23 Ways To Create Customer Loyalty for your Small Business

No matter what size of your business, customer loyalty holds incredible importance.

According to research, repeat customers spend more than 67% as compared to new customers. Also, they are ten times expensive when you try to attract the new series.

There is no doubt that having repeat customers and keeping them is what makes you established and successful. 

It’s time-saving, you don’t spend the cost of acquiring new customers over and over, and loyal customers also show if your product has value in the market or not.

However, to learn how to create customer loyalty here is everything that you will need.

Why Do You Mean By Customer Loyalty?

Customer loyalty is the measurement of your customers and the willingness to continue engineering with the product or services.

For the brand, its important to have customer loyalty as it increases the lifetime value of the current customers which makes up the consistent revenue of your business.

Also, it brings more customers as you have happy customers who are working as advocates and doing word-of-mouth marketing for you.

In the market, customer satisfaction decides how loyal your customer is going to be. There are different levels, here is how it goes.

Not Satisfied Customers

The customers who are not satisfied have their requirement that doesn’t meet after using the product. Usually, such customers feel like they wasted money on products and services.

Slightly Satisfied

These customers feel that some of their needs were met, however, most of their needs are still there.


The customs are those who are satisfied with the products as they received what they were expecting.

Very Satisfied

The customers have their requirements met, however, they have the extraordinary experience which helps them enjoy their purchase.

Extremely Satisfied

These customers have met all their expeditions completely, but they have exceeded as the services and other things were too good.

You can get the customer satisfaction levels from doing various things.

You can check by following doing –

  • Surveys
  • Reviews
  • On-Page Star ratings
  • Customer interviews
  • Feedbacks

Ways Of Creating Your Customer Loyalty

To create customer loyalty,  you will need different ways to follow which will help the customer to build their loyalty towards the brand as well as business.

And for doing that, here are some of the points that will help.

Deliver The Value And Quality

The one obvious way that can help you in brand loyalty is to deliver what you promised.

Also make it more than what the customer might be expecting, where make sure you are not degrading the quality so the value you offer is never questioned.

The best way to know this, you need to understand what makes your customer satisfied and focus the energy on the points which can make them feel like they did a good and worthy purchase.

Give no reason to your customer to look anywhere else.

Talk To Your Customers More Often

Regularly speaking to them can help you in understanding them more.

Communication will help in creating better bonds. Ask your customer what they liked or didn’t like, make sure they know that their voice is getting heard.

It’s important that they know that their voice, opinion, and thoughts are taken seriously, so they can share them with more honesty and trust the brand.

Do Good Things And Be Consistent

To keep yourself and the brand in the market, consistency is key, WIthout that you will get replaced by someone else in a blink.

There are tons of competitors out there who are looking for ways to connect with your customer, giving them a chance means letting your customer go.

That’s why you need to create familiarity while engaging consensually with their customer, No matter what medium you are using, even in emails, web pages, and documents.

Make everything focused on how the customer feels connected through your brand.

Be Known In Your Own Niche, Market, And Community

You can promote the brand, and influence the audience. However, the audience has a high level of trust when they hear your brand or promote the business of someone else, people who are close friends, or someone who has no relation with your business.

This boosts the level of trust and credibility. The best way to get the word of mouth advertising without doing is to be known for what you do, market and community.

Word of mouth is the strongest form that you can consider in marketing.  Here are some of the points that you can consider using  :

  • Turn to the media partners to promote the brand.
  • Ask the industry influencers to say words about your product and brand.
  • Use positive PR, even forms like sponsorship and charity work to decorate more in direct awareness in the community.
  • Keep yourself relevant in the market so the people know what you do.
  • Ask the previous customers to share their views and thoughts using social media platforms.
  • Help others, maybe new people who want to know about your industry and niche.
  • Help small businesses like you, maybe not related to the same industry but something else to promote their products.
  • Share the free classes or interviews to make people aware of what you do and offer.

