Amazing Marketing Ideas for Toy Stores

In this unique world, there is none who do not love the eternal laugh and play of brood. Kids are not the only ones who love toys. Many customers of toys stores are adults such as collectors and parents.

This is a target market that toy sellers should also focus on because they have the buying capacity or product with small capital.

Owning a toy and gift store can be both fun and rewarding and so can market too. Your customers come to rely on you for your knowledge on what types of toys will like the children.

Following are some of the Toy Store Marketing tips

Know your customer:

Being new to the toy business, you may immediately think that you are limited to marketing your toys to children. But don’t limit yourself there as you know; the ones who buy the kids’ toys are the parents.

They should be appealing to the kids, and the parents should find the toys not only fun to play with but will also help their children learn in the process in different ways.

Promote individuality:

People often don’t visit neighborhood toy stores for international gifts and large brands. If they wanted those they could literally just go on online by searching Google.

Many small toy stores eventually find a niche those appeals to their local customer base. Whether your fun niche is high quality especially toys, wood toys, creative designs, or just great service, you should promote what makes you stand out.

If you can tell people that you have something that no one else does before they step into your store, you give them a reason to visit.  

Local Shop:

It is common that parents or guardians are going out on holidays or Sundays with their children for marketing for their children. These days are important for small businesses or toy stores to get any love. Hence open a shop with attractive decorations for the kids.

Let your customers know that your toy store is a locally owned and operating business. Being local gives you a unique opportunity that many larger brands cannot provide to their customers.      

Use Online Marketing:

Online marketing is a great way to connect with a large customer base for a relatively low cost. While you will have to consider a website, social media platforms, and time put into those channels, online marketing allows you to connect with local customers, find new customers, and build long-term relationships with existing ones.

In fact, the internet levels the playing field between big and small brands, because you won’t have to worry about having a big budget to be found on Facebook, Google Plus, or your website.


Facebook allows you to reach your customer through their newsfeed. With a great content publishing strategy, you will be able to capture your audience and keep them engaged constantly with your brand.

Facebook makes it easy to offer instant customer service through their chat. You can promote your store, products, or services using Facebook’s paid advertising platform.

Using Mouth word:

Word of mouth is still the best way to market for small businesses because the more people talk about you, the more people will want to visit you.

No amount of signage in the world will complete with parents praising your shop to their friends, or to all the kids suddenly wanting this one toy their friend has. Modern technology means that you can benefit from this online & offline and you should be taking advantage of it.

Launching store events:

Events can help you to draw a crowd, which will boost awareness and sales for your store. Your events can range from game nights to figurines, charity drives, or even sales, but should be planned for months in advance.

You can also plan seasonal and holiday-related toy events and sales, create parenting classes or even put together gift classes for birthday parties and baby showers. Hopefully, you can use these small business marketing tips to grow your business.

Offering discount.

To prop up your business you can offer a discount on a special day, events by which child will ask their parents for buying toys for them. Ask for reviews on your social media platform about the discount.

Referral Program:

Try to create a referral program. Simply assigning each customer a number and having them give new customers that number will allow you to track referrals. Offer a small discount for first-time referrals and offer a small reward to the person referring.

In-store Events:

Store events can help you attract new customers as well as keep the old customers engaged. You can, look at in-store toy events as a way to boost brand awareness while being a part of the community ideas for toy stores.

Events can be game nights, charity toy drives, book readings, and much more. Invite local newspapers, teachers, and parents. Make sure you are promoting in-store events to your social media followers and your e-mail list.

Pop-up Store:

A special area in the store can be dedicated to a specific theme, incorporating other product lines as well, for example, a new product or a brand focus. Inner-city retailer cooperation is also a possibility. The toy store inserts a pop-up store at children’s fashion retailers and vice versa.

Participate in Toy Fair:

Participating in a Toy fair is one of the best ways to back up your business. Children with their parents and guardians are used to visiting the fair. You have to open an attractive shop with a variety of toys. Sometimes you can offer discounts and free gifts to the kids.

Have you been looking for the perfect, catchy, and memorable toys slogans and taglines, but struggled to find them? Then make sure to check out the Catchy Toy Store Slogans and Taglines.

If you are marketing by procuring from wholesale you can prepare a good logo to paste on the toys you will sell. The logo to be attractive to the kids as well to the parents will help to uplift your market.

Window display:

Create window displays in locations away from your shop. Airports, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Metro stations, and large office buildings occasionally have display areas they rent to local businesses. This will help your marketing of toys in your locality.

How to drive sales to your Toy stores?

  • Offer discount, Referral programs, festive discount offers to raise the sales volume.
  • Promote your store through Facebook’s paid advertising platform and online Marketing.
  • Invest in print and radio advertisements to announce essential deals.
  • Update social media accounts daily with store activities, news, or offers.
  • Ask loyal clients to write reviews on social media pages or website.

How to promote your Toy stores?

  • Open a shop with attractive decoration and put signs to attract the local public.
  • Create a website or a mobile-friendly application and sell items through it.
  • Collaborate with other e-commerce shopping sites and list products to sell.
  • Conduct game nights, fun drives, or holiday-related toy events at the store to grow your business.
  • Participate in charity events, exhibitions, and toy fair to show your brand among others.
  • Design a brand representative logo to give a professional look to your business.

here are some Important FAQs about Toy Store to Get more Detail and Grow Business

1. How can you earn more profit by opening a toy store?

Many ways to make the business more successful, including game tournaments and online sales.  You can also sell single cards to enthusiastic buyers if you buy games like Magic: The Party, some of which are very much worth it.

You should also learn just how much you order a product every month so that you don’t have a surplus selling inventory. You can also cut costs by managing the entire business and maximizing your income.

2. What marketing strategy you can apply in a toy store?

Some ways of marketing and promoting toy companies include traditional activities, such as advertising through magazines, radio, and TV advertisements. It is also important to have a presence in social media such as a Facebook page, where customers can view your opening time, news about new toys, and information about any special dealings.

You can also have a separate web page, where consumers can send feedback. Another way of marking is to sell toys in online mode.

3. How to keep to customers coming back to your toy store?

Some of the ways to attract and maintain clients include the provision of home delivery of toys. If you have space, such as tournaments for popular games like Pokémon, you can also host daily events in your shop.

It allows customers to return regularly so you can buy two packs of cards, which will enable them to purchase more while at the tournament. You should also start holding video game tournaments when you sell computer games.

Both of these are ways to encourage regular customers to show their enjoyment every week.  

4. What are some experiences and skills which will help you in building a successful toy store?

There exist a plethora of skills that might help you open a toy store. You can achieve a strategic lead in finding out what to order and how to market and sell it from your professional experience as a toy dealer and an enthusiast.

With previous experience in a toy shop, especially in a management capacity, you can understand the daily activities of the business very well. You may learn required skills such as accounting and customer service with a technical degree in business management.

Toys are very popular products among children. There are huge possibilities in this business. There is a very great business opportunity lying this product. Before starting a business, I think it’s better you take all information about toys. Read below and inspire with its history.

evolution of handmade toys

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