Top 10 Restaurants in West Virginia You Must Visit Once

There are several outstanding eateries in West Virginia. Many of these are worthwhile trips, but because life is short, why not start making a list of things to do right away?

Visitors from all over the world who search for adventure and appreciate nature’s beauty go to wild and lovely West Virginia.

With all the outdoor recreation available, like hiking, whitewater rafting, and zip lining, it’s simple to work up an appetite while you’re there. The top ten restaurants listed below are highly regarded by both residents and tourists seeking a taste of West Virginia.

Most Reviewed Restaurants in West Virginia

10. Drovers Inn

Nothing beats the appeal of a historically significant property, like Drovers Inn & Tavern, whose building was finished in 1848 by skilled craftsmen. If the atmosphere draws them in for the first visit, the food will keep them returning.

Make sure to sample the wings with one of the ten available sauces at Drovers Inn, which is renowned for its homemade blue cheese and wings.

Vintage signs and mugs adorn the walls and ceiling of the tavern, giving it a somewhat rustic appearance.

9. Panorama Bar & Grill

West Virginia is well-known for its mouthwatering meat dishes and hunting, but Panorama at the Peak also offers vegetarian and vegan options on its menu. At a famous Overlook, this Berkeley Springs restaurant offers regional cuisine.

Make reservations for a table by the window at this restaurant to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Potomac, which National Geographic has praised for its natural beauty. The food at Panorama at the Peak is entirely locally sourced, and the views at the restaurant are some of the best in Virginia.

8. Noah’s Eclectic Bistro

On your next visit to Charleston, a fantastic upscale bistro is waiting. With only ten tables and 32 chairs, Noah’s Eclectic Bistro is a small, charming restaurant offering diners a cozy dining experience.

Going to Noah’s will never get old because the menu features fresh, seasonal, and local ingredients and changes every week.

There aren’t many selections for appetizers, main dishes, and desserts on the limited menu, but each item is sure to be perfectly cooked and leave you full.

7. Cilantro Latin Grill

The most excellent burritos are served out with a smile at Cilantro Latin Grill, so move over to Chipotle. Customers enjoy the staff’s friendliness as they receive their freshly prepared South American meals.

The next time you’re in the mood for burritos or burrito bowls, head over to Cilantro and choose from Guadalajara beef, ground chorizo, chipotle and lime pork, and more. Cilantro offers freshness with consistency that many chain restaurants simply cannot.

Try an arepa for a unique variation that uses flatbread made from corn maize instead of a tortilla as a gluten-free choice.

6. Alfredo’s Mediterranean Café

The range of flavors offered by Alfredo’s Mediterranean Café will appeal to those who enjoy Mediterranean cuisine.

Several different cuisines are represented on the menu, including Persian, Moroccan, Lebanese, Italian, French, and Spanish. This café is best for folks who enjoy trying out new cuisines or for groups of people with various tastes.

The menu features both classic meals and ones that Alfredo has updated. Check out Alfredo’s Mediterranean Café for a global culinary adventure. Military personnel and government workers receive an additional discount of 10% off their bills.

5. King Tut Drive-In

Visit the King Tut Drive-In for a trip down memory lane. The drive-in is a beloved culinary institution with waitresses bringing food over on roller skates for any fans of traditional, old-fashioned America.

In addition to the joy of having your food delivered to your car, King Tut offers delectable American cuisine at genuinely affordable costs. No matter what you do, make sure to have some pie or a milkshake to round out your dinner.

4. Ogawa Japanese Restaurant

Try the sushi at Ogawa Japanese Restaurant in Morgantown for top-notch quality and a great price. The sushi is of exceptional quality, and beginners appreciate how the waitresses will walk them through the menu if they are unfamiliar with it.

Ogawa is a truly hidden gem with a somewhat weathered appearance and gorgeously warm interior. This traditional restaurant emphasizes presentation because every dish would be suitable for a food magazine picture shoot.

3. Le Bistro

Although West Virginia is better known for its down home southern cooking, fine-dining establishments are available for when diners are craving something more upscale. Le Bistro in Huntington offers a different type of comfort food with French country cuisine.

The setting is exquisite, and several wine selections are available to diners. With its meticulously chosen selections and more than 500 wines maintained in the cellar, Le Bistro’s wine program is challenging to match.

In the same luxurious setting, Le Bistro offers a lunch menu that is incredibly affordable for those looking for excellent dining on a budget.

2. Hillbilly Hot Dogs

This informal dining spot is so well-liked that it has been highlighted on the Food Network. Any possible way to order a hot dog is available at Hillbilly Hot Dog.

There are two dogs on the menu: the Pizza Dog, which has pepperoni and melted cheese, and Chuck’s Junk Yard Dog, which comes with homemade chili and all the fixings.

Customers are welcome to use the “Weenie Builder” to create their pups; some of them have proven good enough to land their spot on the menu.

You can also add a sauce with a spiciness rating to your dog if you want to go all out. To complete your meal, order some of the “fried fixings” and “hillbilly desserts.”

1. The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs

This ancient resort, which is tucked away in West Virginia’s stunning mountains, is a must-visit if you want to experience authentic gourmet dining.

Professional chefs and culinary teams work hard to prepare mouthwatering treats for the tourists that are all served in a stunning luxury ambiance. Six restaurants and cafés, in addition to three seasonal ones, five bars, and the same fantastic menu, are all accessible to overnight visitors at The Greenbrier.

Try the pan-roasted veal sweetbreads or cornmeal-crusted fried oysters in the main dining room, or try the pan-seared Chilean sea bass or tomato tart tatin to find a new favorite.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is West Virginia’s most famous food?

Pepperoni Rolls. This celebration honors both West Virginia’s official state dish, the pepperoni roll, as well as the region’s historic Italian ancestry. The pepperoni roll was created by an Italian baker in the 1930s as a portable supper for coal miners, and it is still a well-liked snack today.

What drink is West Virginia known for?

A gin and tonic may be associated with a trendy pub in London, but West Virginia is no stranger to this botanical concoction. According to The Daily Meal, gin and tonics are a state favorite and are typically served with matured gin, tonic, seltzer, and lemon oil.

What dessert is West Virginia known for?

Shoofly pie is one of the most well-known — and delectable — foods in West Virginia, despite the fact that the state does not have an official state dessert.

What food chain started in West Virginia?

A restaurant brand and franchise with its headquarters in Huntington, West Virginia, Tudor’s Biscuit World are most frequently found there.

What Apple is from West Virginia?

West Virginians should be justifiably proud of this achievement because, in 1995, the Golden Delicious was designated as the state apple. WV apples were more frequently marketed as fresh fruit in the early 1900s. By 1955, apple crop sales in Appalachia were roughly divided 50/50 between fresh and processed apples.

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