Top 10 Universities in Pennsylvania

Being one of the most opted places for students worldwide to study, Pennsylvania has become a true dream of every student. If you are thinking about packing your bags to study abroad, then the city is waiting for you.

In case the expenses are bothering you, let me tell you that living expenses are way lower than you can imagine, and educational expenses can be put up with part-time jobs that you can fetch there.

We have tried to give you a list of universities in Pennsylvania that can help you become successful in your life. So, the wait is over. Go through the list below, pack your bags and get your passports ready for a new life full of adventure and excitement!

List of best Universities in Pennsylvania

10. Villanova University

Villanova University is a private university based in Villanova, Pennsylvania. It is a Roman Catholic research university named Saint Thomas of Villanova. Of the two Augustinian institutions in the States, Villanova is the oldest one to exist and continues.

This prestigious university has earned to be in the ‘R2: Doctoral Universities – High research activity’ category. The university has a space-grant and a current student strength of about 10,943. Villanova’s average graduation rate is about 91%.

9. Dickinson College

A private non-profit college, Dickinson is a liberal arts college based in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Initially founded as Carlisle Grammar School in 1773, the college was the first to be established after the States was formed.

With 85% being the graduation rate, the college offers bachelor’s programs in fields of International Business, Trade, Commerce, Psychology, Political Science, Government, and many more. These named subjects are the most popular ones. However, Dickinson can be somewhat selective with the acceptance rate, which is around 48%.

8. University of Pittsburgh

The study center of around 28k students worldwide, Pittsburg is a public state-related research university. The average graduation rate can be about 83%, with the acceptance rate being 64%. Around 17 schools and colleges offering undergraduate and graduate programs are under this university.

In the whole of the Pittsburgh metropolitan area, the University of Pittsburgh is the second-largest in being non-government employer. Classified one among the ‘R1:Doctoral Universities – Very high research activity, the university is also a member of the Association of American Universities.

7. Franklin & Marshall College

Founded in 1853, upon merging two colleges, Franklin College and Marshall College, F & M is a private college focusing primarily on liberal arts. The college has almost 2,400 full-time students and about 175 faculty members to assist them.

Only the best of minds can get into the institution. Thus, the acceptance rate is only about 37%, whereas the graduation rate is as high as 83%. F & M College is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and believes in hands-on education to emphasize close relationships with the faculty.

6. Bryn Mawr College 

This college is a private, non-profit college in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Bryn Mawr College is a women’s liberal arts college. Initially, the college was a Quaker institution and was founded in 1885. It is one of the seven colleges within the Seven Sister Colleges.

Presently, about 1719 students study here, including undergraduate and postgraduate students. The college is a small, four-year, residential baccalaureate college. Within the studying program, the students there are even required to complete a year of a foreign language course. 87% is the rate of graduation there.

5. Lehigh University

Lehigh University is a private research university in the Lehigh Valley region of eastern Pennsylvania. Exactly situated in Bethlehem, the university was founded by Asa Packer, a businessman, in 1865. Placed amidst lush greenery, this university’s graduation rate is about 88%, with the acceptance rate being 50%. It is one of the most beautiful-looking universities in Pennsylvania.

Finance, Computer Science, Mechanical engineering, Accounting, Marketing, or Marketing management are some of the most opted subjects this university offers. The total student strength of Lehigh is about 6953.

4. Lafayette College

With a student strength of 2514, Lafayette College is considered a Hidden Ivy and one of the Little northeastern Ivies. In 46 states from the United States of America alone and approximately 60 nations worldwide, students come up every year to study subjects like Social Sciences, Engineering, Biology, English, and Psychology in this college.

One of the most important and unique aspects of this college is that the students have the agency to choose their major by combining several courses they feel like from different programs.

3. Swarthmore College 

Recommended as definitely one of the top 3 universities in Pennsylvania is Swarthmore College. It is a private liberal arts college that was established in 1864. With its initial classes being held in 1869, Swarthmore is one of the earliest colleges for men and women in the United States.

Swarthmore is a challenging college to get in, with an acceptance rate of 9%. However, the graduation rate is relatively high, at 94%. About 1647 students from all over the globe have come to study here, according to the records of Fall 2018.

2. Haverford College 

Established as a men’s college, Haverford turned coeducational by the year 1980. The college with definitely be among the top 2 universities in Pennsylvania. Haverford is a private liberal arts college with the motto “Not more learned, but steeped in a higher learning.”

About 31 majors in humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences are offered here. With nearly 1435, this college is also a member of the Tri-College. Students and professors from this prestigious college have been recipients of 4 Nobel Prizes and 6 Pulitzer Prizes.

1. Bucknell University 

Our recommendation for the best university in Pennsylvania is Bucknell University. This non-profit, private university is situated in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. The graduation rate of this university is 88%, whereas the acceptance rate is 38%. Economics, Psychology, Political science and government, Accounting and Finance, Biology, and Biological Sciences are some of the favorite subjects offered by this university.

Being one of the topmost universities in the States, the total student strength is about 3,660. Founded in 1846, Bucknell stays as the dreamt university of millions worldwide every year.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs) for top universities in Pennsylvania.

How much are the average tuition fees at the universities in Pennsylvania?

For the resident students of Pennsylvania colleges, the average tuition fee is about $12,190. However, the tuition fees can be almost $18,829 yearly for students from outside Pennsylvania.

How much is the house rent for students in Pennsylvania?

The average house rent with basic facilities is about $1,135.

What scholarship facilities are available?

A lot of yearly or semester-wise scholarships are available in the universities, do check their official websites to know further.

What is the crime rate in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania fares at a relatively low crime rate among 50 American states.

How much does the ticket to Pennsylvania cost?

From India to Pennsylvania, the cost of plane tickets may vary from 545$ to 3151$.

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