Top 10 Universities in Michigan

It is again that time of the year when millions of students venture from one place to another to build their careers. Generally, parents are also worried about their children’s future. It is the first time the once toddlers have wholly and finally developed their wings to fly high and beyond in search of the brightest sun ray.

We understand the whole scenario, the brainstorming, and the anxiety attacks that come with the situation, so we are here to help you. Studying abroad and fulfilling your dreams is just a click away right now. With proper knowledge and honest reviews, you will see the actual scenario better than others, which will take you closer to your dreams.

List of the ten best Universities in Michigan

10. Andrews University

Originally named Battle Creek College, Andrews University was established in 1874. It is a Seventh-day Adventist university of private type in Berrien Springs, Michigan. It is also a flagship university under the Seventh-day Adventist School System, the world’s second-largest Christian school system.

The university has a total student enrollment of 3,366 and over 1,600 acres in a rural setup. Eight colleges are under this university, offering over 200 degrees to students worldwide. The university’s acceptance rate is 49%, whereas the graduation rate is about 59%.

9. Grand Valley State University

It is a public university located in Allendale, Michigan. Grand Valley State University was founded in 1960, and its acceptance and graduation rates are 88% and 66%, respectively. Spread over 1,322 acres of land, its other campuses are in Grand Rapids and Holland.

The regional centers of this university are in Battle Creek, Detroit, Traverse City, and Muskegon. Formerly known as the Grand Valley State College, it owns a space grant. More than 24,000 students study here from all over the globe, and the university is one of the largest universities among America’s 100 most prominent universities.

8. University of Michigan- Dearborn

It is one of the two regional universities that is operating under the policies of the University of Michigan Board of Regents. Built-in Dearborn, Michigan, this university is public in type and has an acceptance rate of about 68% and a graduation rate of 56%.

The university was first established in 1959 and catered to approximately 6,725 students from America and beyond. Nicknames as Wolverines, the students get to study subjects like Arts, Sciences and Letters, Education, Health, Human Services, etc. They are offered more than 100 majors and minors, six doctoral degrees, and about 43 master’s degrees here.

7. Wayne State University

Based in Detroit, Michigan, this is the third largest university in Michigan. Wayne State University is a public research university that was established in the year 1868. About 13 schools and colleges are under this university, which offers 350 programs to its students. The total enrollment of students is about 25,000.

This university has a 69% acceptance rate, and the graduation rate is about 46%. Also classified under “R1: Doctoral Universities – Very high research activity”, this university has about four satellite campuses in counties like Macomb, Wayne, and Jackson. This university’s athletic team competes in the NCAA Division II Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.

6. Hope College

As a private Christian liberal arts college, Hope is situated in Holland, Michigan. This college received its state charter in the year 1866. However, it was initially deemed the Pioneer School by and for the Dutch immigrants in 1851.

The acceptance rate here is 78%, and the graduation rate is 79%. The motto is “Hope in God,” and the college is affiliated with the Reformed Church in America. Thus, it has a Christian atmosphere inside. About 3,149 students are currently studying here to receive a degree among over 90 majors in subjects varying from Arts to Science, Music to Nursing.

5. Kalamazoo College

Simply known as K, Kalamazoo College is located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. It is a private college focusing on liberal arts. Initially, even though American Baptist Ministers established it, now it has no particular religious strictness or affiliations. Its graduation rate is about 78%, and the acceptance rate is 74%.

Made in the year 1833, K’s educational affiliations are GLCA, CIC, CLAC, Oberlin Group, and Annapolis Group. About 1,436 students study here for their undergraduate degrees. This urban college was known anciently for its leading production of Peace Corps volunteers among all the liberal arts colleges in the US. Kalamazoo caters to its pupils with about 30 majors over subjects in the fields of Fine Arts, Humanities, Classical and Modern Literature, Languages, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Mathematics.

4. Albion College

Albion is a private college based in Albion, Michigan, which focuses on liberal arts as well. Established in 1835, the athletes in this college generally participate in the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association and NCAA Division III.

The acceptance rate of this college is 74%, and the graduation rate is 65%. This college caters to about 1,500 full-time students and 30 part-time ones. The Whitehouse Nature Center of Albion College has a crucial role in the classroom instruction of the college. It also plays as an environmental education area for the other schools and colleges, helping the students study well.

3. Kettering University

One of the top 3 universities in Michigan will be the university located in Flint, Michigan, known as Kettering University. Famous for its bachelor of science and master’s degrees in Business and STEM fields, the university was founded 103 years ago, in 1919. It is a private university with over 2,327 students.

Being one of the favorite universities of the students, it requires a five-year co-op term at least for its students to graduate. Then, they receive paid work under the various industries and more than 550 corporates who are partners with Kettering, helping freshers gain fundamental skills and degrees. The average acceptance rate here is 74%, whereas the graduation rate is about 63%.

2. Michigan Technological University

Based in Houghton, Michigan, Michigan Technological University will be one of our top 2 choices among the best universities in Michigan. Established in 1885, initially as the Michigan Mining School, this was the first institution in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to provide post-secondary education.

The acceptance rate is 70%, and the graduation rate is almost 68% at this university. With total student strength of 7,270, the university is also classified among ‘R2: Doctoral Universities – High research activity. This institution provides about 12 areas for research, some of them being Ecosystems, Robotics, Energy, Health, Ocean Sciences, Space Sciences, and Electronics.

1. Calvin University

Now is the time to discuss the best among many top universities in Michigan. Calvin University is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and it tops our choice. Initially famous as Calvin College, this university was established in 1876. Being a private, Christian university, the university is an academy that stands in the Reformed tradition and is under the Christian Reformed Church.

The acceptance rate is 73%, whereas the graduation rate is 77%. Named after the 16th-century protestant reformer John Calvin, the current student enrollment of the students here is 3,256. This university provides over 100 academic and other pre-professional fields and about ten graduate programs. Its sporting affiliation is under NCAA Division III – MIAA as well.

Top Universities In Michigan


What are some pros and cons one should know about Michigan?

Michigan can provide you with a wide choice of options for your lifestyle. The state, however, is cold, snowy, and cloudy, which can sometimes be nasty. Michigan has excellent scenic beauty and offers many fun activities to participate in while you stay here, but poor transportation infrastructure is a no-no to many.

Is it safe there in Michigan?

Ans- The overall risk factor in Michigan is low. However, a few spots can be a bit notorious. Thus make a conscious decision during your stay there.

Are there lots of political upheavals in Michigan?

Ans- Nothing significant has taken place in recent years.

How expensive is the cost of studying at universities in Michigan?

The average cost of living is really low, about 10% lower than the national average.

What is the job culture in Michigan?

Jobs here can be incredibly hectic, but they have diverse job opportunities. Michigan features two of the highest-demand and highest-wage careers of tomorrow.

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