Top 10 Restaurants in Montana You Must Try Before You Die!

Montana is one of the most beautiful states in the United States, and it is the storehouse of abundant minerals and natural sources like sapphire, lead, gold, oil, etc.

Also, Montana is a wonderful place to live and start a family; its peaceful and calm nature makes the atmosphere soothing and nice.

Montana also has a great catch on opportunities and a good economic hold. Hence people do come here in search of good opportunities.

People here are extremely polite and friendly, which makes the atmosphere of this place even better.

Talking about restaurants, there are plenty of restaurants, cafes, and wineries to explore, so read on to discover the most amazing restaurants in Montana. 

Most Instagrammable Restaurants in Montana

10. Uptown Cafe 

Uptown Cafe

Uptown Cafe is a brilliant place for continental delicacies; if you love continental foods, you must definitely visit here.

This cafe also has a catering business for wedding or birthday cakes. The menu sounds extremely interesting: fillet, wellington, and shrimp Diane.

Talking about the signature dish, the Creamy chicken baked salad is the iconic one of this cafe. Henceforth, this is a very good place for family gatherings and some good food. 

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9. Montana Ale Works

Montana Ale Works

This restaurant gives off a Western fusion vibe; the menu is also of Western fusion culture.

This restaurant is a great option if you are up for good wholesome drinks and healthy snack options.

The food quality is pretty fresh, and all the dishes are made in a classic authentic style, which mainly inclines the tourists towards this restaurant. 

8. Gallatin River Lodge 

Gallatin River Lodge

The uncanny scenery and the beauty which the Bridger Mountains and the Gallatin Range act as a treat to the location of this restaurant can acquire.

The menu follows an authentic mountain menu; hand-blended coffee is a must-try in soft drinks.

The location and their signature coffee act as a powerful duo and make the atmosphere even more surreal.

This restaurant has a regime to uses local spices, enhancing the delicacy’s overall taste. There are specialties like porchetta, pan-roasted pheasant, or banana-leaf red snapper. 

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7. The Burger Dive, Billings

The Burger Dive Billings

If you are a burger person, please visit here; it is a must-visit for all burger lovers. This place has award-winning burgers along with crunchy authentic-style onion rings.

They also make you a meal if you ask them to; the meal consists of a juicy sumptuous burger with a generous amount of cheese, bacon, habaneros, jalapenos, and ghost chilies; these all add up to that yummiest first bite, along with the burger, the meal comes with a shake and onion rings or French fries as per choice.

This is hands down, one of the locals’ favorite places here. 

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6. Eugene’s Pizza, Glasgow

Eugenes Pizza Glasgow

This is a fantastic feature of Montana’s restaurant joints; every cuisine has a separate authentic food joint.

Eugene’s Pizza is the best place in Montana for all the pizza geeks, as it has its expertise in authentic-style pizza from scratch.

The restaurant is a famous Italian restaurant in Montana; this place has a warm home vibe and a polite staff. This restaurant has both dine-out and dine-in facilities. 

5 . Uberbrew, Billings

Uberbrew Billings

Here comes another appealing delicacy joint in Montana. This restaurant is amazing as well. The interior design and this hotel’s entire style are aesthetic and Instagram-worthy.

The shakes and mocktails are of a signature kind; apart from that, this restaurant has expertise in the field of great American cuisine.

The American touch and authenticity are amazing. German egg rolls and smoked wings are the two signature items of this restaurant.

The other delicacies include sausages, sandwiches, and bar comfort foods. This is a fantastic restaurant recommendation in Montana, do check it out. 

4. Biga Pizza, Missoula

Biga Pizza Missoula

Again comes a great authentic pizza joint from Montana. The joint specializes in pizzas, but with a twist, it holds its expertise on the brick oven style pizza.

The pizzas here taste delicious but have an authentic and home-baked flavor instead of the fancy posh flavor.

The ingredients are freshly brought, and the quality is top-notch. Aside from pizza, the restaurant provides tasty salads and soup, too, to add on.  

3. The Fieldhouse, Billings, MT

The Fieldhouse Billings Mt

This is the first and only green-certified restaurant in this area. The ambiance and location are great, and this restaurant is also one of the favorite spots for the locals.

Pumpkin hummus or huckleberry-chipotle salad are the two signature dishes of the Fieldhouse restaurant.

Talking about the price range, it’s a little expensive compared to the other restaurant. Henceforth, this restaurant must be shortlisted for a visit, and I’m sure you won’t regret it. 

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2 . El Rodeo Taco Truck

El Rodeo Taco Truck

Tacos are a delicious thing, no doubt about that, so here we have El Rodeo Taco Truck which expertise in authentic street-style tacos.

The fresh juicy meat tossed with ample veggies and topped with varieties of spices and placed flat on a tortilla, yummy and delicious, are the words to term these tacos.

Cooked to perfection and served, high quality is maintained as well. This is one of the best fast-food joints in Montana. 

1. Feast Raw Bar & Bistro

Feast Raw Bar And Bistro

This is, so far, the best restaurant in Montana. This restaurant has a pretty good and wholesome number of dishes.

Seafood is quite famous here. The shrimp salad is pretty delicious and sumptuous. The caramelized fig salad and carrot-parsnip cake are the two favorite delicacies of the locals here.

The price range is slightly expensive compared to other joints, but the money and experience are worth it. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which is the best sandwich in Montana? 

A fried pork chop sandwich is the most favorite sandwich in Montana.

2. What are your favorite snack options for Montana locals?

Pop Curds, Montana mix popcorn, and Caramel Cookie Waffles are some favorite snack options for Montana locals. 

3. What is Montana’s favorite candy?

Double Bubble gum is Montana’s favorite candy.

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