10 Best Restaurants in Illinois – Check Out Our Top Picks!

Illinois is a midwestern state with delicious food that will definitely salivate you. Because of its flat terrain, rolling hills, and numerous wetlands, Illinois is sometimes referred to as “the Prairie State.”

The state is home to many dishes that have become famous worldwide, such as deep-dish pizza and hot dogs made in the Chicago style.

Illinois cuisine is unbeatable. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top eateries in the state. These are the state’s top 10 eateries:

Top Restaurants in Illinois You Need to Try Now!

Bien Trucha, Geneva

Cuisine: Mexican
Best for: authentic Mexican food in a casual atmosphere.
Must try: Guacamole del Dia, Diaba Tacos and Flan

When translated literally from Spanish, the phrase “on top of your game” translates to “Bien Trucha.”

When you visit this restaurant, you will have the opportunity to enjoy some delicious Mexican cuisine.

This restaurant has a laid-back vibe, which pairs exceptionally well with the well-seasoned flavors and dishes that are available here.

The hand-shaken cocktails that are served here are also considered to be a specialty. The restaurant’s tacos, tortas, and guacamole have garnered widespread acclaim over the years.

The warm and inviting restaurant brings authentic Mexican food of the highest quality to the western suburbs, and we’re here for it!

Vie Restaurant, Western Springs

Cuisine: American
Best for: Prix Fixe dining
Must try: Cinnamon sugar churros and roasted delicata squash.

Everyone who enters this farm-to-table restaurant’s establishment is treated to a delectable meal of the highest caliber in an upscale setting.

For each guest to have the best possible fine dining experience, the dishes are prepared using locally sourced ingredients and traditional cooking and preservation methods.

You can splurge on the fantastic food served here in the elegant yet cozy setting. The restaurant also offers Prix Fixe menus to let you sample more dishes while dining.

Last but not least, there is a fantastic wine that perfectly complements the American cuisine that is served here. 

The Purple Pig Restaurant, Chicago

Cuisine: Mediterranean
Best for: Large portions and unique foods.
Must try: Prosciutto Escarole Bread Balls, Scallop Spiedini, and Milk Braised Pork Shoulder

When in the Windy City, you must make a reservation at the multi-award-winning establishment found on Michigan Avenue.

This location has a wonderful airy setting thanks to the open kitchen and the airy seating. The exceptional Mediterranean cuisine served here and the generous portions will satisfy you.

This restaurant’s dishes offer unique taste sensations. Do note that this place may get pretty busy, so we highly recommend making your reservations in advance to enjoy the entire menu.

P.S.: The wine selection is great. Try it!

Gene and Judes, River Grove

Cuisine: American/fast food
Best for: Casual and quick dining
Must try: corn roll tamales and a hot dog with fries.

This restaurant serves some of the most delicious Chicago-style hot dogs in the state, and it’s perfect for a laid-back dinner or a quick snack, to such an extent that this palace is recognized throughout the entirety of the nation for having the best-selling hot dogs in the business.

In addition to the popular hot dogs that are served at this establishment, you can also get some exceptional hand-cut fries and tamales to complement your hot dogs.

This restaurant has a very cozy atmosphere thanks to its modest setting and outdoor seating. When you’re in the area, this is a great place to satisfy any late-night cravings.

If you find yourself in Illinois, you absolutely must stop by this establishment for at least one of its delicious hot dogs.

Basil’s Greek Dining, Aurora

Cuisine: Mediterranean/greek
Best for: Authentic Greek cuisine
Must try: ocean pasta, basil chips, and Greek bolognese

This restaurant offers a truly authentic taste of the Mediterranean. Thai Place, which is well-known for its mouthwatering kebabs, flatbreads, and other traditional dishes from the Mediterranean, is a paradise for those who enjoy Greek cuisine.

When you visit the restaurant, you can expect to receive freshly prepared, hot food at your table at all times. In addition to the excellent main courses, this place also has outstanding desserts.

You should definitely try the baklava here; you might end up ordering it multiple times! The restaurant has a sophisticated yet laid-back atmosphere, which is just another perk in addition to the excellent food that is served here.

Boka, Chicago

Cuisine: American
Best for: Great food in a modern and romantic setting.
Must try: Slow Cooked Tasmanian ocean trout, sweet potato ravioli, and the seven-course tasting menu for the best experience.

When you visit this high-end restaurant, you can rest assured that your dish will contain nothing but the freshest and most flavorful ingredients because the menu changes seasonally.

The Michelin-starred restaurant also provides tasting menus for patrons who want to sample more items from the extensive menu.

This restaurant provides exceptional service, so you can rest assured that you will have a wonderful time if you decide to dine here.

Your dining experience will be further elevated thanks to the contemporary atmosphere of this restaurant while you are here.

