19+ Travel Agency About Us (Templates + Examples)

About Us page is essential in the busy world of travel since it represents the organization’s values and concepts.

This overview essay seeks to peel back the curtain on these crucial pages and emphasize their function as a narrative medium on which agencies may present their distinct character, specialized knowledge, and dedication to creating adventures that people will remember.

We’ll learn how these pages may effectively close the gap between travel companies and their clients by establishing a foundation of trust, connection, and adventure via a variety of examples and tactics.

Find out how to write an “About Us” page that speaks to the inner wanderer in all of us.

What Should You Write on The About Us Page Travel Agency?

When designing your travel agency’s “About Us” page, aim for a mix of engaging storytelling and key information that captures your unique spirit.

This page is your chance to share your passion for travel, highlight your expertise, and showcase what makes your agency special.

Keep it concise yet inviting, letting readers quickly grasp your mission and the exciting travel experiences you provide.

Introduction to Your Agency:

Start with a brief introduction of your travel agency. Mention the name, the year it was founded, and a quick overview of what you specialize in (e.g., luxury travel, adventure trips, family vacations).

Your Services:

Detail the services you offer. Include types of travel packages, booking assistance, personalized itinerary planning, and any special services like visa assistance or travel insurance.

Customer Testimonials and Success Stories:

Showcase testimonials or success stories from past clients. This adds credibility and helps potential clients envision their own successful trips.

Your Values and Ethos:

Talk about your values, such as commitment to customer satisfaction, sustainable travel, or supporting local communities. This can help you connect with clients who share similar values.

Contact Information:

Provide clear and accessible contact information. Include your physical address (if applicable), phone number, email, and social media links.

Call to Action:

End with a call to action, encouraging visitors to get in touch, subscribe to your newsletter, or follow you on social media for updates and special offers.

Photos and Visuals:

Use high-quality images and videos that reflect the essence of your agency and the experiences you offer. This can include pictures of destinations, happy clients, or your team in action.

Travel Agency About Us Page Templates

Welcome to our “Travel Agency About Us Page Templates”! These easy-to-use templates are perfect for any travel agency looking to create an engaging About Us page.

Whether you offer unique trips or a variety of destinations, these templates will help you share your story and services clearly and effectively with your clients.

Template: 1

‘Organization Name’

“Travel is the main thing you purchase that makes you more extravagant”. We, at ‘Organization Name’, swear by this and put stock in satisfying travel dreams that make you perpetually rich constantly.

We have been moving excellent encounters for a considerable length of time through our cutting-edge planned occasion bundles and other fundamental travel administrations. We rouse our clients to carry on with a rich life, brimming with extraordinary travel encounters.

Through our exceptionally curated occasion bundles, we need to take you on an adventure where you personally enjoy the stunning magnificence of America and far-off terrains. We need you to observe sensational scenes that are a long way past your creative ability.

The powerful inclination of American voyagers to travel more nowadays is something that keeps us inspired to satisfy our vacation necessities. Our vision to give you a consistent occasion encounter makes us one of the main visit administrators in the regularly extending travel industry.

To guarantee that you have a satisfying occasion and healthy encounters, all our vacation administrations are available to your no matter what. On your universal occasion, we guarantee that you are very much outfitted with outside trade (Forex Cards, Currency Notes), visa, and travel protection.

We are the pioneers of outside trade in America, and booking forex online is basic and advantageous for us.

Our online visa administrations are exceptional and make the bulky procedure of booking visas a cake stroll for clients. We likewise give exceptional visa, forex, and travel protection and outside settlement administrations for understudies voyaging abroad for study.

Regardless of whether it’s reserving flights or inns for your movement, Company Name offers everything under one umbrella. We likewise have journey occasions for individuals who are searching for solace and reasonable extravagance.

We offer the best limits on our top-rated visit bundles to clients who pick our viable administrations over and over. How about we remind you indeed that we don’t expect to be your visit and travel specialists; we endeavor to be your vacation accomplices until the end of time.

Template: 2

‘Organization Name’

We are a main online travel organization in America giving the ‘best as far as a class can tell with the objective to be ‘ America ‘s Travel Planner.’

Through our site, www.’ Company Name’.com, our versatile applications, and our other related stages, recreation, and business voyagers can investigate, explore, analyze costs and book an extensive variety of administrations taking into account their movement needs.

Since our origin in 2006, in excess of 7 million clients have utilized at least one of our exhaustive travel-related administrations, which incorporate local and global air ticketing, lodging appointments, homestays, occasion bundles, transport ticketing, rail ticketing, exercises, and subordinate administrations.

