25 Types of Printables to Sell on Etsy Shop

Etsy is one of the best places to sell for creative people, especially if you have different ideas that can attract people‘s attention. 

Different products are selling on Etsy, and printable items are one of the ways to consider for passive income.

You can simply create the products, list them for sale, and thrive your business. With this, you can start earning money but there are different types of printables that you can consider for starting the business. 

Or if you are planning to add more types, here is what you can go with. 

List Of Creative Printables to Sell on Etsy:

Printable items and digital products are some of the things you can sell on Etsy as they are great ideas to begin with.

Not just these items take much lesser time to create, but also you need less investment and manufacturing. So to know what you can choose, here are some popular types for you. 

Props For Photo Booths 

There are lots of events where people create photo booths, it can be weddings, parties, birthdays, or other celebration days. 

Especially for weddings, these days photo booths are common to have. Also, it’s the fun part, and people purchase different props to keep it much more interesting. 

Image source: etsy 

You can choose the events and create props for them. For example,  you can sell printable sunglasses,  lips, hats or you can offer captions that can be funny.

Activity  And Mazes Books

You can create a book that contains different worksheets. Or you can create a maze book to attract the kids. 

Not just these books are interesting but also good for learning. Kids can complete the mazes,  play hangman or you can add the connect the dots like activities in the book.

Image source: etsy 

Either keep it simple or you can be creative so you can get more people to purchase for their kids.

Printable Coloring Page 

Coloring pages can depend on who you are targeting.  You can offer different ones, for example,  if you are selling to kids, choose the cartoon characters,  animals,  Disney princess, etc. 

If you are going for the adult, you can add different patterns,  movie characters, or drawings that can help in relaxation. 

Lots of adults do coloring for keeping their minds relaxed and for hobbies. 

Image source: etsy 

You can print your coloring pages and sell them to the target customers of yours on Etsy.

Games For Bachelorette Party 

Bachelorette parties can be a hassle for lots of people. Not only it’s difficult to keep the party fun for everyone but also to know what to play takes too much time. 

You can help by selling games that can be played at a bachelorette party. These games can be fun, easy, and interesting. 

The printable games can help in keeping the party engaging for everyone.


Lots of parents use flashcards for helping their kids to learn new things.  Flashcards are good for learning as it improves the visual memory. 

Image source: etsy 

Parents look for flashcards so they can help their kids to learn. You can make flashcards for alphabets,  shapes, and numbers. 

It can be simple, and you can add it to your store for selling. 

Save The Date 

There are lots of interesting templates for saving the date cards. You can create one and sell it on Etsy. 

With this, the bride and groom can send the save the date cards to their guest. This will get the heads up to everyone regarding the next events. 

Image source: etsy 

here you get two options either you can make it or you can offer the personalized options. 

It’s better to have the personalized option, also if you are choosing this one. You can also offer a program where the people can do the customization and choose options on their own. 

Summer Worksheets 

If you are looking for more printable items to make for kids, you can also start with summer worksheets. 

This can help the kids to remember whatever they learned and also record everything in their worksheets. 

Also, it helps create a bridge when they are moving one grade to another. 

Create the worksheets so the parents can purchase them for their kids, focus on counting,  learning shapes, and writing practice. 

Table Numbers 

This can be a  great help for the wedding as seating arrangements are one of the hassles of work. 

You can offer table number designs that can help the guest to find their seats. You can add elegant designs, quotes, or other stuff that you want to.

Image source: etsy 

Keep the table numbers designs easy to go and printable.

Chore Charts 

You can create chore charts for helping the parents and kids. Such charts can help the parents to get their kids for building their routines. The chore charts also keep the kids accountable for their work. 

With this, parents can motivate their children to do their work. Also, you can add the reward charts for adding more fun to the habit-building process. 

Planners For Wedding

A wedding can be a huge task as there are so many things where the bride and groom need to focus. On average, a couple spends around 15 months arranging their wedding which is a lot. 

