Top 10 Restaurants in Texas: You Must Try

Also known as the Lone Star state, Texas is in the southern region of America. Texas is widely known for football, BBQs, chili, steakhouses, etc. ?

Texas is a truly southern state with a rich American culture and mixed ethnicities, races, and beliefs.

Eating out in the Lone Star State is an experience to remember and cherish forever. You know what they say; everything is always bigger and better in Texas!?

Top 10 Restaurants in Texas

  • Killen’s Steakhouse, Pearland
  • Freds Texas Cafe, Fort Worth
  • Franklin Barbeque, Austin
  • Himalaya, Houston
  • Hugos, Houston
  • Garcia’s Mexican Food, San Antonio
  • Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ, Austin
  • 2M Smokehouse, San Antonio
  • Cured, San Antonio
  • Salt Lick BBQ, Driftwood

Best Restaurants in Texas Showcase the Best of The State

Killen’s Steakhouse, Pearland

Killen’s Steakhouse, Pearland

Cuisine: Steakhouse/ BBQ
Best for: great drinks and filling meals.
Must try: ribeye steak and roasted bone marrow.

Owned and run by Houston chef Ronnie Killen, this steakhouse will definitely not disappoint. The family-run restaurant serves a wide variety of regional steaks, each with its own unique flavors. ?

Using the chef’s finest ingredients, expertise, and knowledge, you can blindly trust that the food served before you will be the best.

You can enjoy a meal here in this fancy yet casual environment that the place offers.

Apart from the killer steaks served here, you can also ask for some handcrafted cocktails to accompany your meal, or wine too!?

Killen’s Steakhouse Location

Freds Texas Cafe, Fort Worth

Freds Texas Cafe, Fort Worth

Cuisine: American
Best for Enjoying meals with live entertainment.
Must try: fries and beef patties.

It is in a bustling neighborhood in north Fort Worth and offers the best chicken fried steak in the area. ?

Freds serves burgers, crispy hand-cut fries, and a green salad to keep you full.

They also serve amazing beers to help you through the heavy food served here.

Additionally, they have live shows and other music events going on most of the time, so go ahead and brace yourself for a meal filled with entertainment, food, and some beer/ drink of your choice.

It is amazing for lunches or dinners with your loved ones in a great environment and meals filled with entertainment and laughter.?

Freds Texas Cafe Location

Franklin Barbeque, Austin

Franklin Barbeque, Austin

Cuisine: Barbeque
Best for: Authentic Texas meat experience
Must try: Jalapeno Cheddar sausage and pulled pork

Franklin Barbeque is one of the most popular restaurants in Texas. Everyone has heard about this place in Texas and strongly recommends it. ?‍?

They serve the classic meat menu, including brisket, smoked ribs, turkey, sausage, etc. Each of these meats’ rich and tender meaty taste will leave you in awe.

The sides served here are just as delicious, including potato salad and cole slaw. This restaurant is a true Texas staple, for sure!

Ps. You might have to wait a while before getting a table to try their amazing food; it’s so popular that the lines might get long. ?

Franklin Barbeque Location

Himalaya, Houston

Himalaya, Houston

Cuisine: Indian
Best for: Wholesome homely dining
Must try: Pooja’s Paneer Biryani and Chicken Tikka Masala

This Pakistani restaurant is the pinnacle of an amazing fusion of flavors you’d love to indulge in. It is run by the chef-owner, Kaiser Lashkari, and his wife, Azra Lashkari. ?

This place is great for trying authentic dishes from India and Pakistan, making this restaurant unique.

This place is infamous for its hospitality as well as its unique cuisine. The chicken fried steak served with cream gravy with coconut milk as its base will have you licking your fingers after the meal.

The chef is notorious for being creative and unique with his food items. For example, they serve their classic “Parathadilla” here, the chef’s take on a quesadilla on an Indian flatbread. So unique!?

Himalaya, Location

Hugos, Houston

Hugos, Houston

Cuisine: Mexican
Best for
: Upscale Mexican Dining experience
Must try: Tacos De Pescado estilo baja,Sopa Azteca and Empanadas De Platano.

This restaurant serves authentic Mexican food and has a great atmosphere in an upscale Montrose spot. ?

Run by Hugo Ortega, the dishes have absolutely no room to disappoint. This award-winning chef will ensure you get the best taste of this authentic cuisine.

The mix of spices and meaty flavors will surely have you drooling. This place also serves hand-shaken margaritas, which is another plus we love.

This restaurant serves amazing Mexican coastal dishes with the chef’s spices and flavors. ?

