the audience.

3. How to get followers from different platforms for my WhatsApp?

The best way you can opt for is to share your number on social media. Ask the numbers or you can give yours to them.

If you are on Twitter then tweet the number and if you are using Facebook, write a post including your contact. Use images for Instagram and ask your followers to save the number and contact you.

Do the same thing with emails as well, so the people who are looking for the same services can get in touch with you.

4. How to use stays for driving traffic?

Unlike Facebook and other apps, WhatsApp status is different. Here you can’t exactly share the links, so driving traffic from here can be difficult.

However, you can use the stays for announcing discounts, flash sales, and other important messages.

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