Top 10 Restaurants in Rhode Island to Dine in Iconic Landmarks

Rhode Island has a lot to offer its residents and guest visitors a wide variety of culinary delights, including almost everything. ?

If you are a fan of seafood, you must most definitely visit here. Rhode Island is a hub for accessing fresh seafood.

The restaurants here have expertise in making dishes innovative and visually appetizing.

Most of the restaurants here come up with new ideas regarding their most loved cuisine by the locals.

There is much more to enjoy than just American cuisine because of the great food the state’s immigrant groups have brought from their countries.? 

Best Restaurants in Rhode Island for Global Flavors

10. Bar’ Cino


Located in the heart of Newport’s historic Washington Square and close to many of the city’s well-known attractions, Bar ‘Cino is a local favorite spot.

It’s a fantastic place to observe people and has delicious food. ?

The Tuscan kale salad served with avocado, pine nuts, parmesan, and sun-dried tomato vinaigrette, is one of the best salads on the menu.

The pizzas here are great too. The braised short ribs and the grilled fish with risotto are excellent choices for the main course. This restaurant is one of a kind. 

Bar’ Cino Location

9. Giusto

Address: 4 Commercial Wharf, Newport, RI 02840

It debuted in September and has already positively impacted the culinary scene in Newport.

The restaurant offers cozy interior dining and lovely water views from its large patio. ?‍?

The Scotch meatball served with tomato, egg, and salumi and the tuna carpaccio, paired with snap peas and preserved lemon, are also crowd favorites.

The Ricotta Love Letters, which are created with aged balsamic, poppy seeds, and roasted figs, are sure to please pasta fans. 

Giusto Location

8. Clarke Cooke House

Clarke Cooke House

Address: 24 Bannister’s Wharf, Newport, RI 02840

Here comes one of the oldest restaurants in Rhode Island. Since 1972, there has been a Clarke Cooke House. ?

The restaurant’s name comes from the ownership of the 250-year-old structure by merchant Clarke Cooke during the Colonial era.

Since its debut, it has served as a meeting place and watering hole for Newport residents, as well as travelers from all over the world and yacht crews.

Favorite meals include the pan-fried crab cake, heirloom tomato salad with fresh Aquidneck Island tomatoes, and oven-roasted chicken.

At the same time, dining by the fireplace in The Bistro during the winter months attracts visitors inside the restaurant. ?

Clarke Cooke House Location

7. Cru cafe

Cru Cafe

Address: 18 Pinckney St, Charleston, SC 29401

This cafe here in Rhode Island is a cute little aesthetic cafe and totally Instagram- worthy. The Cru cafe is a local favorite for brunch. ?

Popular dishes include The Newporter, which consists of two eggs with cheddar cheese toasted on Portuguese bread, and the Oh My Omelet, served with asparagus, potato, sausage, mozzarella, and panini toast.

There is indoor and outdoor seating, and the service is quick and kind. The unique dish style and the authenticity make the cafe a good one.

Cru cafe Location

6. The Black Pearl

The Black Pearl

Address: 30 Bannister’s Wharf, Newport, RI 02840

The Black Pearl restaurant on Bannister’s Wharf offers dining on the patio, in the bar, and in the Commodore’s lounge.

The Black Pearl clam chowder it is well-known. Ask about the daily fish specials trout is a wonderful choice that changes the menu. ⭐

The original corned beef Reuben on rye and the lobster salad sandwich are fan favorites.

This restaurant is a great dining option with delicious meals and ambiance. 

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The Black Pearl Location

5. Fluke Newport

Fluke Newport

Address: 41 Bowens Wharf, Newport, RI 02840

If you love wonderful views or the view of bright warm orange sunsets, this place is totally for you.

The eatery provides the scenery of Newport Harbor and a beautiful sunset. The scallops, fluke, a flaky-white, mild-tasting fish, and pretty much all the seafood are favorites among diners. ?

Moreover, if you are a pork person, you must most definitely hop into this place as this place has delicious pork dishes. Leave room for dessert, please.

One of the newest additions to the menu, the brioche bread pudding, has received favorable reviews. The restaurant offers a wide selection of cocktails, beer, and a sizable wine list.

Fluke Newport Location

4. Beehive, Bristol, RI

Beehive, Bristol, RI

Address: 10 Franklin St, Bristol, RI 02809

As you eat on the terrace of Beehive Cafe, take in the coastal port and the sailors on the water.

The butternut squash sandwich and the fried chickpeas are two traditional favorites you would love to indulge in again and again. ?

As an added bonus, this cafe is located next to the East Bay Bike Path and is a fantastic rest area.

This cafe is a beautiful one with good affordable food and a great atmosphere. This cafe is a wonderful one and a must-visit.

Beehive, Bristol, RI Location

3. Persimmon, Providence, RI

Persimmon, Providence, RI

Here comes yet another great restaurant in Rhode Island. Recently, Persimmon reopened its doors at its new location on the East Side of Providence.

All of your favorite dishes from this contemporary American restaurant, including striped bass with native squash, carnaroli risotto, and mango and passion fruit sorbet for dessert, are still available despite the move-in location. ?

Missing out on this restaurant means missing out on good restaurants. 

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Persimmon, Providence, RI Location Location

2. Nick’s on Broadway, Providence, RI

Nick’s On Broadway, Providence, RI

If you are someone who loves a brunch date, he/she must definitely visit this place.

In Rhode Island, this is the preferred location for brunch. Chef Derek Wagner crafted a delightfully imaginative menu with imaginative staples like vanilla-battered, homemade brioche French toast and Rhode Island Eggs Benedict. ?

A team of professionals works here, so you should know that the servers will be knowledgeable about every ingredient so that you can bet on that. For beautiful and tasty brunch dates, you must visit here.

Nick’s on Broadway Location

1. Ella’s Fine Food & Drink, Westerly, RI

Ella’s Fine Food & Drink, Westerly, RI

This place has professional chefs working there, so the food quality and taste are beyond praise.

Chef Jeanie Roland is a multiple James Beard Award-winning chef. You can tell that the instant you try her pork belly? tacos, Parisian salad, or tuna tacos are must-haves. The best restaurant in South County may over-serve you, so come empty stomach. ?

Ella’s Fine Food & Drink Location

Frequently Asked Questions for Restaurants in Rhode Island

What is the famous snack item in Rhode Island?

The famous snack item in Rhode Island is the “coffee milk.” Coffee milk is a sweet beverage made by mixing coffee syrup with milk. It is a popular and beloved drink in Rhode Island and is often served alongside other local favorites like hot wieners (a type of hot dog) and clam cakes (deep-fried dough balls with clam meat). Coffee milk has a distinct flavor and is considered a cultural icon in the state.

What is the state fruit of Rhode Island?

The state fruit of Rhode Island is the “Rhode Island Greening Apple.” The Rhode Island Greening Apple is a tart and firm apple variety that was first cultivated in the state during the 17th century. It has a greenish-yellow skin and is known for its excellent cooking and baking properties. The apple is often used in pies, sauces, and cider, and it holds historical significance as one of the oldest apple varieties in the United States.

What is the local’s favorite sandwich in Rhode Island?

The favorite sandwich in Rhode Island is the “grinder.” It’s a submarine or hoagie with various deli meats, cheese, and veggies on a long roll. Popular choices include Italian cold cuts like ham, salami, and capicola, with provolone, lettuce, tomato, and onion. It’s usually topped with oil, vinegar dressing, herbs, and spices. Grinders are loved all over Rhode Island for their deliciousness and satisfying qualities.

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