Instead Of Sales, Focus On The Service And Customer Experience

Another way that helps you in building loyalty is to focus on how your company is making efforts on boosting the customer experience and services.

Instead of focusing on sales and getting more products or sales purchased, you need to focus on what your customers are getting out of it.

Keep your services on point and do better for making the customer experiences memorable. So if someone does the purchase for the first time, they don’t go anywhere else after that.

Improves The Essentials Of Customer Care

Think of ways that make your customer’s life easier. Try to save the inconvenience that the customer has to take during each stage of the buying journey.

For example, if the return of unwanted goods is causing too much hassle,  improve the system that can keep it easy for them.

Concentrate on providing the services and improve the quality in different important areas such as late deliveries or missing the date.

Also, identify what customers are going through and how your business is affecting that.

For example, you can do :

  • Choose trustworthy suppliers to improve the good relationship so you can put out in a crisis.
  • Set up the production process that can help in minimizing the effects instead of relying on the finished product inspections.
  • Make sure you have the capacity of fulfilling the order and providing the services which hold the quality. If it’s needed, take extra equipment or staff or restrict sales until you afford the sales.

Communicate With Your Customer Effectively

Plan your communication to keep your customers informed as well as updated. For that, you can use different sources and channels.

Make it easier for them to get in touch with you, also listen to their queries, and respond.

Encourage them to do the feedback and review so you know where they need the extra attention.

Keep promises and exceed what the customer expects. For example, if you are promising to deliver the goods within ten-day, do it in six.

Make The Services Personalized

Personalize all the communication that you do with the customer, so the real addresses of customer-facing employees.

If you are using the automated telephone system, make sure you have the option to the customer so they can talk to the operator when they need it, regardless of the time.

Also, offer the high-value customers more.

Encourage The Feedbacks And Build The Trust

The loyalty of your customer doesn’t limit to buying products, also there are a lot of customers who are interested in sharing opinions, telling what you did good and bad, and how they will want it.

Well, the business requires understanding the customer, and what’s better than listening directly from them?

Encouraging them to share the feedback will help in connecting with your customers who are using the product,  but also give them the opportunity to share thoughts.

For that, you can consider these options :

  • Ask your new customers about what they would choose the competitor over you and what you can do the better.
  • Set up the hotline for the customer, and make sure the number is visible on every communication that you are sending out.
  • Get feedback on the different online platforms, encourage them to engage better on social media.
  • Include the contact form on the website too, so they can share their thoughts there too.
  • Encourage your customers to contact you when they have any kind of concern regarding the product. Also to chance to rectify the issue, as if it gets too escalated, it can be turned into a complaint.
  • Make sure you thank your customer once you receive their feedback, and inform them of the changes as well as the results. If there is any kind of delay, make sure to give them a reasonable reason.

Show The Interest In The Customers

To create a relationship that goes beyond the customer and a buyer, you need to show that you are interested in the customer more than that.

Well for that you can do the surveys, connect with them and do the interaction online to find more about them.

Also, make sure they are updated with the changes that you are doing, get the mailing list, and send the newsletter to them.

Go to the events and exhibitions. Consider meeting the places where you might find the customer.

Consider involving the customers when the product or services are in the development process. So they can be part of the whole process.

Look For The Reasons Why They Stopped Buying

Well if the customer stopped purchasing the products from you, instead of letting them go or ignoring them. Make sure you contact them to know the reason.

And for that, you might need a skilled person for this. Otherwise having lapsed customers can easily give the answers like ‘ products are too expensive ‘ and move on.

Analyze the situation and know what happened that made your cursor stop doing the purchase.

Communicate What Values You Have

Before you increase the loyalty among the customers, it’s important to understand what aspect of the brand and it should be worthy of the customer’s loyalty.

To start with this, you need to consult with your team first. And come up with a strategy that outlines what makes your brand and product stand out.

Especially, your marketing should be more about the brand attractions that makes the brand unique and what makes you different as compared to the companies.

According to the Edelman study, two-third of customers purchase the products based on belief. However, You Don’t have to take political stands if you don’t want to.

