Top 10 Restaurants in Ohio – #7 Will Leave You Speechless

Popularly known as the Buckeye State, named after the state tree, Ohio has it all! According to local folklore, Buckeye is said to bring luck, so if you visit Ohio, you can expect some luck to enter your life. ?

You will be engulfed in the traditional cuisine this midwestern state offers.

It offers a wide variety of delicious traditional foods that you will undoubtedly adore and keep returning for.

Cincinnati, the capital of Ohio, is a wonderful destination for an exciting and fun vacation.

The famous “Cincinnati-style” chili that we frequently hear about originated here. With so much to see and eat in Ohio, we’ve selected the top ten eateries for you to enjoy the state’s delectable cuisine.?

Top 10 Restaurants in Ohio

  • Sotto, Cincinnati
  • The Eagle OTR, Cincinnati
  • L’Albatros, Cleveland
  • Grumpy’s Cafe, Cleveland
  • Skyline Chili, Multiple Locations
  • Melt Bar and Grilled, Multiple Locations
  • Buckeye Express Diner, Bellville
  • Taza- A Lebanese Grill, Cleveland
  • Boca, Cincinnati
  • Primavista, Cincinnati

Best Restaurants in Ohio For Romantic Dining

Sotto, Cincinnati

Sotto, Cincinnati

Cuisine: Italian
Best for: A night out with great food.
Must try: Linguine alle vongole and rigatoni con pomodoro

Unquestionably one of Cinny’s best restaurants! You will enjoy a wonderful taste of real Italian cuisine prepared using family secrets and traditional cooking techniques. ?

While enjoying the hearty and authentic Italian dishes served here, the drab brick and wood interior will make you feel vintage.

A late-night dinner would go well in the moody and rustic setting. The outstanding service will undoubtedly not let you down.

The staff will help you choose the best dishes for you and provide you with more information about the genuine Italian cuisine you will be served. ?

The restaurant’s wonderful candlelight also makes this a fantastic setting for a romantic dinner.

Sotto Location

The Eagle OTR, Cincinnati

The Eagle OTR, Cincinnati

Cuisine: American
Best for: Casual Dining and hearty food.
Must try: Fried Chicken( obviously), brown sugar bacon, Shrimp & grits, Kale Salad.

The chicken restaurant is one of its kind and among the most well-liked and delicious. They specialize in serving traditional southern fares like chicken and spoonbread, but you’ll be tempted by everything on the Eagles’ menu. ?

The place has a really homey feel thanks to the wooden furnishings and the hipster yet rustic decor, making it a great place to visit with family.

Although chicken is the most popular dish here, sides like mac & cheese are a must-have in addition to the main starters.

We suggest ordering their spicy hot honey sauce to use as extra dressing on the chicken or to dip in things like their fries.

We strongly advise against leaving without ordering an additional side dish to complete a hearty meal.

If you ever find yourself in Cincinnati, we strongly advise you to stop by The Eagle at least once to sample some of the city’s best chicken. ?

Your list of must-see locations in Cincinnati should include this one. 

The Eagle OTR Location

L’Albatros, Cleveland

L’Albatros, Cleveland

Cuisine: French
Best for: A romantic setting with great patio seating.
Must try: French Toast and Cassoulet

You can expect a very high-end dining experience at the upscale French restaurant. This cozy dining establishment is located in an Ohio carriage house from the 1800s. ?

The French brasserie faire spoils you with various wine and cheese courses and great French cuisine.

The wine list offers up to 300 bottles for you to choose from and experience. Just something to keep in mind when thinking about where to eat in Ohio.

The patio setting further helps make this a romantic way to spend an evening.

This French restaurant has everything you could want, including a welcoming staff and delicious traditional French fare, so you can be sure to have a comfortable dining experience.?

L’Albatros Location

Grumpy’s Cafe, Cleveland

Grumpy’s Cafe, Cleveland

Cuisine: American
Best for: Casual dining 
Must try: Grilled Tuna Steak Sandwich and Greek Garbage Salad

This quirky yet hip and casual restaurant will surely make your day well-spent in Ohio. ?

The original “Garbage Salad” was invented here and is made up of mixed greens, tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese, and many other ingredients.

It is topped with their award-winning poppyseed dressing, which makes it a fantastic filling salad to take with you.

In addition, they have a menu that is excellent for breakfasts, lunches, and brunches if you’re into that.

Their burgers and sandwiches are some of the best in the state. If you’re in the Cleveland area or nearby, we definitely urge you to check out this fantastic location. ?

This restaurant is as cozy as they come, with generous servings of healthy food.

Grumpy’s Cafe Location

Skyline Chili, Multiple Locations

Skyline Chili, Multiple Locations

Cuisine: American
Best for: Authentic Cincinnati Chili
Must try: Loaded chili bowl, chili cheese fries, and chili cheese sandwich

This restaurant chain offers delicious Cincinnati-style chili, which is a specialty of Ohio. ✌️

This Ohio-based restaurant chain will undoubtedly make you lick your fingers. It has numerous chains throughout the state.

Every local will undoubtedly take you here if you want to sample real Ohioan food and cuisine. Greek immigrant Nicholas Lambrinides established this chain in 1949.

