39+ Actionable Unisex Beauty Salon Marketing Ideas

Have a salon, but facing difficulties in expanding salon business? If yes, you are in the right place. With detailed research and analyses, we have curated some effective marketing techniques and tips for Unisex beauty salon marketing, which will help the salon to flourish.

How to promote your unisex beauty salon?

  • Design an easy and elegant video website that represents your brand value.
  • Collaborate with other vendors to cross-promote your salon business.
  • Distribute professional business cards to give clients and business partners.
  • Sell products online through its website as well as another online selling website.
  • Try to promote exclusive salon items that others don’t have. It will help to increase customer re-visits.
  • Use proper flexes, hoardings, and standees to attract local area customers.

So here are some exciting Online and at the Shop Marketing ideas for Unisex beauty salon.

Set Up A Photography Corner At Your Salon:

Since hashtags are in trend, set up this selfie corner where the customers can take a selfie and post it on their social media with the hashtag. This helps in increasing the visibility of the brand. Also, the salon can keep very funky props for the photographs, which will be more attractive for the audience to see.

Extra 15 Minutes Complimentary Consultancy:

Giving a personal touch to customers can boost the business. Customers generally have a lot of queries in their mind about hair, skin care, different products, new services, ongoing offers, etc. and by taking out time and answering to all their queries will pull them to the salon more often.

Displaying of Excellent Testimonials:

Display a few outstanding works from the past as testimonials. Take high-quality pictures, frame it. Testimonials could include some perfect haircut pictures, bridal makeup Look, removal of acne, etc. Put it on such a wall which is very visible to the customers.

Give Discounts:

You can offer these discounts as rarely as just thrice a year. But market these discounts well by putting posters and all. Try and market about these discounts through both offline and online mode to attract maximum viewership. This marketing plan helps in attracting a large number of customers.

Stock some Unique Products:

This is one of the best ways to differentiate the business from others. Use and display some unique beauty products which are not used by fellow salons. Try using products which are very useful and unique. Also, target to get products which are not readily available in the market, which makes it all the more reason for the customers to visit the salon.

Set up a Fancy Front Desk:

The person sitting on the front desk of the salon should be very well aware of all selling techniques. The staff should be trained so keep re-booking the customers. The desk manager should have all the skills to market the salon in such a way that customers re-visit the salon very often.

Create New Hairstyles:

This is one of the best ways for Unisex beauty salon marketing. Try and differentiate the salon from other salons by giving the customers different and unique hairstyle options. Also, putting up the pictures of the new hairstyles on various posters in the city as well as on the internet can attract more people towards the salon.

Be Competitive with the Price:

You can’t charge too less also or nor too high also. Compare the rates with others and give the most competitive pricing, which will directly attract all the customers to you. Try and give packages such as a package which includes haircut + massage will cost less if taken as a package that used the services individually.

Offer some Higher Level of Treatments:

Up your Unisex beauty salon marketing game by offering a higher level of treatments such as a scalp massage as an upgrade. Even little up gradations in the existing services and make a huge difference.  

Begin a Referral Contest:

Throw a referral contest where the customers can refer anybody, and with every referral, the customers get 10% off on their next service. Create a competition amongst the customers where more the references more the discounts. This will not only help the customers get discounts, but it will also help the salon in getting more customers at a faster pace.

Hold Meet & Greets:

Call some very famous hair stylist or a beauty stylist and hold a workshop or a meet & greet inside the beauty salon. The speaker can talk about daily problems and answer all the relevant techniques. This technique helps in a lot of people knowing about the existence of the salon. This will help customers choose the salon as their preferred beauty salon in the next visit.

Hold Tutorial Classes at your Salon:

You can either use the existing skilled staff or call someone known from outside and hold tutorial classes. Classes can be held either for different hairstyles, different makeup tutorials, skin care routine, etc. The people who attend these tutorial classes cater as the target audience, and there are high chances of these people visiting the salon in the future.

Feedback Wall:

Inside the salon, in one of the corners, there should be a feedback wall where customers, after they have used the services, can write feed backs. The feedback wall has two advantages. Firstly, it will give the salon a very personal and vibrant touch. Secondly, constructive feed backs from the customers always help in improving the flaws.


Online Reviews on the Website/App:

The first step to improving the image of the salon is to work on positive and productive reviews from the customers. Try pushing customers to write genuine reviews about the entire service and their experience. Excellent reviews and better ratings attract more customers.

Giveaway Contest:

Try collaborating with some famous beauty bloggers and run the giveaway content on their pages. An example of this, the bloggers can ask the audience to write the hairstyle of their favorite and why, along with that to follow the salon’s social media page. This will help to increase the viewership.