Also, your brand should focus on guiding light, be firm when it comes to belief, and communicate with the customers authentically.

Let The Loyalist Active And Spread The News

After you know what is your value, you can create the fan base, and these will be the ardent supports who back up the brand and the values/

These consumers are the ride or dec customs, they do mentions on social media, tag in stories, and share about the product among others.

These are basically the small base of highly satisfied customers. That’s why you need to activate them and let them do the work.

When consumers hear about the product from other customers, they get more truth and the feeling that the brand is loved by others.

Appreciate The Customers By Using The Loyalty Programs

Loyalist programs are highly effective when you have an understanding of how they can change the game.

To build customer loyalty, the pages help to incentivize the purchase on repeat by offering perks, discounts, and special offers.

Well using the loyalty programs have different reasons and benefits which boost customer loyalty, it includes :

  • Loyalty programs are helpful as it’s not expensive. It can use the existing resources which get funneled away by using the program.
  • Different locality programs have different results but it’s proven to boost growth by getting tested over and over again which boosts their credibility.
  • It helps in boosting the brand reputation, also it incentivizes tee w customers but also keeps the previous customers stick to the brand.
  • With this, you can make your customer boost the number of happy customers which will help in getting more loyal customers for your brand.

Determine The Communication Channel Which Works Best

Frequent communication will help you in keeping the brand fresh in their mind. Also, you can easily pass the information and connect with the brand.

However, understanding which is the best way to communicate with them. There are different channels and each of them has its own benefits.

You can consider :

Social Media

Social media is a quick and go-to method that can help you in connecting with the customers directly. There are also different ways that can help in sending the direct message, you can directly mention them, tag, and share.

This brings the attention of the customers to your business, also you can provide the contact that can add value and improve the customer.


Emails are also a great way of communicating with customers. It can be used frequently for specific customers and brands who don’t have much presence on social media.

Even if you have, still email can be much personalized and direct to the customers.

You can share the different things, updates offered, etc.


Webchat can be helpful for the customer and customer service employees. Its web chat allows the business to program a chatbot that features the answers to most asked questions. Also, it provides the customer with the requirements which can be helpful.

Also if someone is looking for help, they can start the conversation using the chatbot on the site.

This saves time for you to not answer the questions which are answered again and again.

Phone Calls

Well, this gives the opportunity for both of you to get connected on a personal level.

With this technology available, it’s not important to forget the power the phone calls to hold.  Everyone might relate to the situation when they feel stuck, the phone calls give the hope to get in touch with the real human.

Develop The Reward Program

To boost customer loyalty, you need to show that the brand, as well as you, appreciate them.

And for that, you can create the prayers that give them extra perks.

The extra bonus can help to depend on how and when you are using this.

Types Of Reward Program to Consider

There are different reward programs that you can consider, it includes :

Point Rewards

A point reward is simple and popular because of it. Each purchase that the customer makes, will help in retaining some points. The points can be used to transfer to a reward or special offerings.

Exclusive VIP Program

Some companies also offer the VIP programs exclusive for the customers who can pay the monthly or annual fee for joining the special discounts and offers.

The program also offers special benefits which are only available for those who have the exclusive VIP Program.

Tiered Program

This program allows you to have rewards and earnings for the customers on different levels based on their spending habits.

You can make them feel included in their spending and reward based on that. Here the more they spend, the better rewards they receive in exchange.

Spend Program

A speed program is based on how much money the customers are spending, depending on their transactions with you.

The more they spend, the more reward they will eat. Also, this is one of the best methods which are highly recommended for boosting customer loyalty, also reducing the churn rate.

Give The Reasons To Be A Loyal Customer

The brand needs to give the reason why the customer should be loyal.

Especially When there are so many companies who are trying their best to do the same thing. 

The best example of this can be Apple, as lots of people have the most loyal fans. They go beyond anything to prove their loyalty to the company.

They stand for hours in line when the product sells, having an argument in favor of their products.

