The 10 Best Water Parks In The US You Must Visit

In the hot summer reason when you want to relax and have fun with your friends and families, water parks are the best resort. They provide you with an ample amount of entertainment, facilities, and amusement. When the sun is harsh and the temperature is rising, you deserve a big splash or a relaxing float.

Water parks are places that are not only enjoyed by children but also by adults. With growing technology, these water parks have now become themed and provide various games that you could have never thought of. Here are the top 10 largest outdoor & indoor water parks in the us that you can visit. 

Best Water Parks in the US

Discover cove:

  • Location : Orlando, Florida

This water park in Florida is owned and managed by SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment and is a sister park of SeaWorld Orlando and Aquatica Orlando.

It was opened on July 1st, 2000. It has a range of aquatic animals including bottlenose dolphins. 

Visitors are allowed to talk, touch, play, and swim with the dolphin which is the highlight entertainment of this park. 

A tropical river flows in the park that is used for the freshwater poll of the park. In 2011, they expanded and included the Grand Reef in the park, which had a freshwater oasis, white sand beaches, a palm-lined island, and underwater grottos.

Visitors get a wide range of activities here like learning about marine life, swimming, supervised swimming with a dolphin, feeding fish, and watching exotic birds. The standard rate of admission is $170 per person

Cowabunga Bay Water Park:

  • Location : Draper, Utah

It is a 60s-themed biggest water park in USA with surfboards, a Volkswagen Bettle water feature, and a sandcastle.

The park has a proper water playground, bridges, tunnels, and lots of water toys. It is reviewed as 4.4 out of 5 by the visitors

Sandcastle Water Park:

  • Location : Pittsburgh

It was opened in 1989 and is owned by Parques Reunidos. The park covers an area of 67 acres along with the banks of the Monongahela River.

It has 14 water slides, many swimming pools, and lots of water attractions. Before the water park was built, the site was a railroad.

In 1988, Kennywood Entertainment bought the place and began the construction of the park and the park was finally opened in July of 1989.

It is a family park that provides fun games and activities for families on Friday from June to August. 

Noah’s Ark Waterpark:

  • Location : Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Officially known as Noah’s Ark Family Park Inc. was opened in 1979 and is owned by Palace Entertainment.

It’s the largest waterpark in the US. It has some 51 slides, 2 pools, and various other water attractions.

Waterman family bought 205 feet property and formed a bumper boat ride and a go-kart track which was named Noah’s Incredible Adventure.

Lifeguards of the park won the Platinum Award in 2006 and 2017 which is the highest safety ranking possible. 

Water World:  

  • Location : Federal Heights, Colorado

This was opened in1979 and is a part of Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District spread across 10 miles north of downtown Denver.

They go by the slogan – find your summer. It occupies around 67 acres and can be considered one of America’s largest water parks.

It was featured in South Park’s episode Pee with the name of ‘Pipi’s water park’.

It was also featured in 2006, in the film ‘The Surfer Kingstarring Lindsay Wagner, Alan Thicke, and Gabriel Iglesias.

The park was also included as the top 10 water parks in U. S. by Travel Channel in 2008. 

It has 50 water attractions and the most famous ones are the circus-inspired lazy river and the Thunder Bay Wave Pool.

Children can get the chance to meet the walrus mascot, they have separate slides and can even play in the pirate-themed water playground.

Families get free parking, and free admission for kids that are less than 40 inches in size, and senior citizens get a separate discount

Schlitterbahn Water Park and Resort New Braunfels:

  • Location : Texas

It is owned by Schlitterbahn which is an American brand of water parks and resorts.  It was among the first parks of New Braunfels and this company’s first project.

This company was previously owned by the Texas-based Henry family.

In 1979, the park was built and was named ‘slippery roads. Initially, it had four slides but with time they expanded and modifications came over.

They also have the world’s most award-winning water coaster and longest Tubing River. It has won various Golden ticket awards and is a major tourist attraction. 

LEGOLAND Water Park:

  • Location : Carlsbad, California

It is a Lego-themed park with Lego slides, rides, and splash pads. It has more than 60 slides with its very famous LEGO NINJA World.

Its cut-edge technology allows the young visitors to enter a world of knights, dragons, and animated fireballs and lighting that they can control.

Some very attractive features of the park include that kids can customize their rafts and race boats.

It is a heaven for young visitors and it provides a variety of options to them where they can build, learn and have fun at the same time. 

Disney’s Blizzard Beach:

  • Location : Orlando, Florida

This Park was opened on April 1st, 1995, and is owned by Walt Disney World Resort. It was their third Disney-themed water park across the globe.

It had been rated as the third most-visited water park in 2016. This is a 66-acre failed ski resort with snow-capped Mount Gushmore.

People go to a 120-foot summit Plummet waterslide which drops them 350 feet at the speed of 55mph.

It has a beach that is open throughout the year and only closes in winter for maintenance. The water due to the climate stays chilled so it is kept warm by them for the visitors. 

Six Flags Hurricane Harbour:

  • Location : Jackson, New Jersey

It is a tropic-themed water park that is spread over about 55 miles northeast of Philadelphia. This is very famous for its huge coasters and Flag Hurricane Harbour.

It has more than two dozen slides and various water attractions that are spread over a huge area.

For people who seek thrill and adventure, this place is next to heaven because of its tower water slides in which you can race down at the speed of 40 mph.

They have an arrangement for families and younger guests as well. It is a complete package of adventure and fun that one always looks forward to. 

Ranging Waters Los Angeles:

  • Location : San Dimas, California

Opened on June 18th, 1983, this water park is the name of three water parks in Sacramento, San Jose, and Dimas.

It was initially named Ranging Water San Dimas but in 2016, it was renamed Ranging Water Los Angeles.

Its major attractions include Aqua Rocket which a coaster-style slide, Amazon Adventure which includes rafting in the tropical river that runs through the park, Bermuda Triangle is a tunnel that recycles 25000 gallons of water, Dark Hole which is two fiberglass tunnels with a 52 feet drop, Dr. Von’s Dark Tunnel of Terror which is a ride that takes 50 feet drop in a dark tunnel and Dragon’s Den which is a steep downslide.

It is one of the most featured water parks and is a package of entertainment for children as well as adults.

Top Water Parks In Us

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