Top 10 Restaurants in New Hampshire – #7 Will Leave You Speechless

New Hampshire is a brilliant place; its high quality of living, brilliant economy, and excellent job market make it a good place to live. ?

The people here are also pleasant and welcoming. New Hampshire is known as the “Granite State” because of its extensive granite formations.

The education and healthcare system is quite good here compared to the surrounding states; also, the cost of living is low.

Talking about the restaurants, New Hampshire has ample restaurants with brilliant cuisine and high-quality food.

You will likely not be disappointed if you pop into a local eatery for a quick bite or take a road trip to try something new. So here are the top 10 restaurants in New Hampshire. ?

10. The Barley House, Concord, NH

The Barley House, Concord, NH

This restaurant has cool and classic vibes, the food is undoubtedly top-notch, and the ambiance is great.

This place is great for couples’ coffee dates and chilling with friends. ?

Guinness beef stew and Smithwick’s curry fish and chips are the signature food items of this place.

The sandwiches and the shakes here are great, too; hence this is a brilliant place with good food and atmosphere. 

The Barley House Location

9. The Carriage House, Rye, NH

The Carriage House, Rye, NH

iThis is a beautiful place to visit if you are in New Hampshire. The amazing atmosphere here makes the ambiance a great place to dine and spend quality time with your loved ones.

The Italian and Thai cuisine is great here, and along with proper dining arrangements, there are also buffet arrangements done for the guests. ?

A great option if you want a lovely atmosphere and delicious food. 

The Carriage House Location

8. MT’s Local Kitchen and Wine Bar, Nashua, NH

MT’s Local Kitchen & Wine Bar, Nashua, NH

If you love pizza and good wine, you must visit here, and the wood-fired cheese pizza is the specialty here, along with the best red wine.

If you love lobsters, you must also visit here; this place has the best quality food and beverages. ?

The staff is also kind and nice to the guests. The ambiance is very soothing and a perfect catalyst for a good holiday.

The restaurant became even more accessible and comfortable for its beloved patrons.

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MT’s Local Kitchen and Wine Bar Location

7. White Mountain Cider Company, Glen, NH

White Mountain Cider Company, Glen, NH

In the best way, White Mountain Cider Company is quite active. Customers can enjoy creative seasonal cuisine, a casual food selection at the bar, or to-go sandwiches and apple cider doughnuts from the deli in this beautifully restored 1890 farmhouse. ?

Even the most jaded customers will benefit from the instructive and nuanced experience that comes from on-site cider pressing from mid-September to the beginning of December. 

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White Mountain Cider Company Location

6. Copper Door Restaurant, Bedford, NH

Copper Door Restaurant, Bedford, NH

One of the few restaurants, Copper Door, will make you happy long after you’ve paid the bill. ?

The restaurant’s excellent kids’ menu and gluten-free options guarantee full tummies on all counts. You might be eligible for complimentary appetizers, entrees, or even a gift card through its “Random Act of Kindness” program.

Different, warm, and inviting seating places allow each party to feel private while participating in family-friendly enjoyment.

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Copper Door Restaurant Location

5. Firefly American Bistro, Manchester, NH

Firefly American Bistro, Manchester, NH

Firefly American Bistro, which was founded in 2008 by a brother and sister culinary team, emphasized superb food made with seasonal ingredients and served in a romantic setting. ?

Even the pickiest diner will find selections on a remarkably extensive menu, and each meal will be unique. This restaurant is worth visiting. 

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Firefly American Bistro Location

4. Surf, Portsmouth, NH

Surf, Portsmouth, NH

Surf Restaurant in Portsmouth is ideal whether you’re seeking fish tacos or raw bar bliss.

This restaurant, a branch of the original Surf in Nashua, offers some of the greatest fried clams in the region and a beach feel to its high-quality eating experience. ?‍?

When hosting a special event, reserve The Surf Room to wow your guests with its exquisitely decorated dining room, private deck, and expansive views of the Atlantic. 

Surf Location

3. Omni Mount Washington Resort, Bretton Woods, NH

Omni Mount Washington Resort, Bretton Woods, NH

The opulent Omni Mount Washington Resort, a National Historic Landmark once a luxurious playground for celebrities like Thomas Edison, Babe Ruth, and Joan Crawford, one hundred miles north of Manchester, feel as far away as one hundred light years. ?

The resort’s lavish Main Dining Room serves supper and dance while providing a breathtaking view of Mount Washington.

A fairly condensed menu offers excellent, seasonally appropriate dishes enhanced by a traditional New England palette.

Diners who stay the night can indulge once more at the “Art of Breakfast” buffet, which includes omelets and waffles that are prepared to order.

Omni Mount Washington Resort Location

2. Cotton, Manchester, NH

Cotton, Manchester, NH

Cotton, a traditional American establishment that offers “food, cocktails, and the opportunity for a wonderful time,” provides tough competition for Manchester’s best.

A meal that may appear disorganized at first look is a feast of various comfort foods, from meatloaf to jambalaya. ?

If you can pull yourself away from Cotton’s award-winning landmark martini, a range of more than 40 wines by the glass guarantees the ideal symbiosis.

Cotton is a must-eat in Manchester because of its neat, vintage setting and attention to detail. 

Cotton Location

1. Republic, Manchester, NH

Republic, Manchester, NH

New Hampshirites take good food seriously, and Manchester’s Republic’s selections perfectly reflect this mindset.

The first farm-to-table restaurant in the state chooses only 75 farms and artisanal producers for its menu, and it lists its daily fish specialties next to the name of the boat that caught them. ?

Republic has established itself as a neighborhood institution and a sought-after eating destination thanks to its extensive Mediterranean cuisine, well-known but unique cocktails, and “live free or die for” sweets. 

Republic Location

Frequently Asked Questions for Restaurants in New Hampshire

1. What food is New Hampshire known for?

New Hampshire is known for its delicious and fresh seafood, particularly its lobster and other seafood delicacies.

2. What is the state vegetable of New Hampshire?

I apologize for the incorrect response earlier. The state vegetable of New Hampshire is the pumpkin.

3. Which dessert is New Hampshire known for?

New Hampshire is known for its famous dessert called the “Whoopie pie.” The Whoopie pie is a sweet treat made with two round chocolate cakes that sandwich a creamy filling, typically made of marshmallow fluff. It is a beloved dessert in New Hampshire and is often enjoyed as a snack or a dessert item.

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