Top 10 Restaurants in Oklahoma

The state of Oklahoma is brimming with eateries of all types and price ranges, including cafes, pizza parlors, bistros, and restaurants. People looking for various eating experiences have a lot to choose from in Oklahoma City, including comfort cuisine, farm-to-table fare, fine dining, and pre-fixed menus.

Although Oklahoma is famous for its steaks and even chicken-fried steak, there is much more to the state. Yes, those well-known Oklahoma mainstays are still available, both in their original, traditional form and in new variations made possible by fusion and inventiveness.

Largest Restaurants in Oklahoma:

10. Grey Sweater

A dining experience, Grey Sweater was launched by owner and renowned chef Andrew Black in 2019.

Whether guests choose the 5, 7, or 10-course menu, every crew member leads them on a gastronomic adventure. Like its namesake, the restaurant is decorated in grey, with bar and counter seating that overlooks the open kitchen.

Each dish has ingredients that are sourced from all around the world, and each component was carefully planned even though there is no menu to read. In addition to serving wine and cocktails, Black Sweater is notable for being the first restaurant in Oklahoma City to offer a water list that features water from all around the world.

9. FRIDA southwest

With a focus on Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Northern Mexico cuisines, this clean and cheerful modern restaurant was established in 2019 by founder Shuan Fiaccone and owner Kim Dansereau.

The design features brilliant color and green splashes that go well with the expertly prepared and thoughtfully served meals like the Sante Fe seasoned pork chop and smokestack enchiladas.

In addition to using local ingredients in its cuisine, FRIDA also alters its seasonal trademark drink menu. The brunch menu and cocktail list are just as tempting as their dinner menu, so set aside a Saturday afternoon for Frida chicken and waffles or breakfast tacos on the patio.

8. Dust Bowl Lanes & Lounge – OKC

After finding popularity in other places, including Tulsa, the retro-style bowling alleys and restaurant arrived in Midtown in 2015. The bowling alley was designed to resemble the wooden lanes and thick gold drapes in bowling alleys from the 1970s.

Twelve hardwood lanes, 2 in a separate VIP room, a full circle bar, and dining space with light-colored wooden tables and retro orange leather-backed chairs are all included in the lanes and lounge.

Onion rings, hot dogs, and cheese sticks are a few menu items that make nostalgic references. At the same time, there are also more recent classics like street tacos, poutine, and nachos.

7. Clark Crew BBQ

The doors to this kid- and family-friendly BBQ restaurant and bar opened in 2019, but it was already well-known. Over 700 Top 10 Awards have been earned by pit boss Travis Clark and his team, including the World Championships.

Trays, which are family-style quantities of various types of meat, sides, and cornbread, are available on the menu.

Still, there are also wood-fired pizzas, sandwiches, and various other American comfort foods. Want to learn how to grill? Additionally, Clark Crew provides two different BBQ cooking workshops.

6. Castle Falls Wedding Venue & Restaurant

Bill Blecha, a soldier of World War One, and his wife began construction on this historic castle in 1950, even though the restaurant didn’t open until 2015.

The restaurant is now intimate and offers evening specialties such as seared sea bass, pork tenderloin, and the Castle Falls Filet “Oscar.” Large gatherings and weddings are frequently held in the castle.

Various supper packages are also available at Castle Falls, such as a romantic dinner for two with transportation or a more jovial wine-tasting package for a group.

5. Café Cuvée

This French restaurant, which serves comfort food in an elegant setting with leather booths and terrace dining, opened its doors in 2018 and is situated on the ground floor of the award-winning AAA 4-diamond boutique Ambassador Hotel.

Classic French meals like Boeuf Bourguignon, Duck à L’orange, and Moules Frites are created by chef Kurt Fleischfresser. If you eat at a restaurant for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner, be sure to order a French 75 or a Pastis, two traditional French cocktails.

4. Broadway 10 Bar & Chophouse

2015 saw the opening of this urban chophouse on Automobile Alley in a historic brick structure. The goal was to maintain the historic elements while creating a contemporary, open-concept restaurant featuring wood-fired meats and specialty beverages.

The menu has several sushi options in addition to chopped beef wellington and Pacific sea bass as specialties. Everyone may find a meal to enjoy here, and a vegan menu is available. Signature cocktails, a sizable wine selection, and a tonne of craft beers, whiskeys, and scotches are all available on the drink menu.

3. Bradford House

The owners, Sara Kate and Jason Little built the inn and restaurant Bradford House in 2016. Both diners and overnight guests can enjoy the lounge and bar area in addition to the restaurant.

The historic structure, constructed in 1912, has been transformed into a location where architecture, history, and seasonal foods converge to provide a warm and satisfying experience.

Chef Shannon Goforth uses fresh, in-season ingredients to make dishes like Zelda’s fish and Autumn salad for fall dinner. The bar menu offers a wide variety of cocktails and spritzers, and locals eagerly anticipate the weekend to try Bradhouse’s brunch.

2. Black Walnut

The modest, cutting-edge restaurant and bar in the Deep Deuce has been operating since 2019 and bases its menu on all the senses. The menu is divided into different flavor categories, such as sweet and savory, fresh and light, satisfying and smoky, and informal and cozy.

The staff members will suggest trying something from each category because they are proud of their service. Signature drinks, including Mexican firing squad, The House, and The Big Buzz, are on the artisan cocktail menu, which also focuses on the senses.

1. Barrios Fine Mexican Dishes

Barrios, a restaurant by the A Good Egg Dining Group that first opened in 2011, takes Mexican food and adds its flair. The open-air dining area’s wood floors and industrial lighting provide a clean backdrop for the pops of color and cultural flair.

Signature dishes, including short rib tacos, victory club nachos, and wood-fired fajitas with your choice of meat or fish, are available for both lunch and evening. The restaurant’s design was inspired by the over-a-hundred-year-old structure that houses Barrios.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oklahoma famous for food-wise?

Local specialties include chicken-fried steak, Indian tacos, fried-onion burgers, and, of course, barbecue is evidence of the state’s diverse culinary past.

What is the oldest restaurant in Oklahoma?

Few historical sites and tales can compare to one of Oklahoma City’s Cattlemen’s Steakhouse, the city’s longest continually running restaurant! In 1910, Cattlemen’s Cafe first welcomed hungry cowboys, ranchers, cattle haulers, and others.

What is Oklahoma’s signature food?

Pecan pies. You shouldn’t save pecan pie in Oklahoma until Thanksgiving because it is a beloved holiday favorite and a component of the state dinner!

What dessert is Oklahoma known for?

The toasted pecan ice cream ball at Cheever’s is one of Oklahoma’s top sweets. It is a huge ball of classic vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate, nuts, and brown sugar. It then rests in a puddle of chocolate and caramel sauce that is perfect for dipping.

What food is native to Oklahoma?

Corn, squash, and black-eyed peas, a type of cowpea, were common Native American foods. Okra is thought to have originated in Africa and was brought to Europe by enslaved people in the 17th century. These dishes, among others, reflect the American South’s evolving culinary fusion.

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