Top 10 Universities in Georgia: A Comprehensive Guide to Higher Education

Being the 24th largest state area-wise and the 8th most populated state of the United States, Georgia is a transcontinental nation situated at the intersection of  Western Asia and Eastern Europe.

Georgia ranked 26th in education worldwide and has probably the best school and university education quality. So, if questions are bothering you regarding where to study abroad for a better future, well, now you know the answer.

A land so diverse, Georgia will teach you something way more important and profound than just textbook knowledge. It will be an experience you will thank God you did not miss in your lifetime.

Given below is a list of the best universities in Georgia that you help you achieve your dreams.


Best Colleges and Universities in Georgia

10. Agnes Scott College 

 Agnes Scott College

Agnes Scott College is situated in Decatur, Georgia, and is a private liberal arts college. This women’s college is also considered one of the Seven Sisters of the South. The college’s graduation rate is 69%, and the acceptance rate is 68%.

Affiliated with the Presbyterian Church, this college has a student strength of about 1000 students, including both graduate and undergraduate degrees. The college even offers co-ed options for its graduate programs.

About 34 choices are offered in undergraduate majors here in the university, 9 in graduate and post-baccalaureate degrees.

Agnes Scott College Facilities

Agnes Scott College offers a range of facilities designed to meet the needs of its students and enhance their academic and extracurricular pursuits. Here are some notable facilities available at Agnes Scott College:

? McCain Library
? Bradley Observatory
? Science Center
? Dalton Gallery
? Dana Fine Arts Building
? Woodruff Residence Hall
? Sports and Recreation facilities
? Dining facilities
? Student Center
? Classroom buildings

Agnes Scott College Residential Life  

Certainly! Here is a list of residential life facilities at Agnes Scott College

? Agnes Scott Hall
? Inman Hall
? Rebekah Scott Hall
? Winship Hall
? Walters Hall
? Campbell Hall
? Hopkins Hall
? Walters A
? Alston Campus Center

These residential facilities provide students with on-campus housing options, creating a vibrant and inclusive living environment at Agnes Scott College.

Agnes Scott College Tuition And Fees    

In State – $44,250

Out of state – $60,546

Agnes Scott College Location

9. Emory University 

Emory University

This university is a non-profit, private institution. It was Established in The Year 1836 initially as Emory College. Within Georgia, Emory is probably the second-oldest university, which is private.

The university’s graduation rate is about 90%, but the acceptance rate is only about 19%. About 15,846 students study here from all over the world.

Emory University has about nine educational segregations with separate colleges for separate subjects. The university withholds the group of R1: Doctoral Universities – Very high research activity and is actively under the Association of American Universities.

Emory University Facilities

Emory University, situated in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, is a private research university equipped with diverse facilities and resources that are crucial in advancing its academic and research pursuits. Here are a few noteworthy facilities available at Emory University:

▶ Health Sciences Center Library
▶ Emory Student Center
▶ Michael C. Carlos Museum
▶ Schwartz Center for Performing Arts
▶ Research laboratories
▶ Yerkes National Primate Research Center
▶ Emory Healthcare facilities
▶ Emory University Hospital
▶ Winship Cancer Institute
▶ Woodruff Physical Education Cente

Emory University Residential Life  

Emory University provides a vibrant and inclusive residential life experience for its students.

▶ On-Campus Housing
▶ Residential Programs
▶ Residence Life Staff
▶ Amenities and Services
▶ Community Engagement

Emory University Tuition And Fees 

In State – $55,468

Out of state – $75,594

Emory University Location

8. Georgia College 

Georgia College

Located in Milledgeville, the college is a public liberal arts college member of the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges and the University System of Georgia. Georgia has a total student strength of approximately 7,000 students, and the institution was Built in 1889.

This college has a total of 11 athletics teams under the name Georgia College Athletics,’ and they have competed or generally competed in the NCAA DIVISION II Peach Belt Conference. In 1996, the Georgia Board of Regents designated Georgia College as Georgia’s ‘Public Liberal Arts University.’

Georgia College Facilities

Certainly! I would be delighted to share information about the facilities at Georgia College. Georgia College is a public liberal arts university situated in Milledgeville, Georgia, United States.

