Top 10 Universities in Illinois

Also known as “the Prairie State,” the state wrapped in farmlands, wetlands, forests, and rolling hills is home to many students worldwide each year. Illinois, the first state to abolish slavery, has shown acceptability to youngsters and even locals of different heritage and colors.

So, if you are worried about your child’s future, you are at ease, for Illinois will probably be one of the best decisions you will take for your ward. Below are the top universities in Illinois; getting into this will be a great blessing in your child’s life that they cannot even imagine and will thank you forever.

Best Colleges and Universities in Illinois

10. Knox College 

Located in Galesburg, Illinois, this college is private in type. Focusing on liberal arts, this college provides about 60 courses for studying. The acceptance rate is 71%, and the graduate rate is 73%. The university was initially established in 1837. It caters to almost 1200 students across the world.

Originally, the college was founded as Knox Manual Labor College. However, the name changed in the year 1857. On implementing Renewed Knox, the 2003 curriculum overhaul, the college expanded the array of academic offerings to meet the 21st-century enthusiastic minds.

9. Bradley University 

Bradley is a private university. Based in Peoria, Illinois, the university was established in 1897. Almost 5,400 students get enrolled every year here. The university offers over 100 undergraduate programs and more than 30 postgraduate courses.

Here, the graduation rate is about 78%, and the acceptance rate is about 73%. This university is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, which is a great deal. It even has its sports affiliations from NCAA Division I – MVC. 

8. Wheaton College

This liberal arts college is a private college. The college is Evangelical Christian by faith. Wheaton College has an acceptance rate of 87%, and the graduation rate is 87%.  Built by the evangelical abolitionists in 1860, this college graduated one of the first black graduates of Illinois.

With a total strength of about 2810 students, there are about 40 majors in liberal arts and sciences from where the students can select the subject they want to go for. Some of the famous subjects opted for by most students would be English, Biology, Business, and Communications. Political science, Biblical studies, International studies, and Psychology.

7. Illinois College

The college is a private, non-profit one established in Jacksonville, Illinois. Illinois was the second institution to even open in Illinois where degrees were given. It is a liberal arts college offering combined degree programs in Biology with Medical Technology, Nursing, Biology with Occupational Therapy, and many more.

Simultaneously there are more than 80 varied majors and majors offered here. The graduation rate here is about 70%, and the acceptance rate is about 75%.

6. Hebrew Theological College

Also known as HTC or “Skokie Yeshiva” colloquially, the college is a private non-profit. The standard programs are Judaic Studies, Business or Commerce, Psychology, Communication Sciences and Disorders, and a few more. About 83% is the acceptance rate, and the graduation rate is 7%.

The college primarily concentrates on teaching Torah and Jewish traditions and customs. HTC is a part of the Touro College and University System and organizes programs separately for both men and women.

5. University of Illinois, Springfield 

Founded in 1969, the university is located in Springfield, Illinois. This university was built as Sangamon State University by the Illinois State Assembly and was made a part of the University of Illinois system. The average acceptance rate is about 77%, and the graduation rate is 62%. About 4,146 students study there every year.

This university provides about 56 bachelor’s courses, 39 minors, 44 master’s programs, one doctorate, and about 37 graduate certificates and degrees. It was sometimes back at an upper-division and graduate university in Illinois.

4. Western Illinois University 

Western Illinois University was initially named Western Illinois State Normal School and was established in 1899. Later it grew to be Western Illinois State Teachers College. With an acceptance rate of 67%, the graduation rate is about 46%. The university is located in Macomb, Illinois.

This public university has about 7643 students, according to Fall 2022. The university has a student-run radio station called 88.3 The Dog, WIFS-FM. The university provides degrees in nearly 130 subject majors, including bachelor’s and master’s and many more types of courses.

3. Illinois Wesleyan University 

One of the top 3 universities in Illinois will be Illinois Wesleyan University. This private, non-profit university was established in Bloomington in 1850. In 1856, they built the central portion of the structure. The average acceptance rate here is about 57%, and the graduation rate is 79%.

It is a nationally recognized and highly selective university of liberal arts. With a total strength of over 2,000 students, the campus spans over 82 acres. IWU offers more than 80 majors, minors and programs combined.

2. Depaul University 

The land of deep-dish pizza, Chicago has to offer the second-best university in Illinois, i.e., DePaul University. DePaul identifies itself as dating back to 1898, built by the Vincentians. Named after Saint Vincent de Paul, the French priest of the 17th century, the university boasts of becoming the most significant enrollment ratio in North America in 1998.

This institution’s acceptance rate is 70%, and the graduation rate is about 72%. About 22,437 students study here currently, and the university offers a wide range of subjects — from Computing and Digital Marketing, Law, and Communications to Liberal Arts, Science, and Health.

1. Loyola University, Chicago 

The topper of all the universities in Illinois discussed above will be Loyola University, Chicago. It is a Jesuit private research university established in 1870. The namesake of this university is Saint Ignatius of Loyola. Thus initially, it was also called St. Ignatius College. Here the acceptance rate is 71%, and the graduation rate is 74%. Along with studies, the all-round development of youngsters is also focused upon.

Classified among one of the universities within “R2:Doctoral Universities – High research activity”, this university offers about 80 undergraduate and 140 professional and graduate programs for approximately 17,000 students. Its sporting affiliation is with NCAA Division I— A-10 as well.

Top Universities In Illinois


Is it safe to send kids to Illinois?

Just like any other place on this planet, Illinois cannot be 100% safe. Although if one can remain careful about with whom one is hanging out or where one is hanging out, Illinois is an excellent place to be.

What is the cost of living in Illinois?

The average cost of living there would be around $ 43,981 yearly.

Is Illinois affordable to stay in?

The cost of living in Illinois is slightly lower than any other state in the USA.

What are the things to keep in mind before going to study at universities in Illinois?

Only buy what you can afford and start saving up. It is a very culturally diverse place to live in. Illinois has the coldest and most unpredictable weather, and the housing and job markets are competitive.

What exactly are the job opportunities in Illinois?

You will find every possible type of job in Illinois. However, the most popular one would be Administrative Support which includes jobs as office workers, secretaries, switchboard operators, etc.

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