Top 10 Best Veneer Companies in the USA

Veneer happens to be a versatile and widely used sheet that we can use for constructing shelves, fine furniture, boats, and cabinets out there. There are various options to take into consideration, including veneer surface thickness, grade, dimensions, as well as methods of production.

Usually, consumers search for rigidity, strength, as well as dimensional stability with veneer products. In this article, we have mentioned the top 10 veneer companies in the US, which will help us to comprehend the veneer marketplace at present.

Top 10 Best Veneer Companies in the USA

10. MarJam

MarJam is known to distribute building products to architects, contractors, engineers, consumers, and the government.

The products consist of acoustical ceiling systems, flooring, frames, insulation, lumber, windows, roofing, doors, siding, plywood, hardware, wall systems, tools, adhesives, and masonry in addition to specialty items.

9. L.L. Johnson Lumber Mfg. Co & Johnson’s Workbench

This company provides a combo of plywood, hardwoods, woodworking machinery, hardware, and supplies. They manufacture import and domestic softwood, hardwood, thermally modified as well as boat/marine grade lumber.

Their lumber products consist of exotic and domestic solid wood deck lumber, deck epoxies, and deck fastening systems. The lumber is obtainable in squares, boards, panels, and custom or block forms and in different sizes and grades. 

The brand also provides custom machining services. Machining capabilities comprise of jointing, planing, surfacing, resawing, ripping, and sanding. 

8. Great Northern Lumber

This company happens to be a wholesale distributor and manufacturer of plywood, panels, and industrial lumber.

They also manufacture wooden concrete forms. Different capabilities consist of yard distribution, vendor inventory management, shrink wrapping, consulting, heat treating, custom cutting as well as remanufacturing. All the products are FSC certified, and the delivery is made on the same day.

7. Roseburg Forest Products

This company is based in Oregon, US, and is a privately owned business. Being founded in the year 1936, Roseburg Forest Products could boast of having around 3,000 workers in the year 2012, and its revenue was around $1 billion.

This veneer company is known to operate mills all through Western Oregon at present. Among the various products, mentioned may be made of plywood, lumber, particleboard, and engineered wood products.

6. Dixie Plywood and Lumber Co

This veneer company has its headquarters located in Savannah, Georgia, and happens to be one of the most well-known wholesale distributors of lumber, plywood, building materials as well as specialty products to professional craftsmen, lumber dealers, and building designers or architects. 

Dixie Plywood and Lumber Co have become a significant independent building material distributor in the US at present, thanks to their dedication and quality of service.

They can boast of having a team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals who help to progress their business over the years.

5.  Performance Wood Products

This veneer company has had a reputation for providing businesses with custom wood components for more than 25 years. Every single customer needs individual attention with custom wood products.

Similar to their products, the customer service offered by them is also customized to satisfy the requirements of their clients.

Performance Wood Products is known to supply products depending on the samples, drawings, and specifications provided by the customers.

They don’t like to stock or manufacture any product – products and wood components are supplied by them depending on the specifications of every single client.

The company provides customized wood products to companies manufacturing retail and industrial products.

Some of their notable products consist of shapings, turnings, dimension stock, MDF, plywood, and particle board.

4.  Hardwoods

Hardwoods Veneer Company is considered to be one of the foremost wholesale distributors of plywood, MDF, hardwood lumber, particleboard, TFL, plus specialty products to the industrial as well as retail US markets.

They provide a wide array of top-quality products sourced from across the globe. Most of their featured brands are FSC Certified as well. 

Their distribution centers across the country provide immediate access to an inventory of composite panels, hardwoods, and also unique specialty items.

3.  Blue Linx

Blue Linx provides a wide collection of top-quality brands, from Siding & Trim to Engineered Lumber. Building products are distributed by the company by means of its subsidiaries.

The company is known to provide plywood, siding, molding, trim, lumber, roofing, flooring, decorative, and industrial panels. This veneer company serves its clients in the US.

2. Universal Forest Products

Universal Forest Products is a holding company providing capital, administrative, as well as management resources to companies supplying wood composite, wood, plus other products to the construction, retail, as well as industrial markets.

Wood products consist of pallets and skids, crates and boxes, cut and grooved stock, heat-treated pallets and lumber, agricultural boxes, packaging products, wall panels, pressure-treated lumber, LVL, forming boards, scaffold planks, cut OSB/plywood, wood decking and railing, panel forms trusses, beam sides, engineered wood products, plated trusses, trim and molding, finger-jointed studs, I-joists, edge forms, panels, and so forth.

The company engineers and manufactures the components with uncompromising service and quality since they know that this is where their success actually lies. 

1. Boise Cascade Co

Boise Cascade Co happens to be a US manufacturer of wooden products as well as a wholesale building materials distributor whose headquarters are situated in Boise, Idaho. The company manufactures engineered wood products, lumber, and plywood.

At present, the business can boast of having more than 6,000 workers across the US. The engineered wood products manufactured by the company include particleboard, plywood, lumber, and beams. 

Boise Cascade Co likewise provides distribution services to home improvement facilities, building material dealers, as well as industrial clients.

Top Veneer Companies

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