Not just there are different things that need to be remembered, But also missing even small details can cause hassle to the main event. 

Image source: etsy 

You can sell planners that are specifically for the wedding. It can help in organizing things, also the bride or groom can write down everything to make sure they are ready for the big day.

You can add timelines,  guides, checklist, and other things to  help in planning the day much easier,

Planners For Household

Same as a wedding planner, the household work is too much for a person to handle. There are lots of working women as well as a mother who need to take care of everything along with their work. 

Image source: etsy 

This can be too much and making sure everything is on point can be a hassle to handle.  You can offer a printable planner that can help in organizing the household work. 

It can help in organizing time,  making meal plans, and adding the goals.

Daily Checklist 

The daily checklist can help in boosting productivity, and also help in making sure that every goal is accomplished. 

This can help the people to know what they need to do daily as well as track their overall work. 

You can sell the checklist on Etsy, depending on whom you are offering, It can be general or you can make it more detailed. 

Weekly Planners

Weekly planners can help in understanding what works need to be done within the seven days. 

The person can distribute their work and plan their days. This is not just good for productivity but also helps in time management.

Sell weekly planners on Etsy, you can choose the audience. There are lots of women who are managing their household and work together, weekly planners can help in managing their week. 

Monthly  Calendars

Minimalistic layouts are in trend and you can choose the layouts and designs. You can sell the monthly calendars, choosing different aspects and buyers. 

You can also make calendars based on habit tracking, meal plans, goals, etc. Again,  here you can choose different styles, formats, and designs based on the buyer’s preferences. 

Gift Tags

Gift tags are simple and easy when it comes to designing. There are cute, adorable, and beautiful designs you can choose from. Also, you can personalize it which will add the new flavor to the tags. 

Image source: etsy 

Gift tags are important but also give a finishing touch to the gift. Well apart from choosing the design, you can choose shape and size as well. 

Greeting Cards

Printable greeting cards are one of the most sellable items you can go with. There are many options that you can choose or add. Depending on what you prefer selling, there are options for different occasions such as :

  • Christmas cards
  • Anniversary cards
  • Birthday cards
  • Congratulation cards
  • Baby shower cards
  • New year cards
  • Wedding cards
  • Valentine cards

Image source: etsy 

You can choose different cards for what occasions are approaching. With this, you get variations and different ideas to consider. 

Party Games

You can add part games to your Etsy store as it can be one of the lucrative additions. You can get different choices such as birthday games,  baby shower games, etc. 

Here you can create games for the family, and friends for occasions like thanksgiving, etc. 

Self Care Printables 

Self-care printables are important for everyone, and you can sell a checklist that can track the habits. You can add more things that can improve self-care such as a gratitude journal and self-love workbook.

These printable items can be a smart choice and also you can improve throughout by adding more things in the self-care department. 

Art And Decor Printables 

People look for purchasing printables that can be used as home decors. Also, lots of art lovers are into buying unique arts from Etsy. You can create your own work and sell it.

Image source: etsy 

Here you can use quotes to make art from it, and it can be sold as decor ideas for laundry room, kitchen, or nursery.

Saving Trackers 

Well, this can help people to track their financial goals, it can be also a personal goal for saving money every month. 

Saving trackers will help in understanding if the goals are achievable by tracking every action towards it. Also, you can sell the printables that can help in reducing the financial stress to the people.

FAQs for Types of Printables to Sell on Etsy

How do I get started selling printables on Etsy?

Start by creating a shop on Etsy and uploading your printables. Be sure to optimize your listings with keywords and high-quality images.

How do I know what printables to create?

Consider your strengths and interests, and research popular niches on Etsy. Brainstorm unique ideas for your niche to stand out from the competition.

How do I price my printables?

Look at what similar printables are selling for on Etsy and price your products competitively. Don’t underprice your products, as this can make them appear low quality.

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