The campus consists of numerous facilities designed to address a range of academic, recreational, and administrative requirements. Here are a few notable facilities at Georgia College:

➡️ Russell Library
➡️ Atkinson Hall
➡️ Health Sciences Building
➡️ Centennial Center
➡️ The Max Noah Singers Building
➡️ Arts and Sciences Building
➡️ Wellness and Recreation Center
➡️ Residence Halls

Georgia College Residential Life  

Experience a vibrant and inclusive living environment at Georgia College Residential Life.

We prioritize community and personal growth, providing the ideal setting for students to excel academically, socially, and personally. Our on-campus housing options cater to diverse preferences, offering a variety of amenities and resources.

Whether you prefer comfortable dormitories or apartment-style living, we have the perfect housing solution to match your lifestyle.

Our dedicated team of residential staff places utmost importance on safety, student engagement, and fostering lifelong friendships.

Join us at Georgia College Residential Life for a rewarding and enriching college experience.

Georgia College Tuition And Fees 

In State – $9,524 

Out of state – $28,704

Georgia College Location

7. Berry College 

Berry College

Berry College is also a liberal arts college that is private. The college is located in a beautiful place called Mount Berry community, which is adjacent to Rome, Georgia. Based on Christian principles, Martha Berry Built This College in 1902.

The average acceptance Rate Here Is 77%, but the graduation rate is 66%. Spread across more than 27,000 acres, the college has a rural setup. 2,308 is the enrollment of the students in total.

This college puts forth degrees in various subjects, like arts, music, business administration, education, and educational specialist degrees are provided here too.

Berry College Facilities

Berry College, situated in Mount Berry, Georgia, United States, is a private liberal arts college that provides various facilities to cater to its students’ academic, recreational, and residential requirements.

Here are some of the noteworthy facilities available at Berry College:

Ford Buildings
McAllister Hall
Memorial Library
Richards Gymnasium
Cage Center
McAllister Hall Auditorium
Viking Courts
Valhalla Stadium
Mountain Campus

Berry College Residential Life  

Berry College’s Residential Life provides students with a vibrant and inclusive living community. With a variety of residence halls and apartments, students can enjoy comfortable accommodations and convenient amenities such as study lounges and common areas.

The dedicated Residential Life staff, including professionals and student leaders, actively organizes events and programs that promote community building and personal growth.

Living on campus grants students easy access to academic resources, dining facilities, and campus activities, fostering a sense of belonging and enriching their college experience.

This environment supports students’ academic and personal development, ensuring a well-rounded education.

Berry College Tuition And Fees    

In State – $38,656

Out of state – $55,500

Berry College Location

6. Spelman College 

University Of Georgia

Spelman College, located in Atlanta, Georgia, is a private, non-profit college. The college is also an active part of Atlanta’s Atlanta University Center academic consortium. This college’s acceptance rate is about 53%, and the graduation rate is 74%.

Originally built as a college catering to black women, it is America’s oldest private HBCU women’s college for liberal arts, founded in 1881. With a 2,240 student strength, Spelman has the 54th ranking for being the best national liberal arts college and has ranked 1st among the historically black colleges in the whole of the USA.

Spelman College Facilities

Spelman College, located in Atlanta, Georgia, is a historically black women’s college. It offers various facilities to meet the academic, cultural, and social needs of its students. Key facilities include:

? Sisters Chapel
? Cosby Academic Center
? Camille Olivia Hanks Cosby Academic Center
? John D. Rockefeller Fine Arts Building
? Science Center
? Albert E. Manley College Center
? Wellness Center
? Spelman College Museum of Fine Art
? Residential Halls

Spelman College Residential Life  

Spelman College provides students with a range of residential life facilities. The college offers comfortable and secure residential halls on campus where students can live.

These halls go beyond being mere living spaces; they cultivate a sense of community and provide opportunities for students to connect and form relationships with their peers.

The residential halls are designed to create a supportive and inclusive environment, offering resources and services that promote student well-being and academic achievement.

