How To Market Your Products: 10+ Creative Ways

If you are not marketing or promoting your products, especially the ones that you have launched, they are not going to gain attention at all. According to the Harvard Business school, 30000 products are released every year, but 95% of them are incapable of making significant sales.

The failure is because of the quality of the product or because the product has not been marketed properly.

It can be difficult to place your products in front of your target customers. In this situation, you need to ensure that you have knowledge about amazing ways with the help of which you can market your products in a great manner. 

List of Best Ways to Market Your Products

Email marketing

You need to know and understand that your customers are waiting to hear from your brand, and that is the primary reason why they prefer subscribing to your email list. According to various studies, 72% of consumers are interested in receiving emails in comparison to other kinds of communication.

However, you also have to understand that all subscribers are not interested in hearing from you. 74% of them are frustrated whenever they receive emails that they are not at all interested in. This can be responsible for dropped subscriptions as well as lost customers. However, irrespective of all this, email marketing is undoubtedly an affordable way of promoting your products and receiving rapid returns. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are communicating with the appropriate customers. Therefore, you cannot keep sending an email blast to the entire contact list. You have to trust the data that you have and target the appropriate customers. Ensure that you are verifying the email list and ensuring high deliverability with the help of the marketing campaigns.

Also, segment the list to understand which customers are more interested in your products. Certain things that you have to keep on your mind include:

  • Previous purchase attitude
  • Demographics
  • Interest
  • Engagement with the previous promotions

Chasing down Press Mentions

Brands are responsible for frequently dropping press releases with the new product launch as well as promotion. This can be an ideal way of generating press. However, one disadvantage is that journalists have to deal with hundreds of press releases almost on a regular basis.

You can opt for press release services, but that should definitely not be the only way of press outreach. 

You also have to discover the press coverage of similar kinds of products. When you have a press release in your hand, you can reach bloggers or journalists through personalized pitches. Reference the coverage of similar products, share your products with them, and request them to cover your products. 

Sourcing User-Generated Content

An ideal way of promoting products, especially new ones, is by allowing customers to talk for you. Your customers are going to be the best people to bring in other customers by posting positive reviews regarding your product.

According to various research conducted, 73% of the purchase decision of customers normally start by researching online. Apart from that, 88% of customers believe in online reviews along with personal recommendations.

Therefore, you have the option of using this for marketing your products by connecting with the best customers and requesting them to write reviews. 

You can also share videos along with images that have your products included. A number of customers will be interested in sharing this kind of content for free products and discounts.

You also have the option of offering early access to new products. The brand ambassadors might be interested in doing this and might not even ask for anything in exchange. As soon as you have the user-generated content, you can share it across various social media channels. 

Work with influencers

It is not an easy job to market the products when you have just started, and you do not have any audience.

Therefore, when your reach is limited, you need to contact those people who have a huge audience. You can make use of larger channels in order to promote all your products. Reviews from the influencers are capable of improving your reach as well as generating social proof with the target audience.

According to statistics, 59% of consumers rely on recommendations from those people whom they trust. 

You do not have to rely on your customers and ask them to create videos of your products. You need to understand that when you are marketing your products, videos have to be included as a part of marketing.

Also, you do not have to set aside a great budget for creating videos. You do not even need a professional script. You only have to grab the product and concentrate on its value and how it is going to be helpful for customers.

You need to create the kind of videos that have been mentioned below in order to keep it both professional as well as simple. 

  • Unboxing videos, will reveal the advantages associated with products.
  • Behind-the-scene videos highlight the history of the product along with how and why it was created.
  • Product how-to that will highlight the benefits associated with the products. 

Direct mail

Direct mail is not going to be cheap, especially for startups that have small marketing budgets. However, it is definitely one of the most effective tools for promoting your products.

-Send cards and letters to select the customers who have similar purchase behaviors to the product that is going to be launched. 

-Send thank-you letters with discounts. 

Conventions and trade shows

Expos, as well as trade shows, can be an ideal way of ensuring that there are a lot of people concentrating on your products.

If you are launching a new product, you have the option of providing early access as well as pre-launch purchases during events.

It is true that all the events are going to have various costs involved, but you can also discover regional and locational events in order to reduce the cost. 

– Create loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are responsible for improving customer value, helping in generating repeat purchases, and also improving order value. They can also be used for promoting new products. Given below is a list of the ways that can help in doing that. 

  • Make sure that you are reaching out to loyal customers with special discounts and promotions on the products.
  • Highlight discounts on the product page to particular participants. 
  • Offer point values on redemption for particular product purchases.
  • Offer point gains when you are purchasing promoted products. 


Irrespective of the greatness of your products, it is obvious that they are not going to market themselves. The word-of-mouth treatment is also not enough in certain cases. If you are interested in meeting the revenue goals, it is crucial that you remain proactive in marketing your business.

Make use of all the tactics and channels that are available, and you will be able to market your products appropriately. 

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