Top 10 Restaurants in Alabama

Visiting Alabama might be an excellent opportunity to experience the delicious southern cuisine served throughout the state. That is true, but there is more than that.

The state boasts many fantastic restaurants renowned nationally for their cuisine, surroundings, & service, just like the variety of its tourist attractions. In Alabama, there are many different places to eat.

You should add the ten restaurants below to your dining bucket list because they are spread across the state. There is something for everyone, from family-friendly restaurants to a steakhouse that has won awards. Look them up!

Top Rated Restaurants in Alabama:

10. Simp McGhee’s

The owner of this eatery, who was named after a rowdy Tennessee River riverboat captain, has a colorful past. Simp McGhee injects a bit of Cajun spice into the Alabama dining scene while maintaining the same sense of rebellion and exploration.

The menu features meals like seafood gumbo, crawfish eggrolls, and shrimp and andouille ravioli, all of which were greatly influenced by the flavors of New Orleans.

A tapas menu with small portions to be shared with friends is also available at Simp McGhee’s. This is the ideal location for an authentic, savory lunch without the slightest hint of pretentiousness.

9. SpringHouse

SpringHouse, located on the scenic shores of Lake Martin, is cozy, hospitable, and elegant. The interior is comfortable and rustic, with massive, roaring fireplaces, abundant masonry, and exposed wooden beams.

The staff is helpful and kind, going above and beyond to make visitors’ stays memorable. The menu at the restaurant is frequently updated to reflect the plethora of fresh seasonal ingredients. SpringHouse is a pleasant spot to eat with Southern flavors and homey warmth.

8. Grille 29

Modern American cuisine is served at Grille 29 with reliable quality and service. Above all things, this restaurant can be categorized as a steakhouse. Hand-cut steaks that have been perfectly cooked to temperature are proudly offered on the menu.

But there are also many possibilities for people with different preferences. Popular dishes include the hummus crudité plate, gorgonzola fondue, and potato-crusted halibut.

Other favorites are grouper oscar, blue crab gazpacho, and grouper oscar. Grille 29 offers a wide variety of delicious alternatives at affordable costs.

7. Cotton Row

The location of Cotton Row is a historic structure around 200 years old. The restaurant values its Southern roots and geographic history. The dining area is furnished and has beautiful lighting inside.

The historic downtown of Huntsville may be seen from the outside seating. The chef at Cotton Row has been dubbed a culinary genius, garnering numerous honors and a great deal of interest from the elite in the restaurant industry.

The restaurant’s menu features a selection of meat, seafood, and vegetable dishes that have all been expertly prepared with the utmost attention to quality and flavor.

6. Ollie Irene

Ollie Irene was developed as a sweet ode to the owner’s grandmother, the South’s farming heritage, and fresh, home-style cooking. Visitors are welcomed into the home to partake in a welcoming and uncomplicated supper and are treated like family.

Customers have the impression that they are entering a homestead dining room since it is warm and simple. Seasonal ingredients and meats from nearby farms are used on the menu.

Favorite specialties include fried catfish, house hog sausage, and homemade pickle selection. Ollie Irene is open for supper and an early cocktail hour.

5. Fisher’s

Fisher’s is two establishments in one; both serve fresh fish but have significantly different ambiances. Fisher’s Upstairs is a classy and refined establishment with airy and light decor while still reflecting its marine setting.

Fine delicacies like grilled swordfish and seared scallops are available on the Upstairs menu. Fisher’s Dockside is unmistakably more laid-back with its quirky fish décor and idyllic terrace seating.

There are numerous sandwich, taco, and salad options on the Dockside menu. Don’t stress yourself out trying to choose between the two. Visitors can take in breathtaking views of the Orange Beach Marina and unrivaled fresh seafood from either of the restaurants.

4. Hot and Hot Fish Club

The food at Hot & Hot Fish Club is a feast for the eyes and the stomach. Food is prepared with care and presented beautifully as it leaves the kitchen. Seasonal produce is a significant culinary inspiration, and local food vendors provide the ingredients.

The menu changes often, but dishes like rabbit roulade with farro risotto and mustard greens and cauliflower soup with truffle oil are commonly requested by customers.

It is simple to understand why Hot and Hot Fish Club has won so many honors and prizes. Both the setting and the food are classy and expertly prepared.

3. Highlands Bar and Grill

Birmingham’s Highlands Bar and Grill have been a mainstay for years. This restaurant has been operating since 1982 and has received various honors, including nods from the James Beard Foundation.

With white tablecloths that have been professionally starched and well-groomed wait personnel, Highlands has an elegant and sophisticated ambiance. The menu draws inspiration from French and Southern traditions, an unusual pairing that works.

Customers rave about the lamb porterhouse chops and the stone-ground baked grits appetizer. The Highlands Bar and Grill is a great spot to celebrate an important event or eat delicious meals.

2. Chez Fonfon

This charming region of France is located in the heart of the American South. A cafe called Chez Fonfon is open for both lunch and evening. Imported furniture and decorations were used to recreate a French cafe feel in the dining room perfectly.

Even an outdoor courtyard with French lawn games is available at the restaurant. Bistro staples, including Moules e Frites, Croque madame, and fish amandine, are available on the menu at Chez Fonfon.

Customers particularly enjoy hamburgers and steak fries at the eatery. This restaurant serves cozy French cuisine and has a welcoming staff and a fantastic wine list for any meal.

1. Acre

Auburn is more than just a town where people are crazy about football. The restaurant Acre, which is situated in the city’s historic center, strives to offer the locals sophisticated interpretations of classic fare.

Its dining area is spacious and light and has a simple design with neutral colors and big windows letting the sunshine in.

The menu at Acre is packed with updated versions of traditional Southern fare, including bourbon chocolate pecan pie, deep-fried gouda grits, and catfish from Mississippi. Enjoy one of their distinctive drinks, such as the Chilton Co. peach julep, while relaxing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What food is Alabama known for?

Like many southern states, Alabama is well known for its barbecue and has its own special White BBQ Sauce. It’s also well-known for other soul food and southern dishes, including Fried Green Tomatoes, Collard Greens, Fried Chicken, Shrimp & Grits, and Tomato Pie.

What is Alabama’s most famous dish?

Low Country fishermen first ate shrimp and grits for breakfast. It is now essentially the state dish of Alabama. You can find it prepared in various ways around the state, including spicy, peppery, cheesy, creamy, and even acidic.

What snack is Alabama known for?

The chips that started it all for Birmingham’s Magic City Foods, founded in 1923, are the ancestors of these paper-thin, fried potato slices known as Golden Flake Thin & Crispy Chips, the grandfather of Alabama munchies.

What dessert is Alabama known for?

The most well-known dessert in Alabama is unquestionably Lane cake, a layer cake with coconut pecan icing and bourbon flavoring. Although it originated in Clayton, Alabama, when Emma Rylander Lane, an Alabama native, earned first place for her dessert at a Georgia state fair, the dish is now well-known throughout the whole South.

What was the first restaurant in Alabama?

The Bright Star, Bessemer. Tom Bonduris, a Greek immigrant who opened the Bright Star in 1907, was named “Alabama’s Oldest Restaurant” by the state tourism office, and the James Beard Foundation called it “America’s Classic.” The Bright Star has been owned by the Bonduris/Koikos family ever since. 

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