Top 10 Universities in Ohio

When graduating high school, there is always a set fear regarding the next step of the youngsters. Generally, it is a tense period, and students tend to get stressed without proper guidance. Many kids out there dream of studying abroad never comes true due to the information from toxic people around them and the wrong websites they opt for. However, here, we are always there to help you if you are one of them. No obstacle should come between you and your dreams.

If you have decided, then that dreamt life of yours is not a big deal. We are here to help you to clear your doubts and misconceptions. Below is a list of the top universities in Ohio that will help you lead the life you have desired.

Best Colleges and Universities in Ohio

10. Bowling Green State University 

Located in Bowling Green, Ohio, this public research university spans over about 1,338 acres of land. The graduation rate is about 56%, and the acceptance rate is 75% here. This university offers nationally recognized degrees and research on humanities, applied technologies, health, and wellness, social and natural sciences, arts, education, etc. From a small regular school, Bowling Green State University has become a full-fledged university catering to over 20 to 22 thousand students worldwide.

9. God’s Bible School & College 

This university was founded in the year 1900. It is a Bible college and is one of the Wesleyan-Armenian traditions. The average graduation rate is 39%, and the acceptance rate is 81%. The institution has about three divisions for online and traditional education.

Here, degrees are given at all levels, including associate’s, bachelor’s, and graduate. About 320 students are admitted here every year. This college is also an active member of the Greater Cincinnati Consortium of Colleges and Universities.

8. John Carroll University 

This university is a Jesuit university that is private. Based in University Heights, Ohio, it is an institute that focuses on liberal arts and caters to undergraduate students. The university has an enrolment of 3,650 students. 77% is the graduation rate, and about 88% is the acceptance rate.

The university offers common majors: Psychology, Biological sciences, Accounting, Marketing Management, and Speech communication and rhetoric. John Caroll caters to students with about 70 academic programs.

7. Denison University 

The university has a graduation rate of about 85%, with an acceptance rate of 28%.  As a private liberal arts college, Denison University is situated in Granville, Ohio.  Being one of the leading universities in liberal arts, Denison offers about 60 educational degrees to over 2300 students worldwide.

Denison University was founded in the year 1831. Initially, the institute was known as the Granville Literary and Theological Institution. This university focuses even on the overall nurturing of the youth. Thus its athletic teams compete even in the North Coast Athletic Conference.

6. University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati is a public research university in Cincinnati, Ohio. As the city’s oldest institution for higher studies, this university accommodates over 44,000 students. The accumulation of this many students from all over the world, irrespective of race, color, and faith, has made the University of Cincinnati the second-largest university in the whole of Ohio. This institution’s acceptance rate is almost 76%, and the graduation rate is about 68%. Established in 1819, the university’s branch campuses are in Batavia and Blue Ash, Ohio.

5. Oberlin College 

Oberlin College is probably the second oldest college still operating in the world.  As a coeducational institution, Oberlin is a private liberal arts college that is also a conservatory of music in Ohio. The acceptance rate would be about 35%, and the graduation rate would be 87%.

This college is one of the first to admit women and African Americans. Oberlin gets identified in society for its progressive student activism. Formerly known as Oberlin Collegiate Institute, the university was built in 1833. 

4. University of Dayton 

Located in Dayton, Ohio, the university is Catholic. It was initially founded by the Society of Mary as a private research university. Established in 1850, Dayton is the second largest among the private universities in Ohio. About 81% is the acceptance rate, and 79% is the graduation rate in this university.

More than 11,000 students opt for courses at this university. The educational affiliations of Dayton are ACCU and NAICU. This university also has a space grant.

3. Ohio University 

Ohio University is located in Athens, Ohio. This public research university was first opened in the year 1809 for candidates. The acceptance rate at Ohio University is about 87%, and the graduation rate is 63%.

Probably the oldest university in Ohio, the all-campus student strength is more than 28,000. Over 18,293 students come to study at this university from outside Ohio. This university offers various undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees and certificates.

2. The Ohio State University 

Also known as Ohio State or OSU, this university is a public land-grant research institute based in Columbus, Ohio. It will rank one among the top 2 universities in Ohio. Ranked as one of the best universities in the United States, the university’s graduation rate is about 83%, whereas the acceptance rate is 68%. Originally known as the Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College, this institution previously focused on subjects on different agricultural and mechanical topics.

However, the Ohio General Assembly passed a law in 1878, changing it to “the Ohio State University” to preach education and expand to all sorts of students. Presently the total student strength would be more than 50,000, including all the degrees it provides.

1. Case Western Reserve University

Situated in Cleveland, Ohio, Case Western Reserve University is probably the best in the whole of Ohio, and we recommend it. Established in 1826 as Western Reserve University, CWRU was named after the Case Western Reserve, built-in 1967. It is a Public research university with about 12,069 students studying there currently.

CWRU has about eight schools under its supervision and offers a wide array of degrees — about 100 in bachelors and 160 in graduate and professional degrees. The university boasts 17 Nobel Laureates within its faculty and falls in the group being claimed as ‘R1:  Doctoral Universities – Very high research activity. It has a fast acceptance rate of only about 30%, whereas the graduation rate is up to 85%.

Top Universities In Ohio


What is the average money amount received from scholarships there?

The average money received from scholarships is about $ 7,400. However, it can be quite different for different universities in Ohio.

Is it safe in Ohio?

Yes, Ohio is one of the safest states in the Union.

What is the cost of living in Ohio?

About $ 31,220 to $ 46,000 per year is enough to live a comfortable life in Ohio.

How much is the flight ticket to Ohio?

About Rs 126,069 to Rs 141,476 is the flight ticket cost from India to Columbus, Ohio.

How is the economy in Ohio?

With 15.4% of the population below the poverty line and a GDP of about $656.19 billion, Ohio is the 21st largest global economy behind Saudi Arabia and ahead of Argentina, according to the 2017 IMF GDP estimates.

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