Top 10 Restaurants in Minnesota

It’s so much pleasure to eat at distinctive eateries in Minnesota. Excellent meals may be found in Minnesota. You’re covered in whatever kind of food you fancy, from exquisite burgers to delectable seafood and ice cream desserts to tasty tacos.

There are numerous restaurants to select from whether you’re craving Southeast Asian or Mexican food. To try every restaurant in the city, though, might take too much time during your visit.

The top 10 restaurants in Minnesota are listed here to assist you in deciding where to eat if you’re pressed for time or want to make a reservation after visiting a well-known city attraction. 

Famous Restaurants in Minnesota:

10. Bar La Grassa

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, there is an Italian restaurant called Bar La Grassa. The restaurant serves a selection of traditional Italian pasta dishes, small plates, and wines in a cozy and welcoming setting.

Every day for dinner, Bar La Grassa serves a large selection of bruschetta, entrées, fresh pasta, dry pasta, filled pasta, and entrées.

Arancini with duck confit and taleggio, la Quercia Rosso Berkshire prosciutto, seared foie gras with brioche and apples, roasted beets and burrata and pistachio, and other appetizer selections are available at the restaurant.

Red wine spaghetti with nuts, linguine with lamb meatballs, and penne rigate with shrimp and vin santo are some of the entrees offered at Bar La Grassa.

9. Red Cow North Loop

The family settled on a “modern tavern” concept to raise burgers and beverages to something spectacular because they all loved tasty hamburgers. The family struggled to come up with a name for weeks before Michael suggested, “How about ‘Red’ for the wine and ‘Cow’ for the burgers? “Holy cow!”

They came up with a variety of tasty burgers for the menu. The 60/40 is the emblematic burger at Red Cow. It is unquestionably a “must,” made with 60% certified Angus beef and 40% ground bacon patty and topped with Wisconsin-aged cheddar, beer mustard, and candied bacon.

8. Zelo

Italian food produced with fresh, essential products from the area is served at Zelo. They serve thoughtful, approachable wine selections with their homemade cuisine. The restaurant is committed to giving you a complete dining experience, including top-notch food and wine, with friendly service. Each meal. Each day.

Rick Webb, a Minnesota restaurateur whose goals have set the standard in Twin Cities dining for more than 40 years, founded Zelo in 1999, making it a popular attraction in Minneapolis. 

7. Pizzeria Lola

A Korean immigrant quits her day job, starts a local wood-fired pizzeria, and calls it Lola after her dog since she is so passionate about food and her mother’s delectable cooking. They are a local pizzeria serving award-winning wood-fired pizza and a narrow variety of shared meals, such as salads, house-made meatballs, and seasonal roasted vegetables.

It is a contemporary pizzeria with terrace seating that serves wines from around the world and imaginative wood-fired pies with a Korean flair. They are a neighborhood eatery specializing in pizza and offering shareable salads, sides, and desserts.

Our wood-fired oven makes our pizzas, which come in various flavors, including Margherita, pepperoni, sausage, cheese, and other traditional favorites.

6. George & The Dragon

The restaurant was founded in 2011 due to a desire to work with individuals we enjoy in a relaxed yet professional environment while producing amazing meals.

An English tavern or public house served as the inspiration for George and the Dragon. The bar used to be more than just another place to buy beer. In addition, it served as a community meeting place, where travelers might find lodging for the night and, of course, where locals and visitors alike could enjoy a delicious home-cooked dinner.

5. Broders’ Pasta Bar

The craft of making fresh pasta has advanced thanks to Broders’ Pasta Bar. The pasta bar was created to satisfy our guests with pasta prepared the way it should be. Each of the roughly 22 pasta and risotto dishes on the menu is prepared to order and delivered hot. The finest place to see the pasta chefs prepare their meal, which is always “al dente” and delicately tossed, is from a seat at the bar.

This is not a chain or a white or red sauce pasta establishment. Each dish receives a custom sauté of the finest fresh ingredients.

Even though the focus is on high-quality food, you’ll love the restaurant’s attractive ambiance and neighborhood vibe.

4. Spoon and Stable

In the heart of the North Loop Neighborhood, Spoon and Stable is a restaurant housed in a building that was previously a horse stable and dated back to 1906.

Chef/Owner Gavin Kaysen, a James Beard Award winner, has always yearned to return to Minneapolis, where he was raised. The food is primarily influenced by the Midwest’s seasonality, the origins of the local culture, and, technically, Chef Kaysen’s signature French cuisine.

3. The Capital Grille

The Capital Grille Minneapolis, Minnesota, serves exceptional fine cuisine and wine before or after the performance and is located in the center of the Hennepin Avenue Theatre District. Make it a day to cherish.

The Capital Grille strives to make every occasion special, from birthdays and anniversaries to career milestones. The Capital Grille, opens seven days a week, is most renowned for its beautifully prepared steaks, which are hand-cut by our restaurant’s on-site butcher after being dry-aged in the establishment for 18 to 24 days.

More than 350 wines are available on The Capital Grille’s wine list, and its floor-to-ceiling wine kiosk typically holds 3,500–5,000 bottles. Reservations are advised but not necessary.

2. Chimborazo

Our guests are introduced to the traditional foods of Ecuador and the Andean Highlands by Chimborazo. They offer hearty meals that are common on Ecuadorian home tables.

The owner and chef of Chimborazo, Marcos Pinguil, traveled from the Caar Sierra to Minneapolis through the tropics, where he began his culinary education at a young age.

According to local indigenous mythology, the Chimborazo volcano stands in for Taita (Father), while the nearby volcano symbolizes Tungurahua (Mama). Thanks to Otavalo textiles and traditional Quichua music, your eating experience will be infused with the essence of the Andean Highlands.

1. Holy Land Bakery, Grocery, and Deli

With Grandfather Abu Saeed, the family’s goal started more than a century ago. He brought the tried-and-true pita bread recipe to the dream.

The firm was soon relocated under the new name “Holy Land” to a small area in Northeast Minneapolis.

Holy Land, which started as a Middle Eastern deli, bakery, and grocery shop with an 800-square-foot storefront, found a market. By providing specialized goods that were unavailable elsewhere, he built a recipe for success.

A more varied crowd was gathering at the bakery and deli. The family produced award-winning pita bread using a recipe from his grandpa, Abu Saeed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What famous food is Minnesota known for?

Minnesota’s official grain is wild rice. There is nothing better than locally grown wild rice to give you a full, savory meal, from soups to pancakes.

What is Minnesota’s signature dish?

Wild rice and mushroom soup, a warming and creamy soup ideal for a chilly winter evening are one of the state foods of Minnesota. Shredded chicken, celery, and green onions are added as garnishes to the hearty authentic wild rice and thick broth soup.

What meat is Minnesota known for?

Minnesota meat markets continue their ethnic roots by selling enduring favorites like Italian porketta, Polish sausage, smoked salmon, and venison, passing on traditional craft and recipes to the following generations.

What is a Juicy Lucy in Minnesota?

A stuffed burger called a Jucy Lucy has cheese inside the beef rather than on top, creating a melting cheese center. While other bars and restaurants have developed their takes on the style, two taverns in Minneapolis assert that they invented the hamburger.

What is the most popular candy in Minnesota?

Hot Tamales, Tootsie Pops, and Skittles are Minnesota’s top 3 candy brands.

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