Top 10 Restaurants in Mississippi You Must Visit

Mississippi, named after the magnificent river, is a well-liked travel destination because of its past, present, and outdoor activities.

The food in Mississippi is in a class by itself. When it comes to good food, the South is simply unbeatable. The most excellent barbecue, delicious hamburgers, and filling breakfasts can all be found in Mississippi.

The Magnolia State can provide whatever you desire. Mississippi would undoubtedly be renowned as the State with the Best Food Ever if it weren’t the Hospitality State.

The top 10 dining establishments in Mississippi are listed below, including both internationally renowned restaurants and hometown favorites.

Most Recommended Restaurants in Mississippi

10. Walker’s

In Mississippi, this is the best outdoor dining experience. Walker’s is a classic drive-in that combines sophisticated experiences with casual dining. Views of North State Street and the Fondren Art District can be seen from the outdoor seating area in the courtyard.

If you happen to visit the restaurant during a Fondren outdoor event, be prepared for a spectacular dining experience. The ambiance is typically lively and laid-back.

The dishes on the menu, which James Beard Award-winning chef Derek Emerson repackaged to feel contemporary and new, are all traditional Mississippi dishes. All of it is cooked using top-notch meats and seafood, including tuna fit for sushi.

Their steak, salads and seafood selection demonstrates that drive-ins and outdoor dining can be enjoyed without sacrificing class.

9. Weidmann’s

Weidmann’s, one of Mississippi’s historical companies that are still in existence, was founded in 1870. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the Meridian Urban Center Historic District.

Weidmann’s reopened in 2010 after undergoing a refurbishment in 2001, followed by a brief shutdown, to offer a cozy, endearing, and nostalgic dining experience in a setting that stays faithful to the restaurant’s origins.

The restaurant specializes in high-quality comfort cuisine and offers an impressive array of fried green tomato dishes in addition to other traditional Mississippi fare like trout almondine, shrimp and grits, pork chops, and, of course, a variety of pies. Wiedmann offers a glimpse of the past in the center of Mississippi.

8. Parlor Market

Parlor Market, a seasonal restaurant serving Southern food in downtown Jackson, combines the city’s history and cultural diversity with a modern dining experience.

The menu draws its inspiration from classic dishes like pork chops, USDA prime ribeye, and redfish, as well as more contemporary dishes like paella, duck carbonara, and smoked duck gumbo.

Additionally, all of its materials come from prominent nearby farms. The restaurant is located in a historic parlor market that initially opened in 1858, thus the name.

Most of the original masonry, marble, and wood, along with other details like Edison lightbulbs and vintage doorknobs that transported you to Jackson in the 19th century, has been maintained. It offers a taste of the past along with delicious current cuisine.

7. Walnut Hills

Even after a recent refurbishment, Walnut Hills still has a lot of charm that has long attracted diners. The wealthy Rogers family built the house, which the restaurant has called home since 1980.

It features a large porch, towering shuttered windows, and Vicksburg perforated columns. It has long had a cozy and friendly presence on Adams Street with its stately, elegant aspect.

Walnut Hills upholds historical traditions, and the restaurant’s attractiveness is greatly enhanced by small touches like bottles of hot pepper sauce, rockers, and whiskey bottles.

The trip is noteworthy because of the food, which has received awards from The Vicksburg Post for Best Home Cooking, Best Lunch, and Best Dessert. They are reputed to have famous fried chicken.

6. Shapley’s

Shapley’s has been Ridgeland’s go-to fine dining establishment since 1985. The proprietors, known for their high-quality products and, in particular, their steak and wine, have always chosen the best cuts of meat and hired the same producers.

The steaks are cooked to bring out their natural flavor, and toppings like mushrooms, artichoke hearts, and crab meat are available.

The restaurant’s wine selection has repeatedly been listed on Wine Spectator Magazine’s Award of Excellence List and also once on the Best of Award of Excellence List due to its enormous depth and variety of vintages. Shapley’s offers premium food and beverages for the discriminating customer.

5. The Chimneys

On the Mississippi coast, exquisite dining is available at The Chimneys. Fresh seafood, which travels the shortest distance from the sea to the table in the State, is the restaurant’s specialty, as might be expected.