Create Quality Videos on Instagram & Facebook:

Create a short 1-minute video of highlighting the entire experience of a customer. Starting from their entry, products used, to the end. Great content and good quality videos catch maximum eyeballs and seem to look very attractive. You can easily create Facebook page to boost your brand visibility.

Google SEO:

Google is still everybody’s best friend. Hence, it is imperative to invest in SEO. This will ensure the salon to be at one of the tops searches under the “Best Salon Category.” Customers generally prefer to visit the top 20 salons which fall in their searches.

Be Active on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn helps in Unisex beauty salon marketing. Build your LinkedIn profile by regularly posting on LinkedIn about the services, new offers, customers testimonials, or any awards won by the client. This helps in building a brand image.

Complimentary Gifts:

For very regular customers, give them few complimentary gifts such as nail paints or a unique brush with the salon name printed on the product. This is one of the effective ways of Unisex beauty salon marketing to keep the brand’s image in the customer’s mind subconsciously.

Register on Different Websites:

For better viewership and visibility, register the salon on various service websites, which already have massive traffic. Customers while searching for beauty salon services can see the name of your salon and hire the services.

Sign your Salon up for Listing:

List your salon on NAP listing sites such yelp which offers some free marketing. Customers generally look for these listing before hiring any service.

Hosts Webinar’s:

The whole idea of the webinar is too answer the thousands of queries which the people have regarding various things. Try and answer maximum questions of the customers. This will help the salon in building a feeling of trust with the potential customers.   

E-mail Marketing:

Maintain a stronger database of the existing customers as well the potential customers. Mail monthly newsletters to everyone highlighting the month’s performance and extra services added. The salon should also send birthday/Anniversary mailers to the customers to build a personal touch.

Write for Top Blogs of Salon:

It is advised that write frequent blog posts as a guest for some very top salon blogs. If luckily, your printed pieces are accepted by the website, then your salon will enjoy some free traffic, and this will provide extra coverage to your brand. In your blogs, don’t forget to mention your website link for more traffic.

Magazine Ads:

It is crucial to invest in Magazines, be it local ones or the high-end ones. Try and article pieces which include success stories, the new offers coming up in the salon, some new unique services which the salon is going to launch. The magazine caters to the target audience of a salon and hence does help in increasing the customer base.  

Since now, you have taken this baby step to think of various ideas to plan an effective marketing strategy. It’s now time to put these marketing tips into action and get going. Use the tips mentioned above and techniques into your daily working and see how, within a few months, your beauty salon flourishes to a whole new level.

How to drive sales to your unisex beauty salon?

  • Hold a sale at the premises twice a month or twice a year and offer exciting discount packages.
  • Conduct some beauty contest and offer a winner to win a prize in the form of facial or hair cut. Whatever you wish to provide.
  • Boost online reviews to gain the attention of the new clients.
  • Offer various promotional discount packages or seasonal offers to promote services at a broader range.
  • Do not forget to take advantage of social media by creating educational video content.
  • Set up a selfie station, ask the client to take a selfie, and post it on her/his social media account. Do not forget to ask them to tag your account.
  • Distribute some pamphlets through the local newspaper or give an advertisement in a local radio station.

Here are Some FAQ’s about Unisex Salon tips to Grow your Business

How long does it take to start a Unisex salon business?

In order to prepare a new franchisee completely for operation, we require four months for a new construction site. It can be easier to take over an established series.

What is the cost incurred in starting a Unisex salon business?

You may want to know just what you need for before you plan your finances and securing funding. Some rising salon installation costs for aspiring owners are:
-Permits and Licenses
-Salon equipments
-Real Estate
These are just a handful of the expense of opening a Unisex salon business. Holding a list of possible salon costs, so you know what to do when you spend funds is always a great idea.

How to manage the finances of equipments in the Unisex Salon business?

To operate a salon business, including tables, sinks and hair dryer, you need a fair amount of equipment. It can be hard to afford all these purchases when you start. You are given a loan for these payments with equipment financing so that you can start on the right foot without upsetting the bank.

Try leasing it to reduce operating costs, rather than purchasing all-new products. Therefore you make daily payments before the value of the equipment is paid back with the interest. Some lenders often provide financing equipment using equipment as collateral.

How social media helps in your Unisex salon business?

Social media is the right place where consumers can reach you more directly. Connect with your community in order to develop your reputation and to encourage brand recognition by following other small companies in the field, connecting with your market and shared content behind scenes (e.g. before and after customers’ customer photos).

Here is the one of lucrative infographic which insight you on perfect steps to start your own unisex salon business. Read more

how to open unisex salon

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