Hugos Location

Garcia’s Mexican Food, San Antonio

Garcia’s Mexican Food, San Antonio

Cuisine: Tex-Mex
Best for: A fulfilling meal with great flavors
Must try: Brisket Taco, Andy’s Special Nachos, and Brisket Sandwich

This is one of the best Tex-Mex restaurants in the state. So if tex-mex is something that makes your mouth water, this is a must-visit place for you. ?

You can have full meals here and leave with great memories. They have great dinner plates that will fill you up.

Their staples include nachos, enchiladas, and pork tacos with salsa verde. The barbecue brisket is also an amazing dish they serve.

These are all worth a try here. Garcias has been serving Tex-Mex goodness for over 60 years, and everyone here loves the delicious food served here. ?

Garcia’s Mexican Food Location

Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ, Austin

Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ, Austin

Cuisine: Tex-Mex
Best for: Homely laid-back dining experience
Must try: Real Deal Holyfield and Ultimate Bean and Cheese

This family business is going for a truly homely and comfortable atmosphere where their customers can really take a seat back, relax, and enjoy the food. ?

A great culmination of true Tejano cooking and Mexican American flavors. You can enjoy each and every one of these flavors in a comfortable environment.

Since it is a food truck, customers can grab it on the go or sit outside it and get some Texan in the sun while bingeing on the amazing flavors and dishes this restaurant serves in the southern part of Austin.?

Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ Location

2M Smokehouse, San Antonio

2M Smokehouse, San Antonio

Cuisine: Barbeque
Best for: An amazing meaty experience
Must try: Mexican Street Corn, Smoked Turkey Breast, and Pork Ribs.

This family spot in San Antonio is an amazing smokehouse/restaurant. They have mastered the seasoning and spice that goes with every dish on their menu. ?

The Mac and cheese is a staple side here, so definitely go check that out! Their special secret sauce makes every tender meat taste a thousand times better.

Perfectly seasoned peppery meats with their delectable BBQ sauce elevate the dining experience.?

2M Smokehouse Location

Cured, San Antonio

Cured, San Antonio

Cuisine: American
Best for: Varied options of dishes
Must try: Apple Jalapeno pork rillets and Heritage Hog Poutine.

The king of all restaurants in Texas, hands-down, is Cured. Located in the Pearl District, this restaurant has an interesting and inspiring backstory that adds to the entire experience. ?

The name “Cured” pays homage to Steve McHugh, the restaurant’s owner and chef, who overcame lymphoma.

This restaurant also has outdoor dining that you will love! This palace also has great vegetarian options, so this place has something for everyone! We definitely recommend ordering the entrees here apart from the main courses.

They have pork served in different styles and tastes, so choose the one that fits you best. Apart from pork, this restaurant serves a lot of other meats, which will be too long to list. Check this place out in person if you’re ever passing by Texas. It’s a must. ?

Cured Location

Salt Lick BBQ, Driftwood

Salt Lick BBQ, Driftwood

Cuisine: Barbeque
Best for: A great meal with family and friends.
Must try: Habanero Chicken and Green Bean Casserole

Driftwood is widely known for this iconic restaurant that serves true authentic food. ?

A scenic drive from Austin, this restaurant has been feeding mouths with its amazing barbeque since 1967, in an amazing ambiance where you can really get to know the history of Salt Lick.

You can enjoy your meaty meals amongst the Century-old oak trees and wildflowers that will immerse you in a different period.

They serve almost every meaty deliciousness, from brisket, pork ribs, turkey, etc. You name it, and this place serves it!?

Salt Lick BBQ Location

Frequently Asked Questions for Restaurants in Texas

What is the central cuisine you can find here?

Texas is a big state, spread over a wide piece of land. This is why the cuisine here can be pretty diverse, with strong influences from Mexican cuisine. However, Texan cuisine consists mainly of southern cuisine with Native American and African American influences.

What is the most popular dish here?

You’ll find yourself around barbecues almost everywhere in Texas. Texan barbeque usually consists of brisket sausage and ribs. But, the locals widely eat and love any other type of meat here.

What is the official food of Texas?

Chili is the official dish of Texas. It is made of meat and a fragrant chili paste you will most likely never forget!

What is the best restaurant for Barbeque and Meat-lovers?

Killens Steakhouse is our top recommendation for sure! You get to enjoy your food in an amazing upscale dining experience. Next is Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood for a great meal to share with your loved ones.

What does Tex-Mex food consist of?

Tex-Mex food consists of a blend of Mexican and South American flavors and dishes. Tex-mex dishes include tamales, tacos, fajitas, nachos, etc. It’s a great mix of meat and flavors to drool over!

Why Is Texas Called The Lone Star State?

If you ever visit Texas, you might hear the phrase “Lone Star State” very often. Texas’s nickname stems from a tribute to the Lone Star Flag adopted after the state gained independence from Mexico in 1836. More you know!

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