Top 10 Restaurants in Nebraska for Delicious Food

Although Nebraska is known for its hearty steak meals, the restaurant sector in the meat state is gradually heating up with the addition of everyday new modern made-from-scratch restaurants and fresh farm-to-table options.

Nebraska is a sizable state with many open terrains, making it a good place for farming and ranches. It is a part of the Great Plains and the Midwest. Local products are converted into tasty recipes designed to please foodies by brilliant chefs from Scottsbluff to Omaha.

Whether you’re looking for a high-end culinary paradise or a greasy spoon diner, Nebraska has an abundance of delicious food. Here are the top 10 restaurants in Nebraska.

Must-Try Restaurants in Nebraska

10. Wasabi Bistro

Wasabi Bistro, a contemporary eatery with a full bar and Asian cuisine with influences from Thailand, China, and Japan, is situated on Grand Island.

The restaurant seeks out the freshest ingredients available, receives daily deliveries of fresh fish, imports herbs and spices from all over the world, and creates all of its own sauces.

There is something on the menu for everyone, from sushi to house specialties to vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Both the tiger sushi roll with giant shrimp tempura in a light sauce rolled with lettuce, avocado, and smelt roe, as well as the West Lake Beef, which is stir-fried fillet mignon with red and green peppers, onions, and bamboo shoots in a spicy sauce, are terrific selections.

9. V. Mertz

A comprehensive international wine list may be found at the fine-dining establishment V. Mertz, which specializes in New American cuisine.

The atmosphere is ideal for an intimate date or a night out with friends in this modest space with exposed brick walls. This family-run restaurant serves supper Tuesday through Saturday and is situated on Omaha’s Old Market Passageway.

It offers discriminating customers à la carte, five- and eight-course, and prix fixe menus, which regularly alter to reflect the freshest produce. Everyone may enjoy this restaurant because vegetarian and gluten-free alternatives are always available.

8. The Grey Plume

The Grey Plume is a warm farm-to-table eatery serving modern American fare and the country’s first 4-Star “Sustainabuild” restaurant, according to the Green Restaurant Association.

Reclaimed materials are used throughout the décor, from the bread plates made of used wine bottles to the floor constructed of barn wood. The culinary staff uses the kitchen’s most recently harvested local ingredients, where sustainability is integrated.

The Plum Creek Farm chicken roulade with carrots, baby onions, potato gnocchi, foraged mushrooms, and truffles with wheat berries, ramp, and morning radish is one of the delectable dishes that customers may order from the menu. This Omaha treasure is best enjoyed with reservations.

7. The Flippin Sweet

The Flippin Sweet is a laid-back eatery known for its delectable pizza. This unique pizzeria, a little mom-and-pop establishment, is the go-to place for a good time where there will undoubtedly be lots of laughs.

Additionally, it offers delectable dishes prepared with the finest locally sourced products. The menu also includes sandwiches, pasta, salads, sweets, craft beer, and wine, in addition to the “Midwest” pies.

Pizza enthusiasts can make their own concoction or select one of the artisan pies, such as The Little Green Bag or The Dude, which are covered with pesto, artichokes, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, pistachios, and mushrooms.

6. The Flatiron Cafe

Locals and visitors alike enjoy dining out at The Flatiron Cafe, especially the theatre crowd. The setting is comfortable with soft lighting and is housed in the historic Flatiron skyscraper.

The menu, which offers a variety of superb New American dishes, leans more toward meat and fish selections, while vegans are not left out.

Poached lobster with king crab and truffle risotto, roasted cauliflower, chorizo-stuffed Berkshire pork chop with bacon-parsley fingerling potatoes, roasted poblano cream, and root vegetable gnocchi are just a few of the delectable dishes available to discerning guests. A sizable wine selection and sweets complete the menu at this hidden gem.

5. The Emporium

The Emporium in Scottsbluff is a fine-dining restaurant that serves New American cuisine infused with international flavors at night and doubles as a coffeehouse during the day.

The culinary crew has access to the freshest organic foods available thanks to weekly visits to the farmers market.

