Top 10 Universities in Texas

Graduated from high school? Just as you thought all your worries would be over, you understood you have fallen into that rabbit hole of uncontrollable worries regarding your higher studies and achieving your precious dreams.

If you are willing to study abroad, Texas in the United States has good news. Including various scholarships that will make life comfortable, the Texas universities are always there for you.

Confused? Well, no need to, as we have come up with the best universities in Texas, learning which will be an experience you will never want to forget. Have a look!

List of Best Colleges & universities in Texas

10. Abilene Christian University

As a private Christian university, Abilene was established in 1906 and was initially known as Childers Classical Institute. In Southwestern US, it is one of the largest continuing private universities. This university is affiliated with Churches of Christ and is widely acclaimed for its excellent service learning, undergraduate research, and undergraduate learning.

The total student strength currently over there is 5,731. The university is academically affiliated with CCCU and NAICU.  Based on an urban campus of over 208 acres, Abilene Christian University has  Willie the wildcat as its mascot. The graduation rate of this great institution is around 67%.

9. Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University, or TTU, boasts the seventh largest student enrolment ratio in Texas during the Autumn 2018 semester.  Established  99 years ago on 10th February 1923, it is under the parent institution of the Texas Tech University System. The graduation rate of this institute is about 61%.

Formerly known as Texas Technological College, this public research university is situated in Lubbock, Texas. It is also a designated Hispanic-serving institution, with over 25% of the undergraduate student population identifying as Hispanic, with total strength(undergraduate and postgraduate) being about 40,322.

8. University of Houston, Texas

Being the third largest university in Texas, the University of Houston is a member of the University of Houston System and caters to around 47k students worldwide. Its campus is in southeast Houston and spans about 894 acres.

Its motto is “In Tempora,” the university was established on 7th March 1927, 95 years ago. The University of Houston offers more than 276 degree programs through its various colleges and schools. 

7. The University of Texas at Dallas

The university has been a public research university in Richardson, Texas, for years. This institution is one of the largest thriving universities in the Dallas area and is under the University of Texas System. Established in 1961, the young university is proud of its rapid growth in research output and the competitive undergraduate schemes for admission.

Winner of 4 Nobel prizes, its most important projects includes areas of aeronautics, micro-technology, and the human body. This university believes in academic development and the upliftment of young minds. Thus, the university encourages different intercollegiate competitions in sports and many more fields.

6. Texas Christian University

Founded in 1873 by two brothers, Addison and Randolph Clark, the university is affiliated with the Christian Church. The campus spans over 272 acres from downtown Fort Worth. The institution is one of the few universities with ‘R2: Doctoral Universities-High research activity.

Its mascot is Superfrog and consists of eight constituent colleges and schools and a curriculum that is on liberal arts. The total strength is 11,938. Not only in studies, but the students receive opportunities in various sports like Basketball and Shuffleboard and even join various hobby sports groups, one such being the TCU Quidditch League.

5. Baylor University

Baylor University is a private research university in Waco, Texas, the oldest still operating university in Texas. This institution has quite a high graduation rate, i.e., 79%. The University’s athletic teams are called Bears and are known to participate in almost 19 intercollegiate sports.

The university is proud to be announced as the 76th best national university in the US, according to the rankings by US News & World Report, 31st for the best undergraduate teaching and is at 25th for being most innovative in putting forth education in young minds. The total student strength is about 20,626 at present.

4. Southern Methodist University

Being a private research university in University Park, Texas, the university also has a unique satellite campus in Taos County, New Mexico. Founded on a joint venture of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, and the Dallas civic leaders, SMU is considered a well-distinguished center for research of global liberal arts tradition.

The university has one of the highest graduation rates of 78% and is also classified among ‘R-2: Doctoral Universities-High Research Activity. In the recent year, 2020, the university granted over 3,287 degrees in total, and eight schools are under SMU right now.

3. Texas A&M University

This university offers common programs: multi or interdisciplinary studies, psychology, Biomedical sciences, Communication, and Mechanical engineering, though it is recommended as one of the best universities in Texas. It is a public land grant research university in College Station, Texas.

With a fantastic graduation rate of 82%, Texas A&M University is the only university to hold designations simultaneously as a land, sea, and space grant institution, which was situated 146 years ago. It is one of the 6 American Universities to possess full-time, volunteer Cadet Corps that study along with civilian undergraduate students.

2. The University of Texas at Austin

It started 140 years ago, with just eight professors and 221 students. However, with immense hard work, honesty, and persistent striving, the university has become one of the top 40 universities in the world, according to the UT ranks. Presently 52,000 diverse students, or longhorns as they are called, have come forth to build their future in a great way in the university.

A university with immense beauty has all those facilities for curious young scholars with their research, including dozens of museums, libraries, centers, institutes, and special venues spread across the campus.

1. Rice University

The university has the highest graduation rate of 95%, which is ideal for a great future.  It is a private research university and was established on 23rd September 1912. The institution meticulously filers out the world’s best brains; thus, its student strength is 8,212, according to Fall 2021.

The university has quite high standards of research activity and is noted for its applied science programs in artificial heart research, structural chemical analysis, signal processing, nanotechnology, and space science. 

Top Universities In Texas


Is it safe to send kids to Texas?

Well, it is safe for higher studies which is evident from the growing student rate.

What about the scholarships one can avail of?

There is a bunch of different scholarships at different universities in Texas. All information is available on their official websites.

Is Texas affordable for students?

Texas is well known for its affordable living conditions. The tuition fee there is lower in comparison to California and Vermont.

What is the cost of studying in Texas?

Studying in in-state public universities in Texas can be about $8,600 per year, lower than in many other countries.

What are the things to keep in mind before going to Texas?

People are nice, friendly, and quite courteous, so not a scary place to be. There is no state tax but be careful because Texas is big, especially for students from quite populated nations.

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