The secret recipe for Skyline Chilichili dates back years and has been handed down through the generations of the Lambrinides family. ?

Due to how crave-able it is, this chili will knock you for a loop and have you coming back for more. In fact, some people claim it’s addictive. That’s good, really! 

Skyline Chili Location


Melt Bar and Grilled, Multiple Locations

Melt Bar & Grilled, Multiple Locations

Cuisine: American
Best for: Food lovers wanting to take a plunge into classic American-style food.
Must try: Melt Cheeseburger and fried mozzarella wedges

The eatery, with about nine locations throughout Ohio, specializes in gourmet-style grilled sandwiches and other traditional comfort foods. ?

As straightforward as it gets, the restaurant aims to serve you the best craft beers and gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.

We think it’s fantastic! Melt is well known throughout the country for its excellent cuisine. The best place for food lovers to indulge in the food served here is the casual setting.

Melt Bar and Grilled Location

Buckeye Express Diner, Bellville

Buckeye Express Diner, Bellville

Cuisine: Traditional American
Best for: Fun dining experience with family.
Must try: Mushroom Swiss Burger and Onion rings on the side.

We have a quirky and fun restaurant in Ohio for you to check out on this list! Due to the substantial portions served here, stopping by this restaurant will give you a truly authentic American experience and a full tummy. ?

This restaurant offers a unique dining experience that you will undoubtedly enjoy! It’s a restaurant housed inside a vintage train car.

They serve great burgers and hand-cut fries that are drool-worthy. You’ll want to visit this special spot frequently because of the authentic diner experience!?

Buckeye Express Diner Location

Taza- A Lebanese Grill, Cleveland

Taza- A Lebanese Grill, Cleveland

Cuisine: Lebanese 
Best for: Outdoor dining.
Must try: Shawarma Plate and Falafel

This eatery offers delicious Lebanese cuisine, which also offers lovely outdoor seating.

The word “Taza” means “fresh,” and the restaurant’s philosophy is to serve only the best, freshest ingredients available. ?

Thanks to the authentic Lebanese food, you can get a real whiff of authentic middle eastern dining here.

The generous portions and knowledgeable, welcoming staff are just wonderful additions to the dining experience you will have here.

At Taza, you can savor the fantastic flavors of Mediterranean cuisine in a wonderful setting. ?

Taza Location

Boca, Cincinnati

Boca, Cincinnati

Cuisine: French, Italian
Best for: High-End European Dining experience
Must try: Boca Oysters, Golden Crouton, and Charred Leeks

You can savor European cuisine at the fine dining establishment in an opulent setting. You will undoubtedly be mesmerized by the contemporary ambiance. ?

Apart from the sophisticated, minimalist ambiance, this restaurant offers some of the best European cuisines in the area.

It’s frequently mentioned as one of the best restaurants in Cincinnati, not just for the atmosphere but also for the food and the methods used to prepare it.

The restaurant showcases Italian and French flavors with the finesse and techniques of France, adding to the overall uniqueness of the dining experience.

If you want to spend quality time with your loved ones while indulging in delectable cuisine, Boca is the only place to go.?

Boca location

Primavista, Cincinnati

Primavista, Cincinnati

Cuisine: Italian
Best for: Dining with a great view
Must try: Warm fried Calamari and ravioli

This establishment, which has a view of the Cincinnati skyline, is regarded as one of the best in the state. ?

You can enjoy some delectable food at the formal and elegant dining to cap off your day.

For the consistently top-notch Italian fare offered here, you’ll want to return time and time again.

You can find some of the best Italian cuisine in the area and traditional Italian dishes here.

This restaurant offers choices for everyone, including vegan and gluten-free options. Prima Vista has won Cincinnati residents’ vote for the best restaurant for the past seven years running, so something must be working! ?

Primavista Location

Frequently Asked Questions for Restaurants in Ohio

What is so unique about Cincinnati Chili?

Cincinnati chili falls on the sweeter end of the spectrum regarding chilis. Cincinnati chili is made with spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, giving it a sweeter taste than traditional chili, typically containing ingredients like paprika, garlic powder, cumin, etc. The Cincinnati Chili is distinctive from other chilis thanks to these special spices.

What is Ohio’s best place for a filling and wholesome meal?

There are numerous Melt Bars and Grilled locations throughout the state, offering generous portions of delicious food. Cleveland’s Grumpy’s Cafe is another well-known Ohio restaurant with big portions.

What Ohio restaurant offers the best fine dining experience?

The best fine dining experience can definitely be had at Primavista in Cincinnati. We adore this palace for a more opulent night in town because it offers a skyline view to enjoy your lunch with.

What Ohio dining establishment has the best drinks and bar menu?

The extensive drink and bar menu at L’Arbotros in Cleveland will leave you unsure of which beverage to order.

Which restaurant in Ohio is ideal for a special occasion and romantic setting?

For special occasions, Sotto and Boca in Cincinnati are excellent choices. Your occasions will always be made much more special thanks to the wonderful atmosphere at these two restaurants. For the same reason, Primavista in Cincinnati is a fantastic alternative.

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