Top 10 Ways Your Business Losing Customers

In business, customers are our prime asset. Without them, merely having a good collection of products or claiming good services cannot make us businessmen. So, it is our professional as well as moral duty to treat our customers in a good manner. We cannot expect their repeated visit to take our service or products if we keep on irritating them with our attitude and gestures. Besides, it is easy to lose customers even without doing anything directly. In other words, doing nothing will revert no customer to our business.

According to a recent survey, it is known that people can recall hundreds of sellers who were not well mannered or a good service holder, but they can mention only a few with whose service or product or behavior they feel privileged. So, in order to save you from falling in the count of the majority, that is, the ill-treating sellers.

Here we have come with the top 10 ways to lose customers, which you should consciously skip so to remain in the game with goodwill as well as profit. 

The disadvantages of high priced products

No matter how happy customers are with the products but it’s obvious that no one wants to pay for over priced products. Yes, they prefer to purchasing expensive and quality items but at the end of the day, high price matters for them. This is a  common reason for which customers stop buying for other suppliers who are selling the same quality products at less/ appropriate price.

Nowadays customers are quite conscious and aware. They can easily know about the products from the internet and can prefer what to purchase. Small businesses definitely focus on price which is quite natural. If they avoid selling products at a low price they will have to face greater challenges as it oppresses the margin and it gets tough to increase prices later. In this way, large companies get benefited,  irresistibly cut you away and turn your customers towards them.

2. Customer awareness of the products:

It is a very important matter. If the customers are not completely aware of a product then they may stop purchasing from a manufacturer or supplier. Hence it may lead them to buy from their rivals, who are their competitors. They will then utilize this chance, offering the customers discounts selling them in bulk.

In fact, if the customers won’t know about your products they won’t be able to buy from you regularly or even if they purchase they won’t do it in much as they may confusions sometime. A properly planned awareness programme can educate and make a customer know about one’s product. It’s not always that you are marketing in a proper manner. It is important that your product marketing reaches to the right customers according to their wants.

Customer unawareness occurs mostly when you are doing the right marketing at a right place targeting the right customers.

3. Poor services of the employees to the regular customers: 

Every day both new and existing customers come and it’s very important to serve both the customers in a proper manner. Like cross selling opportunities to existing customers is a fine way to increase sales but ignoring and unidentifying these chances and not utilizing them causes to lose customers. Another important issue is when sales representatives pay less attention or ignores the old customers and serve more to capture new ones. This also causes to lose customers.

4. Lack of technology

In the modern world, people prefer to shop where technological advantages are available. It is indeed a complicated element to keep on engaging customers. If customers face a slow and poor system of checkouts or the payment process is troublesome they will never want to come to your shop again as they mark these kinds of service and hence feels disturbed.

Customers nowadays have conscious attention and low level of tolerance. Technological inefficiencies in shops cause to lose customers. If your websites are slow and difficult to browse through different gadgets especially cell phones, tabs then it’s obvious for causing customers to lose their interest. So technological issues are essential and play a vital role. Without these customers, losing is quite easy.

5. When products and services are unsuccessful to fulfill expectations:

When customers are dissatisfied with your products and services they get hyper and eventually share and discuss with other people, friends, and relatives. So negative reviews also lead to lose customers easily. Here product loyalty is also important.

Like if you market your products describing something else and but in reality things are completely different, then after purchasing the products and would never buy it again. Moreover, customers always like to get enthusiasm while purchasing. Only offering discounts and sales promotions are not enough. If the customers don’t get good feeling dealing with you, they will move on to other sellers like you for better offers.

Customers like monetary enthusiasms or accosting them, sending fancy greeting cards on festivals like Eid, Christmas, Pooja; in birthdays and anniversaries.  But while you don’t meet up these likings and maintain them, then existing customers may get dissatisfied and gradually can stop coming to purchase from you

6. Inconsistency in business:

Consistency is the other name of trust in business. If consistency on products and services is trustworthy and reliable then customers stick to the product and service but inconsistency leads to lose customers. Quality, branding, pricing; marketing your company’s logo differently at different places like social sites or in shops. All these prove that your business is inconsistent. These eventually force the customers to switch to other manufacturers’ products and services.

7. Not learning from various businesses and mistakes:

In today’s world businesses are extremely competitive so, retendering customers is indeed a difficult job. Both the manufacturers and customers get information easily from the internet than ever. Every day entrepreneurs, small and large businesses share their everyday experiences; negative and positive sharing of new ideas, business strategies, selling tactics and so on rare happening every day.

Feedbacks and reviews are also there. If businesses ignore these learning advantages, changing of wrong business strategies and do not stop repeating and doing their own mistakes then the chance of losing customers is gradually going to happen.

8. Pressurizing customers to purchase in bulk to increase revenue: 

Convincing customers to purchase your products is natural but pushing them harder to purchase products blindly is wrong enough. Knowing what the customers wish to have is a significant matter in business. Suggesting products and talking more about it leads to the annoyance of customers. They never like to be forced to buy products. For some existing customers feel shy and cannot say “No”. Hence they may stop going to the shop and purchase slowly.

9. High turnover :

There are some industries where high turnovers turn into a disadvantage. When it is high employees may lose their job for ill-treatment. There is a relationship between long term customers and old employees. Loosing of old employees may lead to loss of customers. All these happen because when turnover is high customer turnover is also high.

10. Slow responds and wasting customers’ time

Time is the most priceless thing which we all know. Because of proper time maintenance online and 24- hour shops and deliveries of products became exoteric to people. Customers do not like to wait when they need their desired things. Moreover waiting for a longer period or waiting for more than the given times of delivery, makes customer annoyed and angry as it makes them feel that their time is wasted and also not important.

Hence they feel that they are dealing in the wrong place and wasting their time and money. These results to drive customers away from your services and products.

To conclude

These are the top 10 ways to lose customers. Avoid them by all means and your business will flourish in double for sure. Always keep in mind, while doing business, profit is always the first thing we should aim for but a good business name or goodwill (that becomes evident with repeated customers) is something that only a few service holders can earn, and that’s where a businessman’s reputation reflects.

So, try to dodge these above mentioned points and keep on increasing the number of your customers.

Due to high Competition, A Good Customer Service is became most important for Every Business, here is the Infographic which contains the stats of Losing Customer and Poor Customer Service. Designed by Provide Read More.

cost of Poor Customer Service

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