Top 15+ Verizon competitors and Alternatives

Verizon Wireless is the largest U.S. wireless provider. The company’s principal focus areas are telecommuting, consumer services, and vertical integration.

Verizon has seen faster growth in the last five years than many other providers but has also experienced slower growth.

In 2012 the company announced that it would spend $1.2B on AOL acquisitions. Verizon Wireless announces its partnership with Google. Verizon Wireless was established in April 2000 in Bedminster, New Jersey.

The company’s net worth stands at $360.60 Billion.

List of Verizon competitors and Alternatives


Alexander Graham Bell Gardiner established AT&T as a telecommunications provider. Public services are provided by government agencies using the company’s network. AT&T provides telecom services for more than 100,000,000 customers in the United States. John Stankey, American Telephone and Telegraph Company’s current CEO, is John Stankey.

The company has a net worth of $193 Billion and a brand value of approximately 110.65 billion U.S. dollars.

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T-Mobile Vision5G is the largest global 5G network. It offers high-speed, low-latency 5G internet access to over 600 million people across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. The network was designed to deliver 5G service in a time frame of less than 500ms. T-Mobile M5 has become the first global 5G-enabled smartphone.

T-Mobile’s voice service was redesigned to be more user-friendly.

Mike Sievert serves as the CEO.

The company’s net value is $166.18 trillion.

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Cox Enterprises

Cox Communications, LLC was founded in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1938. James M. Cox, the founder of Cox Communications, was its founder. It was formed as the first network after repealing a state law in 1950 that prevented networks from being created.

Cox Communications is the U.S.’s most important wireless and wireline provider. It has several wireless networks and is the operator of its most prominent New York City network. Alex Taylor currently serves as the CEO.

The company’s net value is $150M, while the Brand valuation stands at $19.2Billion.

Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless is Leap Wireless International launched as an American wireless company owned by AT&T. Cricket Wireless. The company’s headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia. Two hundred twenty-one employees make up the company.

Cricket Wireless had 5,000 stores open in 2019. John Dwyer is the company’s current CEO. Cricket Wireless’ brand valuation is $1.2Billion. The company also provides wireless mobile phones. It also deployed a nationwide 5G network in August 2020.

Comcast/Xfinity Mobile

Comcast Corporation is an American multinational telecommunications service provider. It is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In Tupelo (Mississippi), USA, Comcast Corporation was established June 1963. The founders were Ralph J. Roberts & Julian A. Brodsky. Brian Roberts is the current CEO of the company.

The network of companies with a shared mission allows a company to be a leader.

The company has a net worth of $191.21billion and a Brand Valuation of $23.7billion

The range

Chris Dawson, Founder and CEO. Spectrum is a telecommunications firm that competes against Verizon in many sectors, including cell phones and T.V.s, network security, and unified communications.

Spectrum and Verizon significantly differ in that Spectrum uses fiber while Spectrum uses a cable.

Spectrum, just like Verizon Fios, offers exceptional cable internet and T.V. pricing. The range also provides incentives to encourage you to switch. Spectrum offers mixed-and-match plans, similar to Verizon. You can get your cell phone, internet, and T.V. subscription for one low monthly fee.

RCN Telecom Services 

RCN Telecom Services is an established telecommunications company in New Jersey. It was founded by Peter Kiewit’s sons and David McCourt in 1993.

High-speed internet, digital T.V., and telephone services are available at very affordable prices. RCN Telecom Services CEO at the moment is Jim Holanda.

RCN Telecom Services boasts a brand valuation of $636million

Century Link 

CenturyLink is an affiliate of Lumen Technologies, Inc. Telecommunications Company in Monroe, Louisiana, United States. F. E. Hogan, Sr., was the founder of this business.

They offer managed and managed services in communications, network security, voice, security, and networking. The company is part of the S&P 500 index as well as the Fortune 500.

Jeffrey Storey, the current CEO, has been in place since 2018. Lumen is valued at $ 12 billion in the global brand market. Century has a net income of over $1.232Billion and revenue of $20.712Billion.

Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom AG is a German telecoms firm based in Bonn.. It is Europe’s largest telecommunications provider by revenue. Deutsche Telekom was established in January 1995 after Deutsche Bundespost was privatized.

Timotheus Hottges, the current CEO of Deutsche Telekom is currently its chief executive officer.

The company’s total brand worth is 60.17 trillion. The company reports revenue of 10.100 crores EUR for 2020. Total assets amount to EUR264.9billion, and net income total to Euro 4.2 billion.

Boost Mobile

Boost is a subscription service that allows you to pay for almost all your services upfront, and you get precisely what they promise. Boost offers great unlimited high-speed internet at low prices. It does not require credit checks, no monthly bills, and has no roaming costs—data deprioritization during congestion.

The headquarters can be found in Irvine, California, United States. The creator of the Company is Peter Adderton. Boost Mobile uses CDMA networks and needs CDMA-compatible smartphones. The phone can be used with GSM.

Verizon Competitors

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