By residing on campus, students can fully engage in the dynamic college experience, participate in campus activities, and develop lifelong friendships.

Spelman College Tuition And Fees

In State – $28,181 

Out of state – $48,244

Spelman College Location

5. Georgia Southern University

Georgia Southern University

It is a public research institution founded in 1906. Located in Statesboro, where they have the flagship campus, GSU’s other campuses include the Armstrong Campus, in Savannah and the Liberty Campus, in Hinesville.

The acceptance rate here is about 91%, but the graduation rate is about 50%. Offering almost 140 varied subjects to study and master, Georgia State University has a student strength of over 27,000, coming from about 140 different places within the US and worldwide.

Georgia Southern University Facilities

Georgia Southern University, situated in Georgia, United States, is a comprehensive public university that provides a variety of facilities to cater to the needs of its students, faculty, and staff. Here are some notable facilities offered at Georgia Southern University:

➤ Academic Buildings
➤ Libraries
➤ Student Recreation Center
➤ Sports Facilities
➤ Dining Facilities
➤ Student Housing
➤ Performing Arts Center
➤ Health Services
➤ Research Facilities
➤ Computer Labs and Technology Centers

Georgia Southern University Residential Life  

Certainly! Here is a list of residential life facilities at Georgia Southern University

➤ Residence Halls
➤ Apartment-Style Housing
➤ Community Centers
➤ Study Lounges
➤ Laundry Facilities
➤ Recreational Areas
➤ Residential Programming Spaces
➤ Dining Options
➤ Residence Hall Staff Offices
➤ 24/7 Front Desk Services

Georgia Southern University Tuition And Fees

In State – $6,485

Out of state – $17,539

Georgia Southern University Location

4. Mercer University 

Mercer University

This private, non-profit university was founded in Macon as Mercer Institute in 1833. With time Mercer Institute became a university that is the oldest thriving private university in Georgia. Over 9,000 students study here in about 12 schools and colleges under this university.

Subjects like liberal arts, sciences, business, engineering, education, music, law, theology, medicine, and many more. Mercer is an agile member of the Georgia Research Alliance and possesses a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, the country’s oldest collegiate honors society.

Mercer University Facilities

Mercer University, situated in Macon, Georgia, United States, is a private university with multiple facilities on its campuses.

These facilities are designed to meet the diverse academic, administrative, and recreational requirements of both students and faculty. Here are some notable facilities offered by Mercer University:

? Academic Buildings
? Libraries
? Student Centers
? Residence Halls
? Dining Facilities
? Athletic Facilities
? Performing Arts Centers
? Research Centers

Mercer University Residential Life

? Residence Halls
? Housing Options
? Community Living

Mercer University Tuition And Fees    

In State – $38,746 

Out of state – $56,162

Mercer University Location

3. Georgia Institute of Technology 

Georgia Institute Of Technology

This public research university is an institute of technology founded on 13th October 1885. Also known as Georgia Tech or simply just Tech, this university is situated in Atlanta, Georgia.

Georgia Institute of Technology has seven satellite campuses in places like Georgia, France, China, and Singapore.

Formerly called the Georgia School of Technology, this university is one of Georgia’s top 3 best universities. The student strength being 39,771, GIT is accredited to SACS and has about 31 units or departments in science and technology.

Georgia Institute of Technology Facilities

Georgia Tech, also known as the Georgia Institute of Technology, boasts a range of facilities that play a crucial role in advancing its academic and research pursuits. Here are some notable facilities at Georgia Tech:

▶ Campus
▶ Library
▶ Classroom Buildings
▶ Research Centers
▶ Laboratories
▶ Campus Recreation Center
▶ Computing Facilities
▶ Student Center
▶ Sports Facilities
▶ Innovation Hubs

Georgia Institute of Technology Residential Life  

Sure! Here are the residential life facilities at the Georgia Institute of Technology,

▶ Residence Halls
▶ Apartment-Style Housing
▶ Community Spaces
▶ Dining Facilities
▶ Recreation Areas
▶ Study Spaces
▶ Residential Programs
▶ Residence Life Staff

Georgia Institute of Technology Tuition And Fees

In State / Out of state – $29,802

Georgia Institute of Technology Location

2. Georgia State University 

Georgia State University

It is one of the top 2 universities in Georgia and one of the four research universities of the University System of Georgia. The university has an acceptance rate of 82% and a graduate rate of 54%.

