Top 10 Restaurants in Georgia Serve up Fresh and Flavorful Cuisine

The culinary landscape in Georgia is notorious for being expansive and diverse. No one cuisine defines Georgian cuisine; rather, the cuisine reflects influences from all over the world.

Everyone who comes to the state of Georgia, also known as the “Peach State,” will have a great time trying the local cuisine.

Some incredible restaurants in Georgia use local produce and other fresh ingredients in their dishes.

As a result, we are going to count down the top picks for the best restaurants in the state, starting with:

Restaurants in Georgia Are a Feast for the Senses

Nikolai’s Roof, Atlanta

Cuisine: Contemporary
Best for: An evening dinner with a great view.
You must try spring gnocchi, beef short rib, and molten chocolate cake for dessert.

This upscale restaurant serves New American cuisine that is influenced by French and Russian cuisine to create the ideal fusion of the two styles.

The high-end restaurant boasts some of the city’s most breathtaking panoramas. The restaurant offers unparalleled views of Atlanta from its location on the 30th floor of the Hilton Hotel.

This high-end restaurant offers wonderful tastings, courses, and drinks that you can enjoy throughout the evening.

Foie gras and beef Wellington are the restaurant’s two most well-known dishes. Additionally, we urge you not to leave without sampling some of the incredible desserts on offer, including their souffle and creme brulee.

The restaurant will undoubtedly give you a dining experience unlike any other and a fantastic view of the city. This restaurant is undoubtedly in the conversation for best in the state.

Ray’s on the River, Sandy Springs

Cuisine: American
Best for: Fresh seafood with a riverside view.
Must try: Ray’s Brisket Burger, Salmon BLT, and Jumbo Lump Crab Cake

This restaurant, which is situated along the Chattahoochee River, provides patrons with breathtaking views while they dine.

This restaurant on the riverfront in Atlanta is widely considered to be the best of its kind in the city. The restaurant only serves seafood that is caught that day and flown in fresh.

As a result of its wonderful ambiance, Rays is an excellent choice for any important event and a cozy evening meal for two.

We highly suggest ordering some of the mouth-watering appetizers as well. The restaurant serves delicious, high-quality food made with locally sourced ingredients.

When in the state, Rays are unquestionably worth a visit if you want to experience fresh seafood like never before.

Last but not least, they have an award-winning wine list, so we firmly believe you should try some of the wines offered here to complement your meal.

Poor Calvin’s, Atlanta

Cuisine: Asian
Best for: Asian cuisine in a modern ambiance
Must try: Pan-seared sea bass, steamed chicken and pork dumplings, and the Tom Yum soup.

This restaurant takes its cues from Asian cooking and incorporates some influences from the American South into its menu.

Here, the fresh food is served in a modern and contemporary environment that will only enhance every flavor of the amazing cuisine.

The ATL restaurant has received numerous awards for the outstanding presentation of the food it serves.

Not only do these dishes look good, but they’re also delicious, too. This restaurant is the product of the vision of Chef Calvin Phan, who set out to create an incredible fusion of Eastern and Western cuisines for all of his customers.

He has succeeded in doing so. The renowned Chef Calvin is known for utilizing the finest preparation methods while using fresh and local ingredients. Due to this fact, it is unlike any other restaurant.

PS: They also offer some delicious vegetarian options for customers.

Black Sheep Restaurant, Blue Ridge

Cuisine: American
Best for: Good quality meats and meals.
Try shrimp and tasso pasta, Atlantic salmon, and crab cake.

This restaurant in Downtown Blue Ridge is housed in a historic home from the 1920s and exudes a cozy atmosphere unlike any other.

The freshness and high quality of the meats black sheep serve are well-known and highly regarded throughout the industry.

This restaurant offers an experience that is unparalleled in terms of its quality. The restaurant provides indoor and outdoor seating, which has a wonderful ambiance.

This restaurant’s excellent ambiance and freshly prepared food go hand in hand. The restaurant has a renowned wine list, so you should also consider ordering some.

Harvest on Main, Blue Ridge

Cuisine: American
Best for: Farm-to-table dining experience
Must try: grilled chicken breast, Cuban duck, and brie.

This family-owned and operated establishment in the heart of Blue Ridge provides full dining services.

The menu features innovative farm-to-table dishes from South America that will completely blow your mind.

The eatery serves food with deep southern roots. All the locally sourced ingredients used in the inventive dishes served here guarantee you will only receive the freshest food.

Furthermore, this restaurant’s excellent staff will promptly serve you fresh food.

Last but not least, vegetarian and gluten-free options are on the menu, making this establishment welcoming to all customers.

