Top 10 Restaurants in Hawaii You Should Visit Once

Hawaii is recognized for more than just its beaches and luaus; it’s also known for its native cuisines from the Pacific Rim and authentic Hawaiian cuisine!

Hawaii is an idyllic island destination that draws millions of tourists from across the globe every year. This state is a restaurateur’s paradise because of the abundance of the coastline, a good growing season, and the availability of fresh local products. These are Hawaii’s top 10 restaurants, located in one of the most beautiful areas on earth.

Most Famous Restaurants in Hawaii

10. Monkeypod Kitchen

Nothing is more hospitable and tranquilizing than a trip to Monkeypod Kitchen. This restaurant’s family-friendly setting is a great place to unwind and have a wonderful lunch.

Monkeypod provides hand-tossed pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven and dishes made with fresh fish. Both the ambiance and the cuisine are understated and created to give visitors an experience demonstrating how to unwind the Hawaiian way.

With approximately 40 craft beer options, Monkeypod takes pride in its extensive beer range.

9. Chef Mavro

Chef Mavro, who has received numerous significant awards, delivers a lively Hawaiian interpretation of dishes that draw inspiration from his native France. Using locally obtained ingredients and supporting regional farmers and food suppliers is crucial.

The chefs expertly prepare meals that are a feast for the eyes and the stomach. Chef Mavro also provides well-chosen wines to go with any dish, taking an already outstanding dining experience to an entirely new level. For great food and important events, Hawaii residents must visit this restaurant.

8. Mama’s Fish House

Mama’s Fish House, a restaurant honoring the Polynesian heritage of the island and the bounty of seafood the ocean has to offer, is tucked away on Maui’s North Shore.

Many of the tables have breathtaking ocean views, and the inside is decorated with fresh flowers and traditional Hawaiian items. Only the freshest catch from nearby fishermen is used in the menu, which is heavy on seafood.

The macadamia-crusted Mahi Mahi, the blue prawns with vanilla, and the opakapaka ceviche are all favorites among customers. If you want fish that is at its freshest, prepared with authentic Hawaiian flavors, go to Mama’s Fish House.

7. La Mer

La Mer has won numerous awards for its outstanding cuisine and customer service. Jackets and evening wear are necessary to maintain a posh eating atmosphere.

Once inside, visitors are treated to stunning seaside views and a roomy, light-filled eating area. Local Hawaiian foods are being used on the menu at La Mer, where they are prepared by following traditional French methods.

Just a few minutes from the Waikiki shoreline, La Mer offers excellent service and delicious food, making it a simple choice for good dining.

6. Alan Wong’s Honolulu

Over the past three decades, Alan Wong has built a name for himself by influencing the evolution of the culinary style that Hawaii is today known for.

Visitors are greeted by welcoming Alan Wong’s Honolulu employees, who are enthusiastic about sharing local flavors and ingredients. The restaurant’s setting embraces both the casual island lifestyle and the fine-dining style of the food.

At Alan Wong’s, foods are presented artistically and almost appear too fantastic to eat. Don’t leave without sampling “The Coconut,” a chocolate shell with sorbet inside and tropical fruits on top that resembles a coconut split in half.

5. The Pig and the Lady

The Pig and the Lady are unique among restaurants in many aspects and operate in a separate league. The chefs’ reputations have been built on their willingness to take risks and do things that no one else has.

They combine traditional recipes with unexpected components to produce new and unique dishes. Crispy potato skins and octopus bolognese are paired with pillowy gnocchi. Strawberries and Thai basil are paired with ricotta pancakes.

Strawberries, pea shoots, and corn gelato are served with avocado cake. The Pig and the Lady is a restaurant that you shouldn’t miss out on because of these creative meals, plus a plethora of others.

4. MW Honolulu

MW Honolulu delivers traditional Hawaiian and traditional American cuisine that has been creatively dressed up and twisted. The opakapaka, a native scarlet snapper wrapped in mochi and delicately fried, and the pork chop—glazed in kimchi and so soft it slips off the bone—are among the most well-liked meals.

The MW candy bar, a crispy macadamia praline with salted caramel, chocolate, and cookie, is a noteworthy and thoughtful dessert option.

High ceilings, big windows, light colors, and a basic, modern aesthetic are some of the things that characterize the interior design of MW Honolulu. Although the setting is sophisticated, it yet emanates a relaxed mood that makes visitors feel at home and at ease.

3. Town

Owners and employees at Town are committed to fostering a sense of community and reconnection with the environment through consuming locally sourced, sustainable food.

Even though it has received recognition from several publications, critics, and organizations, this restaurant nonetheless maintains an approachable and casual atmosphere.

Meats and fish aren’t heavily sauced, making the ingredients’ freshness and tastes stand out. Simple preparation methods are used to highlight the inherent quality of the vegetables and sides.

Reviewers rave about Town’s panna cotta desserts, black mussels, and creamy polenta. There is always something fresh to eat at Town, thanks to a menu that changes depending on the season.

2. Chef Chai

Chef Chai, who serves Asian fusion food, is stylish and always on point. Because he owns other eateries and has earned numerous accolades, the restaurant’s owner and executive chef are highly known throughout Hawaii.

At Chef Chai, he combines traditional Asian methods and flavors with the vibrant flavors of the islands. Customers and critics alike adore the fusion of styles that is the end result. Any diner will be satisfied with the quality at Chef Chai, whether they order duck tacos, fillet mignon, chicken satay, or lemongrass oxtail soup.

1. Vintage Cave

Restaurant patrons may expect a distinctly unique experience at Vintage Cave. Instead of bringing the island’s natural beauty indoors, this restaurant has developed a setting that is reminiscent of ancient Italian architecture.

The interior exudes warm, regal grandeur with brick walls and granite floors. The seasonality of the set menu determines how frequently it varies.

When guests arrive, they have two choices: the chef’s suggestion or a vegetarian menu that considers different needs and preferences. The twelve-course meal features well-prepared and artistically presented modern French American cuisine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What food is a must in Hawaii?

It’s poke, manapua, spam musubi, fish tacos, saimin, Huli Huli chicken, garlic shrimp, loco moco, malasadas, and shaved ice, in no particular order. In other words, the ten tastiest meals that truly set Hawaiian cuisine apart from different cuisines.

Which Hawaiian island is best for foodies?

Oahu, also known as The Gathering Place, is nothing but a foodie’s paradise, and Honolulu has recently become one of the country’s top culinary destinations. Explore culinary neighborhoods like Kakaako, Kaimuki, and Chinatown to find a fusion of hip restaurants and mom-and-pop eateries serving up delicious food.

What part of Hawaii has the best food?

Many people say that Helena’s Hawaiian Food in Kalihi, Oahu, serves the best Hawaiian cuisine. Nearly no parking is available, so plan on searching for a spot on the street. Usually, there is a line.

What is the popular drink in Hawaii?

Mai Tai. The Mai Tai, a concoction of rum, lime, orgeat, and curacao, or triple sec, is arguably the most well-known beverage from Hawaii. It is said to have been created in Oakland, California’s Trader Vic’s restaurant, in 1944.

What is a typical Hawaiian breakfast?

A pleasant and filling morning dish called loco moco includes scoops of rice, a beautiful beef patty covered in delectable sauce, and a fried egg on top. Loco moco is a regional dish without bread, where rice is constantly served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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