They also have a lovely outdoor patio that is perfect for a romantic evening, thanks to candlelight. This restaurant checks all the boxes for a Michelin star and will not disappoint.

P.S. This place also offers excellent vegetarian options.

Ina Mae, Chicago

Cuisine: South American
Best for: Lively ambiance 
Must try: Fried Catfish, Roast Beef Po’ Boy, and Collard Greens

This lively restaurant draws inspiration from New Orleans’ delectable cuisine and vibrant culture and will surely make you feel better.

This restaurant resulted from chef Jupiter’s creative culinary vision, whose main goal was to introduce authentic New Orleans family recipes to Chicago.

In this restaurant, the chef has accomplished the same in a spectacular manner with a wonderful ambiance.

Because they have ample seating, this location is perfect for gatherings of friends or family members.

While you’re there, you may also enjoy listening to live music, which will enhance the overall quality of your meal.

If you ever find yourself in Chicago, you absolutely have to make it a point to stop by this lively restaurant that exudes a wonderful atmosphere throughout.

17th Street BBQ, Marion

Cuisine: American/BBQ
Best for: Seasoned meats prepared uniquely.
Must try: BBQ Nachos, Beef Brisket, and Smoked Turkey

This casual chain is a local favorite and is known for serving some of the state’s finest barbecue meats.

They offer some of the most flavorful brisket and ribs, both of which are perfectly cooked.

In addition to that, their burgers deserve special recognition. You can eat to your heart’s content at this restaurant thanks to its laid-back atmosphere, which has a more homey feel.

Families and big groups can enjoy the location as well. It is well known for its distinctively prepared collard greens.

In addition to the mouthwatering meats, they offer fantastic sides and appetizers, including gluten-free options, for the most comprehensive menu for every customer.

You can also drive through and quickly pick up your delectable meal and prepare it to go if you’re in a hurry.

Rocco’s Little Italy, Tinley Park

Cuisine: Italian
Best for: Authentic Italian food 
Must try: Fried Calamari, Cannoli, and Baked Spinach Ravioli.

The traditional Italian restaurant from back in the day has a quintessentially Italian ambiance that will undoubtedly leave you speechless.

The portions are enormous, and the dishes’ flavors, typical of Southern Italian cuisine, are incredibly delicious.

The restaurant serves amazing appetizers, such as stuffed artichoke hearts and meatballs, in addition to its amazing main courses, such as its linguines and portions of pasta.

This restaurant will provide you with a genuine Southern Italian dining experience like no other. If Italian food is your thing, you should visit this restaurant.

Last but not least, the tiramisu served at this restaurant is unrivaled and is highly recommended for dessert. 

Maurie’s Table, Joliet

Cuisine: American
Best for: Great pizzas and craft beers
Must try: spicy Italian deep-dish pizza, boneless buffalo wings, and nachos.

We saved the best for last. The world-famous Chicago-style deep-dish pizzas, which can only be found in Illinois, are essential to any state trip.

In a laid-back atmosphere, the restaurant serves some of the deep-dish pizzas considered among the best in the state.

They also offer gluten-free options, which helps ensure that this establishment welcomes customers of all dietary preferences.

Apart from the delicious pizzas served here, the restaurant also offers heavy sandwiches and various craft beers to accompany your meal. All of these dishes can be found in a wonderfully casual, homey setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best fine-dining restaurant in Illinois?

Both Boka and Goosefoot in Chicago are considered to be among the finest dining establishments in the entire state. Both of these restaurants provide a lovely, high-end atmosphere, which is the ideal complement to the delectable, freshly prepared food offered at both establishments.

What is the state pie?

The pumpkin pie, which is also frequently served in restaurants throughout the state, is the official state pie. The next contender, which the locals highly favor, is apple pie.

What are the most popular dishes in the state?

Undoubtedly, the most well-liked foods in the state include Chicago-style deep-dish pizzas and hot dogs. These Illinois classics, which merit the hype and notoriety, must have also been mentioned to you. The two dishes listed above are a must-try if you visit the state anytime.

Where can you find authentic Deep dish Pizza in the state?

This traditional dish can be found on the menus of a wide variety of excellent restaurants located all over the state. However, if you’re looking for the most genuine deep-dish pizza experience, we strongly suggest visiting Maurie’s Table in Joliet. It is highly recommended that you try out Giordanos, which is another well-known restaurant chain in the Chicago area. Giordano’s is known for having some of the most delicious deep-dish pizzas.

Where can you find the best Chicago-style hot dogs in the state?

Gene and Judes are known for having excellent hot dogs prepared in the Chicago style, as was mentioned earlier. In addition, if you’re looking for a fantastic hot dog experience in Chicago, Fat Johnnies Famous Hot Dogs and Wolfys are both excellent choices.

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