Top 10 Best American Watch Brands

Having a classy watch around your wrist gives you a great impression of society. It signifies your class and also your standard of living. Watches are not only used for watching time, but it also makes you look better no matter if you are in an office meeting or a nightclub.

It is very rightly said that a gentleman is known by his shoes and watch and wearing a top-branded watch is always a dream come true for everyone. Here we bring you the top ten watch brands in the United States.

Best American Watch Brands

Vortic Watch Co

Of all the American watch brands we bring you today, Vortic Watches are most likely as close as you will get to a watch really “made in the USA.” Vortic Watch Co started with its extraordinary American-made pocket watch developments.

These are completely engineered by the US watchmakers, although they kept up with the first dial, hands, and development. The watch cases are made by titanium, 3D imprinted in the city of New Jersey, and later they are assembled in their very own Fort Collins, CO home office.

With this electronic device, you can completely bring your watch to a different level, separately selecting the sophisticated and extra-ordinary development (Elgin, Waltham, or Illinois), crown metal, titanium case, crown metal, and tie. You can also buy their ready-made watches from their online shop.


As proposed by the name, Autodromo watches have a reasonable impact on autos, especially those in the alleged “brilliant period of motoring.”

The watch pieces are engineered in-house, with extraordinary signals and average topics which have been observed throughout their assorted model line since the beginning. Their watches are so linked with the locomotive network that, in 2018, the great car company Ford ordered them to plan a wristwatch to sell with each of their Ford GT Supercars sell.

Their titanium and steel cases have sharp edges, a distending sapphire gem, and quieted tone dials with brilliant files and hands. A strong combo for sure that accomplishes an extraordinary look.

Devon Watches

For people who are willing to do something different rather than going with the tide while also they encourage American watchmaking activities, for them Devon Watches are the best choice.

The Pasadena, CA-based organization has figured out how to enter the frequently pompous watch industry with a shot out of fantasy land. As though their underlying idea wasn’t sufficiently brave, Devon has additionally recently presented a Star Wars variant of their Tread 1 line.


Their mantra, “Custom Refreshed,” hopes to consolidate the cutting edge tasteful into the deep-rooted watchmaking convention. The purchaser had the choice to choose the dial, hands, and lash blends just as they would prefer.

With later models, in a present lot of models, the different dial alternative pack is back, along with the option of customization available.   

Shinola watches

Shinola watches in the US are not only famous for watches, but it also brings other products to the nation’s customer. Alongside his and Her’s watch model lines, Shinola likewise offers packs, gems, and bikes.

In any case, to comprehend the pith of Shinola, one must look past its virtual retail facade and into its story. The number of American watch marks that can guarantee this can most likely rely on one hand.

In any case, it exhibits a guarantee of quality, and if it’s in any way similar to their vow to revamping a network, Shinola will keep discharging vigorous and stylish timepieces for a considerable length of time to come.

Weiss Watch Company

Cameron Weiss established the Weiss Watch Company in the year of 2013 in the city of Los Angeles. The company was made with a target of totally in house manufacture of their products. That is; they will use only US manufactured products.

Though they are far from it, The interest in these parts had little to nothing in the course of the only remaining century, and the providers went with it. A couple of residual players were left searching abroad for less expensive arrangements.

Fortunately, tides have, as of late, begun to move, and home-developed is getting increasingly attractive. 

RGM Watch Company

One of the most famous watchmakers is Roland G Murphy. Ronald started his journey when he established RGM in 1992 with a lot of experience in watchmaking and watch-engineering. Murphy has tried to apply his knowledge and engineering capacities to strengthen the watchmaking capacity of the US.

RGM keeps up creation models with a base cost only north of $2000 while additionally offering a progressively bespoke encounter for their better quality pieces like the notorious Pennsylvania Tourbillon. They are completely engineered in Lancaster, PA; this tourbillion is nothing in comparison to complexities made in Switzerland.

It’s made with similar long-established materials as well, similar to German silver and dark-cleaned steel. The feature must be their handcrafted tourbillon confine, however – a banquet for the eyes of watch nuts all over the place. 

Brew Watch Company

It is among those companies in the US which are inspiring the whole watch-making industry. In the beginning, their watch company was helped by Kickstarter; the company has got its reputation to a different level in the US watch industry in modern time.

The organization’s author and fashioner, Jonathan Ferrer, touts motivation from mechanical coffee machines. The dials are similar in appearance to a chronograph subregister, in the same manner with easily flexible square shapes and moderate hour and moment records.

The great details will likewise see singular graduations for the initial 35 seconds of Chrono runtime which helps its user to see the perfect exact time with ease.

Kobold Watches

Michael Kobold is the founder of Kobold Watches he learned the engineering of watchmaking from the great watchmakers in Germany. But Kobold was always focused on making watches for the customers of the US. The brand’s history also suggests that.

The company strengthened its R&D division in the year 2004. After two years, they came up with their assembled model with the help of European component in Pittsburgh, PA. After almost 8 years then, the first watch case manufacture is the US was done by Marry Oaks.

Kobold watches reached a new height at Michael Kobold’s summit of Mt.Everest besides with a series of cameos in feature films; The Kobold Phantom featured in the movie named Mission Impossible, Ghost Protocol and a model possessing a dial made of rock from Everest’s summit was made by Kobold watches in the year 2012. Kobold watches have many eye-catching spots watches besides their normal regular-wear watches.

Oak and Oscar

Chase Fancher, the founder of Oak and Oscar watches, came up with this brand of watches when he was almost settled in his life. To some men, the settlement does not give satisfaction as they urge for more the same was the case with Fancher he the started exploring for watches and also item plans.

While he concedes that his objective isn’t explicitly to create “Made In America” timepieces, Fancher amends his target to produce high-caliber, attractive watches with an American legacy. The Oak and Oskar watches show off a dim or blue dial with subdivided sub-dials and sign orange are scattered throughout.

The steel case, lodging a vigorous Swiss-made development, expand the quieted shading topic. The timepiece of Oak and Oscar are of the most long-lasting time-piece of any brand in the US; this is because a Chicago Horween calfskin tie is what finishes the Chrono giving it better longevity.  

Top American Watch Brands

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