The elegant white wooden structure lends the coastal setting a bit of refinement, and Gulfport’s porch seating offers some of the best views of the Gulf. Any good fine-dining establishment would be proud of its refined interior design.

The menu is constantly changing based on the seasonality of the seafood, but fillet and ribeye steak are always available. One of their most well-known meals is their fish tacos, which makes The Chimneys a lunchtime hotspot for many people.

4. The Little Dooey

The Little Dooey is a restaurant that has been slow roasting its BBQ meals to perfection for more than 25 years; it advertises, “Come taste the pride.”

Given the fierce competition, it’s quite an accomplishment that this Starkville institution is regarded as one of the top producers of barbecue meals in the entire State. Visitors frequently travel around the county to sample the restaurant’s owners’ time-honored secret sauces and recipes.

Initially, The Little Dooey just offered handmade sauces from petrol stations, but as demand increased, a restaurant was soon opened. Diners can also sample Mississippi favorites like catfish, shrimp, oysters, chicken tenders, and smoked barbecue meats.

3. Char

The elegant steakhouse Char, a Jackson institution for more than 20 years, provides USDA Prime and Choice cuts of beef, veal, and lamb that are all char-broiled to perfection for maximum tenderness and moisture.

A good assortment of seafood is delivered fresh daily in addition to their meat menu. The seafood served to customers is some of the best in the city so that they can relax.

The dessert menu has earned state-wide awards, and their range of pies, cobblers, crunchies, and brownies draw guests from all across the State and beyond as an after-dinner treat. In the State’s capital, Char is unquestionably high-quality, traditional cuisine.

2. Ajax Diner

Ajax Diner puts up the typical soul food that Mississippi and other southern states are so famous for, with a significant portion of its menu made from old family recipes.

Since it initially opened in 1997, it has gained a loyal following and provides some of the best examples of traditional southern cooking in the region. The restaurant was previously recognized for serving Mississippi’s best soul food, cornbread, and lunch in Oxford.

Meals like catfish, spicy tamales, and meatloaf are equally famous for lunch and dinner to offer you a true sense of down-home cooking. Since it first opened, Ajax Diner has enchanted both locals and visitors to Oxford thanks to its view of Courthouse Square.

1. Big Bad Breakfast

Big Bad Breakfast is proud of its unique dish and has been named Best Breakfast in Mississippi numerous times. It intends to change the way that customers view breakfast forever.

It demonstrates what breakfast can actually be made of with its large bag of breakfast plates. Make sure you arrive with a healthy appetite because there are alternatives like quesadillas, big nasty skillets, and shrimp and grits.

The deliciousness of their breakfast will have you pleading for more, despite the tagline being “lard have mercy.” Oatmeal, grapefruit, and salad are all options for people who prefer something a little bit healthier.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mississippi’s famous food?

Mississippi has a variety of food, but the primary food staples include fried chicken, fried okra, biscuits and gravy, collard greens, catfish, and cornbread.

What’s the oldest restaurant in Mississippi?

A Swiss chef traveling by transatlantic steamship in Mississippi made the decision to establish himself in Meridian by founding a restaurant in the Union Hotel. Weidmann’s, the establishment where that chef Felix Weidmann worked, is still operational in Meridian and is the Magnolia State’s oldest restaurant.

What is Mississippi’s National Food?

There is only one official food in the Magnolia State, and it just so happens to be butter cookies, which are sweet and melt in your mouth.

What kind of BBQ is Mississippi known for?

One of the State’s advantages is the range of its styles. Mississippi barbecue is often prepared with sweet Memphis-style sauces. In contrast, some restaurants, such as Jackson’s Pig and Pint and Triple A’s Barbecue in Flowood, also provide brisket, dry rub, and even vinegar sauce with Carolina influences.

What fruit is Mississippi famous for?

With more than 2,000 acres in production, blueberries are Mississippi’s most important fruit crop. Since the 1970s, commercial blueberry cultivation has played a significant role in Mississippi’s horticulture economy. Blueberries are native to the Southeast and thrive in the pine belt of south Mississippi.

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