BoccaLupo, Atlanta

Cuisine: Italian/American
Best for: Fusion dining experience
Must try: Black Spaghetti, southern fried chicken, and chicken liver ravioli

This Italian restaurant in ATL will surely provide you with a wonderful and private dining experience.

The restaurant primarily focuses on fusing authentic Italian cooking techniques and ingredients with southern-style produce and dishes.

The cuisine at the restaurant is an excellent combination of the two styles. You can also check out their incredible tasting menus to have the most amazing and flavorful experience possible.

Because each component of the course is distinct and original, the tasting menus that are available here come highly recommended by our team.

This restaurant offers great service and a cozy setting for you to enjoy your meal.

Natalia’s, Macon

Cuisine: Italian
Best for: Special Occasions
Must try: rigatoni, flan, and the rib eye steak.

This high-end, sophisticated Italian restaurant in Macon will take your breath away and leave you speechless.

This location is ideal for large groups and special occasions because it provides comfortable seating outside.

Your mood will be positively elevated by this restaurant’s lively bar. It simply doesn’t get any better than this, with their beautiful decor complementing their fantastic, authentic Italian cuisine.

This upscale restaurant is the best choice for memorable events that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Herban Fix, Atlanta

Cuisine: Asian Fusion
Best for: Vegetarians/Vegans
Must try: Sweet Pea ravioli, steamed buns, and pad thai

The entire menu is 100% vegan here. The finest plant-based ingredients are used to prepare the delectable and flavorful dishes that represent the pan-Asian cuisine served here.

This is a fantastic upscale vegan restaurant that combines a variety of Asian flavors in a unique way.

In addition to having a wonderful atmosphere, this place has a patio with seating for when the weather is nice.

This is a fantastic restaurant where you can eat vegan food in a stunning modern setting, and we highly recommend it to anyone traveling to the state.

El Potro Mexican Restaurant, Atlanta

Cuisine: Mexican
Best for: Casual dining
Must try: Shrimp quesadilla, chicken fajitas and carnitas tacos

This Tex-Mex institution serves up classic dishes that are well worth experiencing at least once. Here, you can anticipate receiving authentic Mexican cuisine at a very affordable price.

The restaurant serves some of the most flavorful and delicious Mexican food in the surrounding area.

The well-seasoned food that is served at this restaurant has a more relaxed atmosphere that will make you want to return again and again.

The casual atmosphere of the restaurants adds to the homey atmosphere and makes the food seem even more flavorful and delectable than it is. Every lover of tex-mex food should visit this restaurant.

The Dillard House Restaurant, Dillard

Cuisine: American
Best for: Stunning natural views
Must try: Squash Casserole, pork chops, and fried zucchini

This traditional restaurant, which has won numerous awards, will give you a dining experience unlike any other you have ever had.

While you sit back and indulge in some tasty southern fare, you can take in the breathtaking scenery surrounding you.

The buffet here provides many options, each with its unique flavor that will cause explosions in your mouth.

They have taken great pride in serving customers for over a century and specialize in southern cuisine.

They also offer delicious dessert options to round out your meals. At this restaurant, you can enjoy the best southern food while taking in some of the most breathtaking views. Definitely a must-see.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best restaurant in Georgia with a great view?

Nikolai’s Roof in Atlanta is the place to get a good view of Atlanta’s skyline if that’s what interests you. The restaurant is located on the 30th floor of the Hilton and is known for having some of the city’s most breathtaking views. It is highly recommended that you visit The Dillard House restaurant if you are looking for more natural views that are close to nature. This restaurant provides wonderful views of the grassland and mountains that are located in the area, allowing you to have the most enjoyable dining experience possible.

2. What is the state’s most iconic food?

Peach cobblers from Georgia have a well-deserved reputation. We strongly recommend ordering ice cream to go on top of this popular state dessert so that you can experience the most incredible combination of flavors with every bite. Many restaurants offer delicious shrimp and grits as a main course, and you won’t be dissatisfied with the dish’s extraordinary flavor.

3. Where in Georgia can I get the best peach cobbler?

Both the Peach Cobbler Factory ATL and the Busy Bee Cafe in the city of Atlanta are known for serving some of the most delicious peach cobblers in the entire state. If you ever find yourself in the area and want to try one of the renowned peach cobblers, these two places are definitely worth a visit.

4. What are the most famous pies here?

Georgia is well known for its delicious pies and desserts. The peach pie and the pecan pie served here are, without a doubt, the two pies that are ordered the most frequently. This is because the state is so abundant in agricultural products, particularly those derived from peach and pecan trees.

5. What are the best main course dishes in the state?

Fried chicken, as well as shrimp with grits. These two are by far the most well-liked and well-known among both locals and visitors. We do not advise leaving the state without trying these two traditional foods. They’re classics that you must try!

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