Built-in Atlanta as well, this institute was founded in 1913. This public research university offers 250-degree programs and about 100 fields to study. Classified among ‘R1: Doctoral Universities – Very High Research Activity, the university caters to nearly 52,814 students.

Georgia State University Facilities

Georgia State University, situated in Atlanta, Georgia, is a public research university that offers a diverse range of facilities on its campus.

These facilities cater to academic pursuits, research endeavors, recreational activities, and administrative functions. Here are some noteworthy facilities at Georgia State University:

➡️ Classroom buildings
➡️ Library
➡️ Research centers
➡️ Sports facilities
➡️ Student center
➡️ Health and wellness center
➡️ Arts facilities
➡️ Administrative buildings

These facilities offer students, faculty, and staff the essential resources and spaces to actively participate in their academic disciplines, conduct research, and partake in extracurricular pursuits.

Georgia State University Residential Life  

Georgia State University provides diverse on-campus housing options for students, aiming to establish an inclusive and lively living environment.

These residential choices are designed to cultivate a strong community spirit, enhance student achievements, and offer comfortable, well-equipped living spaces.

With access to amenities and opportunities for student interaction, the university’s residential life program aims to create a warm and enriching experience throughout students’ tenure at Georgia State University.

Georgia State University Tuition And Fees    

In State – $9,286

Out of state – $24,517

Georgia State University Location

1. University of Georgia

University Of Georgia

Finally, we arrived together to discuss the best university in Georgia. The University of Georgia is undoubtedly the best in the whole of Georgia and one of the top-notch universities in the United States.

It is a land grant-owned public research institute, and its main campus is in Athens, Georgia. One of the oldest public universities in America, its graduation rate is about 85%. Only the best minds and brains get to be here. Thus, its acceptance rate is relatively low, at about 48%.

It is the flagship school under the University System of Georgia as well. Also, a member of the group “R1: Doctoral Universities – Very high research activity” and one of the country’s top three creators of Rhodes Scholars over the years, the University of Georgia caters to about 40,118 students from all over the globe.

University of Georgia Facilities

The University of Georgia (UGA) is renowned for its wide range of facilities that effectively meet the diverse needs of students, faculty, and staff. Below are some notable facilities offered by the University of Georgia:

➤ Main Campus
➤ Libraries
➤ Sanford Stadium
➤ Stegeman Coliseum
➤ Performing Arts Center
➤ Science Facilities
➤ Health Sciences Campus
➤ Athletic Facilities
➤ Student Recreation Center

University of Georgia Residential Life  

➤ Creswell Hall
➤ Russell Hall
➤ Brumby Hall
➤ Myers Hall
➤ Oglethorpe House
➤ Mary Lyndon Hall
➤ Hill Community (Boggs Hall, Church Hall, Lipscomb Hall, Mell Hall, Morris Hall)
➤ Payne Hall
➤ Reed Community (Boggs Hall, Church Hall, Hill Hall, Reed Hall, Rutherford Hall)
➤ University Village

These residential facilities provide students with on-campus housing options, fostering community and creating a supportive living environment at the University of Georgia.

University of Georgia Tuition And Fees    

In State – $12,068

Out of state – $31,108 

University of Georgia Location

Top Universities In Georgia


How expensive is Georgia?

The average cost of living and studying at universities in Georgia is about $ 38,165 per year.

How is the lodging facility at the universities?

Almost all universities in Georgia provide hostel facilities within a stipulated monthly amount which is reasonable.

How are the people in Georgia?

The population of Georgia is a concoction of almost all the races within the Caucasus region. The state also has a homogeneous mixture of all religions and cultures of the world.

What are the scholarship facilities at the universities in Georgia?

Different universities provide different scholarships in Georgia; the average amount is almost $ 13,690 annually.

How is the economy in Georgia?

Emerging as a free market economy, Georgia’s GDP per capita rank is 78th according to 2021.

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