Some notable supper selections include center-cut sirloin with a beer-battered blue cheese fritter and house-cut French fries, chicken with glazed root vegetables and carrot purée, and gnocchi with a whiskey-apple sauce. The area is decorated with art, and live entertainment during the summer enhances the already artistic ambiance.

4. Stella’s Bar & Grill

Stella’s is a beloved institution that consistently receives the award for Omaha’s greatest burger. The hamburger recipe has never altered, despite ownership changes over the years; it always calls for freshly hand-pressed patties served on napkins.

The pastrami burger with lettuce, which consists of a hamburger patty, five slices of pastrami, Swiss cheese, and stone-ground mustard on a toasted onion bun, is one of the rare types available to burger lovers.

The Stellanator challenge, where diners have 45 minutes to consume a gigantic six-patty burger piled with six fried eggs, six pieces of cheese, 12 pieces of bacon, and more, is available for the genuinely ravenous.

3. Spencer’s for Steaks and Chops

Spencer’s is a posh restaurant specializing in USDA prime steaks and bills itself as “Omaha’s premier steakhouse.”

This establishment is a top choice for spending a romantic evening out with a significant other since it strives to offer the finest of everything, including food, service, and atmosphere.

While the restaurant emphasizes steaks, customers will also find delectable seafood dishes. Visitors can choose from dishes like pan-seared Scottish salmon with leek fondue, potato purée, and truffle butter or a 12 oz.

Bone-in fillet with sides like creamy bleu spinach and loaded baked potato. For a comprehensive dining experience at Spencer’s, pair the meal with a glass of complimentary wine from the restaurant’s award-winning wine selection and finish with a delectable dessert like lemon crème brûlée.

2. Dish

The Dish is an upscale eatery serving traditional American fare with a contemporary touch. It is located in the state capital of Lincoln.

This downtown establishment provides guests with a cozy atmosphere, a helpful staff dedicated to outstanding service, and the finest foods available, making it an exceptional location to dine for everyone, including vegetarians and gluten-free visitors.

For a flavorful meal, diners can start with sweet chili chicken wings and move on to steak au poivre with apple glaze served with kale, cranberries, pumpkin, and apple risotto. Various cocktails, wines, and beers complete the range of alcoholic beverages at Dish.

1. Boiler Room Restaurant

The Boiler Room in Omaha, which used to be the boiler room of the famed Bemis Bag Building, offers New American and French cuisine for supper from Monday through Saturday.

The stunning decor reflects its past and successfully combines the old and the new. The Rhode Island scallops (which are grilled and served with crème fraîche spätzle, bok choy, poached shrimp, langoustine cream, and hazelnut crumble) are one of the freshest items on the menu, which is updated daily.

Delicious pastries, artisanal beverages, and a sizable wine selection with over 500 bottles are also offered.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nebraska’s most famous food?

There is no official state food in Nebraska. However, many would contend that the Runza sandwich should be the unofficial state dish of Nebraska. This sandwich resembles a posh Hot Pocket in specific ways. It is filled with a mixture of seasoned beef, cabbage, and onions and has soft, fluffy bread.

What sandwich is Nebraska famous for?

When it comes to food, a runza is a cross between a hot pocket and a burger; it’s made of ground beef, onions, and cabbage that are wrapped in yeast dough and baked. You end up with a savory pastry that’s perfect for a tailgate or any other quick dinner.

What drink is Nebraska known for?

The preferred cocktail in Nebraska is the Moscow Mule. It is a type of ginger beer. Speaking of ginger beer, this is the ideal beverage for fans of ginger.

What is Nebraska’s official soft drink?

A revised version of pre-sweetened Kool-Aid was created in 1970. This delicious summertime brew, which is also the state soft drink of Nebraska, continues to slake Americans’ thirst.

What dessert is Nebraska known for?

According to the book “Scoop Adventures: The Best Ice Cream of the 50 States,” Nebraska is renowned for its sweet corn ice cream even though it doesn’t have a designated state dessert.

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