Top 10 Restaurants in Colorado

Colorado may be most known for its mountains and ski resorts, but this state also has fantastic cuisine. This list identifies Colorado’s best-known restaurants that appreciate the Rockies, from farm-to-table cafes to longtime favorites.

Years ago, Denver, the largest city in Colorado, was referred to be a “cowboy” town. Large amounts of meat were the mainstay of the dining scene back then. But now that they are beginning to appear, organic and new-age restaurants are a welcome addition to the area.

Best restaurants to try in Colorado:

10. Ore House, Durango, CO

The Ore House is one of Durango’s oldest restaurants and has been operating since 1972. Although this restaurant is well-known for its steaks and liquor, it also offers a sizable wine cellar.

The Ore House is a Colorado restaurant that shouldn’t be missed since it is widely regarded as the greatest Steakhouse in the region. Weary tourists, adventurous foodies, and anybody yearning for authentic mountain-town cooking are all invited to settle down for a fine-dining experience at The Ore House in the center of Durango.

The Ore House, known for its steaks and seafood, has a full bar, an excellent wine cellar, and superb service. At Durango’s favorite Steakhouse, whether you’re here for a vacation or to mark a special event, you’re encouraged to relax and raise a glass to excellent cuisine and fun times.

9. Potager, Denver, CO

Potager, which translates to “kitchen garden” in French, is a farm-to-table restaurant that has become a landmark in the Denver region. Organic, fresh, and regionally sourced foods are the primary focus of Potager’s New American cuisine.

As a result, the food is seasonal. At Potager, both meat eaters and vegetarians will enjoy themselves. Five days a week, supper is served in the restaurant and wine bar Potager.

It serves dishes like the chilled Morton’s orchard apricot soup, Isabelle farm zucchini fritters, and twice-baked toasted almond and parmesan soufflé topped with charred apricots, basil, and saba, and all made with ingredients from the neighborhood farmer’s market.

8. The Kitchen, Boulder, Fort Collins, Denver, CO

The Kitchen is one of Colorado’s most eco-friendly and fresh eateries, having developed from a friendship-based venture in Boulder. Boulder, Fort Collins, Denver, and now Chicago and Memphis all have The Kitchen eateries.

The restaurant’s farm-to-table, urban American cuisine is its mainstay. The Kitchen is a seven-day-a-week American bistro in the center of the famed Old Town.

Simple, seasonally appropriate meals from nearby farmers and purveyors are the main emphasis of the menu. The Kitchen’s guiding principle of “Community through Food” is reflected in the ambiance and service.

7. Quincy’s Steakhouse, Salida, Leadville, Buena Vista, Florence, CO

Quincy’s Steakhouse offers inexpensive steaks with locations in Salida, Leadville, Buena Vista, and Florence. Quincy’s is the restaurant’s name since the original location was in Leadville’s famed Quincy Block, which was constructed in 1879.

The cuisine at Quincy’s is as straightforward as it gets, with southern sides and entrees that emphasize meat. Quincys was created to continue a family restaurant history centered on a specific menu with outstanding value.

In the center of Leadville, Colorado’s Historic District, Quincy’s main business opened its doors in October 1997. This property, which was housed and is now located in the historic “Quincy” block of downtown and was initially constructed in 1879, served as the idea for the names of the restaurants. 

6. Mizuna, Denver, CO

Not just in Denver but also throughout the western United States, Mizuna is the best-rated restaurant. This cozy neighborhood restaurant serves as a cover for Colorado’s largest culinary laboratory, where chefs can explore and experiment with the best seasonal ingredients.

Here, cooks are allowed a lot of room for creativity. Each chef on Bonanno’s staff is free to order whatever ingredients appear most suited to his position, creating a fantastic union of science and epicure. Every member of Bonanno’s crew has an influence on a menu that varies every month.

5. Jax Fish House, Boulder, Fort Collins, Denver, Glendale, CO

The fact that Colorado is not close to the shore does not preclude the existence of fantastic seafood establishments.

Offering sustainably sourced fish to locals and guests has helped Jax Fish House establish a solid reputation. You may find Jax Fish House eateries in Glendale, Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder, and Boulder.

4. Edelweiss, Colorado Springs, CO

Since 1967, Edelweiss has been providing genuine German cuisine in Colorado Springs. Near one of the restaurant’s three fireplaces, tuck into bratwurst and a German beer, or take in the Biergarten in the summer.

Reserving room for dessert is essential. Every delectable pastry and torte is made from scratch by Edelwiess’ pastry chef.

3. The Last Steep, Crested Butte, CO

Without a favored ski-town eatery, this list wouldn’t be complete. The Last Steep, which takes its name from the owner’s preferred ski route, has become one of Crested Butte’s most well-liked hangouts.

In a laid-back pub setting, this family-run restaurant serves American cuisine. The Best Bloody Mary and Best Hamburger honors have been given to The Last Steep in Crested Butte.

2. Snooze: an A.M. Eatery, Denver, CO

Snooze: an A.M. Eatery is one of the best breakfast places in Colorado; Snooze has established a strong reputation. Snooze, founded in Denver, has since spread to numerous Colorado cities and ones in California and Arizona.

By combining a great dinner experience with creative A.M. favorites, Snooze established a strong brand.

1. The Buckhorn Exchange, Denver, CO

The Buckhorn Exchange, widely regarded as Denver’s oldest eatery, kicks off our list with traditional Colorado meals that mainly emphasize meat.

This venerable eatery offers unusual games, including elk, buffalo, quail, and ostrich. Theodore Roosevelt, Bob Hope, and Ronald Reagan are just a few celebrities who have visited the Buckhorn since it first opened in 1893.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Colorado’s most famous food?

Lamb Fondue. Lamb is one of the most famous foods in Colorado.

What food is Denver most famous for?

Green chile, Colorado lamb, Palisade peaches, and craft beer are among the foods Denver is famous for. Mexican food is likewise quite well-liked.

What desserts are Colorado known for?

Colorado doesn’t have a designated state dessert; it is well known for its delicious Palisade peaches. The peaches may be used to make pies, cobblers, and other desserts. They acquire their name from Palisade, Colorado, where they are cultivated.

Why are Colorado peaches so good?

The town of Palisade is the most prominent location for the cultivation of Colorado peaches, which are prized for being particularly juicy and sweet due to the state’s long, sunny days and chilly summer evenings, which aid in the development of all those delectable fruity sugars.

Is Denver a foodie town?

Denver is the 7th greatest food city in America, only behind Sacramento, California (#6), according to research that compared more than 180 U.S. towns across 29 key measures of foodie-friendliness.

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