Brands like this know how they can make the customer excused and using the products related evaluation such as sales, launches to an exclusive event.

The feel throughout the interaction and how the customer connects with the brand contribute a lot to loyalty.

So to make the customer loyal, it’s important to show them the worth and how you are making their life change.

Keep The Voice, Tone, And Language Maintain

However it seems to have the obvious, but maintain the voice, tone, and language at every touchpoint where the customer interacts.

Acord to a study conducted by the United Kingdom, they recorded the expression used for greeting the customers when they visit the store, then they cross-checked with how many hours they spend in the store.

The study showed that the customers who received the greeting with a smile spent more than 67 percent more than those who received the cold welcome.

Even if it was a small detail, the customers showed great consequences.

Consider The Different Plans For Payment

There are a lot of businesses who have season and run into different kinds of cash flows during the times of the sale years

For example, if you have a brand-related wedding, it will get more sales during the summers. However, in winter there might be fewer and more struggles.

One shop decided to offer the product through customers to ship in winter, and pay little throughout the month. This puts less burden on the customers along with giving the plan to pay throughout the month instead of paying at once.

Offer Discounts  On Products They Use Most

After a while, the business has enough data on their customers which shows which kind of products the customer uses the most.

Well, you can use this data by offering the discount on products they use the most. Also, it increases the chances of getting repeat purchases. Apart from this, you are getting happy and satisfied customers too.

Discounts also get people to buy more when the times are slow times. It creates better and more loyal customers to the brand.

It shows the brand put attention on what the customer prefers which gives the better reasons to choose you instead of going to the competitors,

Encourage The Referrals And Rewards

Refer A friend is one of the effective programs which have more chances of getting new customers while satisfying the old ones.

You are not just receiving the new customers without spending or putting in the energy, but also making your current customer happy by offering the value and discount.

Keep Everything Clear And Transparent

There will be times when things will go opposite, not as you planned.

Maybe you end up doing the wrong things, or problems get too much to handle. Instead of denying or lying, make sure you are being honest and transparent with the customers.

Keep it clear to them, if there’s something wrong, tell them.

The example you can consider is Buffer when they had a security breach in 2013. The company told their customers regarding the situations along with addressing their concerns and providing updates.

Create The Community

There are so many platforms that can help you in creating the community. There are a lot of ways which boost the conversion and encourage user-generated content.

For example, you can ask the customers to share their pictures with the products, also their thoughts and ideas that can be used.

Consider sharing it with other platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Use The Social Proof To Get More Loyal Customers

Loyal customers need the assurance that the product and brand they are using are worth the effort.

And for that, you can use social proof and tell them how your products are helping others.

Not just that according to experts, using social proof gives a positive influence which helps in creating a sense of security and also encourages more people to use it.

This can be helpful in understanding the ways to customers that in understanding about the product as well as the community.

There are different ways by which you can get the social proof, this includes :


Ask your users to share their reviews, if not you can take help from the reviewing sites. The best is to get direct reviews from the customers as Amazon And Yelp do.


Statistics show that experts are the credible source which can help you in getting the customers more understanding towards the products.


You can consider using the influencers or the celebrity to get more awareness towards your products. Apart from this, it’s also good for targeting the customers.

Wizard Of Crowd

Using the stats from a brand like Mcdonald did by using the famous sign which said “ Over 1 Million Served” . you can help the customer to understand your product is worth their loyalty.

Wisdom Of Friends

You can invite people and others to share your thoughts, also create small interesting games to share the experience like Facebook platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is loyalty more important than satisfaction?

Customer loyalty is more important than satisfaction as it means the customer will stick to the brand even after having occasional poor experiences. 

Why do brands need to focus on loyalty?

Increasing customer loyalty means boosting the profitability, sales, and sustainable growth of the brand. The loyalty program helps in retaining more customers. 

What customer loyalty means to the brand?

Customer loyalty means that the customers like to repeat the business with the particular brand and company. 

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