With more than 83,000 inns contracted crosswise over America, we are America’s biggest stage for residential lodgings.

A solid and “believed” travel brand of America, our qualities incorporate a vast and faithful client base, a multi-channel stage for relaxation and business explorers, and a powerful portable eco-framework for a range of voyagers and providers.

A solid innovation stage intended to convey an abnormal state of adaptability and advancement and a prepared senior supervisory crew, including industry officials with profound roots in the movement business in America and abroad.

Template: 3

‘Organization Name’

Since 1975, ‘Organization Name’ has been focused on bringing our customers the best in esteem and quality travel game plans. We are enthusiastic about movement and sharing the world’s marvels on the relaxation travel side, and giving corporate explorers hello there contact administrations to encourage their business travel needs.

We’re a worker-claimed travel organization secured by our qualities, trustworthiness, and commitment to client benefit.

Our honor-winning organization reliably positions as a standout amongst other offices in the nation (Travel Weekly, Business Travel Weekly), and is the best individual from the renowned Signature Travel Network, an overall association enabling us to give our clients unmatched advantages.

Since 2009, our solid organizational culture and enthusiasm for our calling have brought about our being named one of the “Best Places To Work” in Los Angeles County every year. Our administration is dynamic on different tourism warning sheets and panels for movement associations.

Travel magazines (Afar, Travel+Leisure), real inn brands and are only the tip of the iceberg. ‘Organization Name’ is a Premium Member of ASTA (American Society of Travel Advisors), and also an ASTA Green Member office, and CLIA (Cruise Line International Association).

Fulfilled workers lead to fulfilled clients. We know the development and accomplishment of our organization rely on satisfying our customer’s needs each day. That is additionally our guarantee.

Template: 4

‘Organization Name’

‘Organization Name’ was joined in 1951, 4 years after American Independence. It proceeds most successfully with quality development and the capacity to help industry development. ‘Organization Name’ is America’s head, nodal, biggest, and most established Travel and Tourism Association.

‘Organization Name’s membership of about 2,500+ driving American organizations, included effectively Tourism, conveys its individual’s steady direction from our 20 Regional Units, which is extraordinary to ‘Organization Name’ and its improvement of Leadership.

Every unit has a chosen Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer to direct adequately. Part organizations get the opportunity to meet consistently. We bolster street appearances, introductions, and communication on industry refreshes, generally viably.

‘Organization Name’ is effectively connected with the Airlines and IATA. As individuals from IATA”s APJC (Agency Program Joint Council)we banter on issues on Airline rehearses. ‘Organization Name’s’ dynamic Airlines Council interfaces ‘Organization Name’ with Domestic and International Airlines.

‘Organization Name’ works intimately with the Ministry of Tourism, Government of America. We effectively take an interest in the Tourism Meetings gathered by the Government. We are effectively connected with the State Tourism Boards of America.

‘Organization Name’ has extensive participation and is effectively associated with a few industry verticals, and along these lines, its center is to advance these viably and interface individuals with circumstances.

Template: 5

‘Organization Name’

‘Organization Name’ is America’s biggest online transport ticketing stage that has changed transport travel in the nation by conveying straightforwardness and comfort to a great many Americas who travel utilizing transport.

Established in 2006, ‘Organization Name’ is a piece of America’s driving on the web travel organization XYZ Limited. By giving the most stretched-out decision, predominant client benefit, least costs, and unmatched advantages, ‘Organization Name’ has served more than 8 million clients.

‘Organization Name’ has a worldwide nearness with activities crosswise over Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Colombia, and Peru, separated from America.

Looking for more options? Read our steps to start an online travel agency.

Travel Agency About Us Page Examples

Explore our selection of “About Us” pages from different travel agencies. These examples show how they introduce themselves and share what makes them unique, from small local agencies to big global ones.

Perfect for travel agency owners looking to improve their website or anyone interested in how travel businesses present themselves online.

Travel Leaders

Offers personalized travel experiences with a network of agencies across North America, focusing on understanding unique travel interests and aspirations.

Travel Leaders have strong partnerships with airlines, hotels, resorts, and more. They have a history of industry awards and global partnerships.

Source: Travel Leaders


The largest independently owned travel agency in California, known for high-touch services in corporate and leisure travel.

TravelStore are employee-owned and have been recognized for their integrity and customer service.

Source: TravelStore

Pack Up + Go

Pack Up + Go are Specializes in surprise vacations based on travelers’ preferences and budgets.

Source: Pack Up + Go

Allure Travel

Allure Travel Creates custom travel experiences, including romantic getaways, family vacations, and adventurous trips.

Source: Allure Travel
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