Top 10 E-Cigarette Brands in USA

E-cig technology has made a huge advancement at present, and you’ll come across lots of products to select from. As a matter of fact, electronic cigarettes are known to create vapor from a liquid containing nicotine as well as favoring.

By imitating the appearance and feel of cigarette smoking, these devices have helped lots of smokers to find a proper substitute for cigarettes. In this article, we have mentioned the top 10 vapor cigarette brands in the US right now.

The Best E-Cigarette Vapes In the USA

10. EverSmoke

EverSmoke happens to be an e-cigarette company that has its headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

They come with a wide variety of e-cigarettes, e- liquids, vaporizers, cartridges, and accessories with a replacement warranty and a lucrative one-month cash-back guarantee.

The e-cigarettes of this company are known to produce low levels of nicotine without any carcinogens or carbon monoxide.

The vapor will also not create any smoke that can disturb others out there. The exterior of the e-cigarette resembles a real cigarette, and there is an ash indicator light that glows with every single drag.

Menthol and tobacco flavors are available right now and will not cause stained teeth or bad breath.

9. Green Smoke

This one is actually a vapor cigarette company that has its headquarters situated in Miami, Florida. The company was founded by a couple (husband and wife) in the year 2008. Until recently, this e-cigarette had been one of the most popular e-cigarettes in Europe.

However, at present, it is available only in America, and the company provides a 1-month money-back guarantee to the customers.

Apart from the regular tobacco flavor, other flavors include apple, menthol, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and coffee. The top-quality victory helps to produce a fantastic amount of vapor with every single drag.


E-Cig is one of the world’s leading producers of vapor cigarettes. This company was founded in the year 2003 and provided around-the-clock customer service by means of email and live sales chat.

The brand produces several types of products, which include starter kits, e-liquid, and vaporizers.

7. PHIX Starter Kit

This device is actually a closed system pod device. The battery section takes only the pre-filled pods, and you will come across as many as 4 different flavors. Each pod will be able to hold approximately 1.5 mL of e- juice.

The battery of the vapor cigarette brand comes with a 280 mAh capacity. The device consists of a diamond-shaped profile and an external build comprised of ceramic, making it very simple to hold. The wicks within the pods are likewise ceramic and provide clean and pure vapor.

6. Joyetech

This one is a vapor cigarette company that was founded in the year 2007. The company introduced the e-cigarette, eGo-C, intended to enhance the portability of the products.

This product offers an advanced system along with changeable atomizers and batteries. Apart from being comparatively inexpensive, this e-cigarette comes with consistent volt output and a decent battery life. Moreover, the device is easy to adjust with the help of a simple twist.

5. Om Vapors

Founded in the year 2014, Om Vapors happens to be an online e-liquid retailer intended for e-cigarettes. Only the top quality hand-picked flavorings are used by this company which have been sourced from the US and Europe apart from Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine.

Om Vapors is also known to stick to cGMP protocols while performing quality control that guarantees a consistent flavor every single time. Apart from this, full independent laboratory test results are also available.

The company’s specialty is creating an affordable e-juice that tastes “affordable” to their customers. At present, Om Vapors is known to produce more than 30 unique flavors for its customers across the globe.

4. Blu eCigs

This particular company is amongst the most well-known brands of e-cigarettes with more than 128,000 retail locations apart from online outlets.

Blu eCigs was founded by Jason Healey, an Australian entrepreneur in the year 2009 and has its headquarters situated in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The company provides both disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarettes like blu DISPOSABLE and blu PLUS+.

Their myblu product was introduced in the year 2018 and made use of prefilled pods. These pods utilize nicotine salt and are obtainable in various flavors.

3. Mig Vapor

Mig Vapor had been found by a team of former smokers who wanted to create products that they could smoke.

This particular company has introduced various products like e-cig starter kits, vape tanks, mod kits, vape pens, vaporizers, and herbal vape tanks.

They employ top-notch technology and juice blends made in the US which help them to become amongst the most in-demand e-cigarette companies in the nation.

All of the vapor cigarette devices of this company happen to be exclusive. Mig Vapor makes use of only the best technology as well as the best materials.

The Premium, as well as Red Line juices of the company, have been manufactured in the US at their FDA-registered laboratory where each and every detail is meticulously perfected.

2. Vapor4Life

This company started preparing e-cigarettes for smokers way back in 2008, and they still sell the most in-demand electronic cigarettes for individuals who are looking for a substitute for tobacco.

Vapor4Life succeeded in developing a revolutionary e-cig that numerous individuals have used over the years.

The company does its best to help users make a smooth transition from traditional tobacco to electronic cigarettes.

Amongst the various products introduced by this company mention may be made of e-cigarettes, e-juices, herbal vaporizers, and mods.

Put, Vapor4Life has come with an alternative for all individuals irrespective of whether he had any past experience or happens to be new to e-cigarettes.


This company is actually a non-tobacco electronic smoking organization that has its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. Being founded in the year 2006 by Mark Weiss, NJOY is amongst the most popular e-cigarette brands on earth.

It is considered to be amongst the first e-cig brands in the world to begin selling e-cigarettes as an alternative for traditional tobacco cigarettes. This company has a presence in every single state in the country as well as several countries of Europe.

The company’s annual revenue is considered to be approximately $15 million. NJOY likewise provides a lucrative 30-day cash-back guarantee as well as a 1-year warranty.

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