Top 10 Best Tutoring Companies in the US

At present, students gain access to different types of online tutoring services only by clicking a button. Apart from advanced whiteboard technology, almost every one of them provides text, video, plus audio chat right now.

The tutor is placed before the student directly by online tutoring for sessions of instruction on different subjects out there. Most of these services operate 24 hours a day, offering a wide range of accreditation, tutor options as well as pricing.

These services are fantastic for students of every age ranging from elementary schools to universities. Here, we have reviewed the top 10 tutoring companies in the US at present.

largest Tutoring Companies in the US

10. Revolution Prep

This particular best tutoring company is well known for SAT/ACT examination reviews with tutors, and they likewise provide homework help and prep videos on demand in as many as 37 subjects.

Although tutors in this company happen to be full-time faculty members and provide online tutoring programs either on a 1-on-1 basis or in groups, they are also known to offer school counselors who help students to make prudent education plans.

9. Tutor Eye

This particular biggest tutoring company can boast of having the lowest tutoring fees online. Although they claim that their teachers are not selected from a database randomly, they are actually selected in a meticulous way that combines the student with their appropriate tutor match.

The pay-as-you-go charge of these teachers is particularly designed for immediate homework assistance. A free trial is also offered by them for their plans.

8. 8. Club Z

Club Z is known to provide in-home as well as online tutoring 24 hours a day in over 300 subjects. According to them, their tutoring has got a success rate of 98% and will assist you to increase 2 letter grades within only 2 months.

They provide the identical guarantee as Wyzant (which we will mention afterward on this list) with the initial hour free in case you are not able to find the appropriate fit. The subjects are going to vary from pre-K to music lessons, general study skills, foreign languages, and right up to college.

7. Smarthinking

Different types of subjects, including PreK-12 and higher education, are offered by this largest tutoring company from Pearson 24 hours a day. The tutors happen to be professionals and educators with at least nine years of experience in the subjects.

Apart from certification and training by this company, approximately 90% of the tutors within this program have succeeded in earning Ph. D.s or master’s degrees in their respective fields. Smarthinking has been purchased by many schools for their students at present in the US.


The tutors on are known to run the gamut, from “Ivy Leagues and Ph.D.’s to doctors, teachers, pilots, and professors.” Apart from the identical tutoring services provided by many other tutoring companies on this particular list, this one likewise consists of articles that are published by their own tutors.

Useful article titles consist of “Using Quadratic Formula for Solving Quadratic Equations,” and “Guidelines to Compose an Excellent Thesis Statement.” provides 24-hour tutoring in various subjects along with forces that have recently joined the Princeton Review.

You simply need to set up your account on this site and then log in for a tutoring session at your convenient time. They perform tutoring sessions on individual Homework Help along with Packages that are specific to SAT or ACT prep and more.

5. TutorMe

This tutoring company from the US features teachers from Ivy League colleges throughout the country. According to them, their teachers have been comprehensively trained and come with only a 4% acceptance rate which depicts that TutorMe is quite selective regarding their educators.

It is impossible to connect with a teacher 24 hours a day within 30 seconds. All the lessons irrespective of whether they are audio, video or screen share, happen to be archived such that it is possible for the student to access them following their session.

The company encourages the students to come to them for any type of assistance ranging from computer programming assistance to simply a math problem. The company covers more than 300 subjects and provides numerous tutors specializing in all these subjects. A free trial is also provided to them.

4. eTutorWorld

eTutorWorld is known to provide test prep as well as K-12 online tutoring. Their innovative Learning Design method of teaching offers 1-to-1 teaching depending on the pace of the student. This procedure assists the students in setting targets while teachers design the lesson plans depending on the interests and abilities of the student.

This tutoring company claims that all of their qualified teachers happen to be mentors as well. All the tutors have been trained in state and federal curricula. They provide a totally free trial lesson which does not require any credit card.

3. Wyzant

This tutoring company in the US provides in-person tutoring along with online tutoring services. You are going to go through 4 steps, including answering queries, selecting a tutor, speaking to them, and finally, booking the lesson.

The innovative Good Fit Guarantee feature of Wyzant will provide you with a free first hour in case you are not absolutely gratified with the instruction standards. Right now, Wyzant has got in excess of 80,000 tutors in over 300 subjects.

The company likewise provides an awesome page of free resources, which includes in excess of 1 million interactive videos and lessons that have been created by private teachers. The charges will depend on the subject as well as the individual tutor.

2. Skooli

Skooli stays ahead in the competition thanks to its pricing, which is just pay-as-you-go that helps to make this tutoring company quite straightforward as well as useful for stuff such as complex math problems or any single-assignment problems instead of helping with the whole course.

It’ll be possible for you to search through numerous qualified teachers by grade level as well as subject. You can access the classes on your preferred device according to like this as well.

It will be possible for the students to review any personalized feedback from the teachers, and the recorded session can also be replayed. Moreover, ACT, as well as SAT prep, is likewise available.

1. Chegg Tutors

This particular company provides a 3-step procedure for getting started. They will be asking the students to inform them regarding what they require assistance with; they are going to get messed with the tutors who will be available while they are required, and then they will be starting to learn within a live lesson space by means of chat through audio, video, or text.

The company also encourages the parents to send messages to the teachers before booking them so as to decide who will be appropriate for their child prior to making a financial commitment.

It is imperative for all the Chegg tutors to have previous experience in teaching, and they must have a degree from any recognized 4-year university.

Top Tutoring Companies

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