Top Podcasts You Can’t Afford to Miss as a Marketer

If there is any profession that requires someone to adapt constantly and race against time on a regular basis, that would be Marketers. Due to the nature of their work they are busy all the time. They have to acquire as much information as they can in the shortest time possible in order to keep up with the current trends and grab the attention of as many potential customers as possible.

However, it isn’t easy to learn new things and work at the same time. This is where podcasts come to play. Podcasts are audio files regarding certain topic by a podcaster. A marketer can simply put on his headphone and listen to it on their break times or on the road while traveling.

It is important to choose the right podcast because most people don’t know which show will help them and which one is wasting their time.

Here is a list of podcasts that will help a marketer to improve themselves.


Gary Vaynerchuk is a celebrity and a bestselling author and the podcaster of the show called Askgaryvee. This show is basically a Question and answers session. It allows its audience to ask questions and Gary answers those questions.

Things we love most

  • Gary invites celebrities as guests to make things interesting.
  • His words have inspired many marketers and improved their position in the industry.
  • He has a youtube channel for those who prefer video over audio.
  • On his youtube channel, there are behind the scenes footage of the show for those who are interested.  

Call To Action

This show is presented by Unbounce. It is a company specializing in digital marketing. This show is all about digital marketing success stories and how as a marketer you can apply it to on your career.

Things we love most

  • They welcome professional marketers as a guest who can provide tips and guides to the listeners.
  • It is a great way to learn new things from an expert.
  • Every Wednesday, they welcome an expert to give guidelines and talk about Pay Per Click Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Copywriting, Conversion Rate Optimization,  Landing Page Optimization, A/B Testing, and other marketing related topics.

Social Media Marketing Podcast

This show is hosted by Michael Stelzner of Social media Examiner. It is considered to be one of the top 10 marketing podcast out there. They welcome guests with different professional background on their shows.

Things we love most

  • Each podcast is around 45 minutes.
  • By listening on this podcast a marketer can learn new marketing strategies, guidelines and tips to enhance their social media marketing skills.
  • Social Media Examiner shares the latest news in social media as a publication while the podcast focuses on debating and analyzing that news.

This is a weekly podcast hosted by Sonia Simone. Their main focus is on Copywriting. Other than that, they also discuss subjects like Content marketing, freelance writing, conversation optimization, mindset, email marketing, and various other topics.

Things we love most

  • Their podcast is created in the form of an interview.
  • They invite experts of the various field to their show as an interviewee.
  • Listeners can be sure of two things-

1. They are bound to learn something new

2. They are learning from a Top Expert.

The Science of Social Media

As the name suggests this podcast focuses on social media. It is presented by Buffer.

Things we love most

  • The science of social media not only discusses all the basic concepts of social marketing but also even the most advanced concepts and theories that are usually taught by experts.
  • You can listen to their podcast on iTunes and google play.    

Marketing over coffee

While it is true that you can listen to any podcast while having a coffee on your break time.”Marketing Over Coffee” is still different than another podcast you may be listening.

Things we love most

  • You may be holding a cup of coffee but the podcasts itself will probably be in a formal format.
  • While this podcast is recorded in a coffee shop every Wednesday at 5:30 am Eastern in Natick, MA outside of Boston and the conversations within the podcast are casual in nature, which perfectly matches with your coffee drinking environment.
  • The show is hosted by Christopher S.Penn & John J.Wall.

This Old Marketing Podcast

Although it the name says “OLD” but the podcast itself is not very old. Majority of the public believes that content marketing is a brand new concept however sharing stories to get the attention of customers and keep those customers is probably the oldest marketing techniques. This podcast is the testimony to that fact.  

Things we love most

  • This show is hosted by Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose.
  • They give their attention to the power of storytelling in online and offline marketing. this show does not provide any step by step instructions or guidelines but it can increase your overall knowledge on many things regarding marketing.
  • For some people, it is more important than guidelines.

Social Pros

This podcast is one of the most popular marketing podcast in the world.recently it was given the Best podcast award at the content marketing awards.

Things we love most

  • This show is hosted by Jay bear from Convince and Convert and Adam Brown from salesforce.
  • Both of the speakers are experts that can help you keep up with the dynamic market while getting the experts explanation on what changes have occurred and how it will affect the market. you can listen to their podcasts by various means.
  • You can simply listen on online at any moment on their website, subscribe on Stitcher,iTunes, Spotify or RSS. whatever works for you. This show will not let you down.

VB Engage

This podcast is hosted by VentureBeat’s Stewart Rogers and Travis Wright..roger and wright is a perfect dynamic duo that brings their comprehensive knowledge to this show and shares their insights on the current trends.

Things we love most

  • They welcome guests of various professional to make things interesting.
  • Each of the interviews is designed to discuss tech-related topics.
  • It does not focus specifically on marketing rather a group of topics such as Mobile engagement, latest technology, social media, and marketing technology. However many issues from this topic are related to online and offline marketing.
  • It is a great opportunity to listen to some of the most influential digital marketing minds.

Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is the self-experimenter and best selling author of “4-Hour Workweek”.He also has his own podcast which is known as “Tim Ferriss Show”. In his show, he disassembles the work of professionals of various fields and performs an extensive analysis of their strategy and tactics. The overall activity may not be useful to a marketer but there are many factors within his analysis that are very useful to marketers.

Things we love most

  • The interviews with world-class experts are more than just-just a conversation.
  • Each interview can provide a variety of insightful information and leave you hungry for more. For a listener, each episode is equal to a goldmine.
  • You are bound to learn something new.  

Growth Marketing Toolbox

This show is hosted by Nicholas Scalice. He is known as a  skilled blogger and growth marketer.

Things we love most

  • His podcast discusses all the latest and crème de la crème of growth marketing tools out there.
  • He interviews people like marketing tool makers, industry professionals.
  • He provides his listeners with the best tools applicable.
  • You can listen to his podcast by subscribing on iTunes, google play or Spotify.    

Marketing School

This show is hosted by Niel Patel and Eric Siu.this podcast is unique, as the podcasters provide distinctive marketing insights that are completely different than traditional strategies that most marketers are used to.

Things we love most

  • They aim to provide their listeners with applicable information within ten minutes every day.
  • This podcast is perfect for busy marketers who don’t have time to listen to long-term audio files.
  • You will get everything you can get on for ten minutes by listening to their podcasts.
  • They are available on iTunes, google play, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Stitcher.

Online Marketing Made Easy

This show is hosted by Amy Porterfield. The main focus of this podcast is small business owners and marketers. Most of the marketing strategies out there are complex and startup marketers are often overwhelmed by its structures. Most of them fail to comprehend its meaning in its entirety.

Things we love most

  • Amy deconstructs these strategies and makes them easy to understand and applicable for marketers, which is a huge help for any marketer out there.
  • Amy provides insights on what is the current trend, what will work and what won’t.     

The podcasts mentioned above should be more than enough to give marketers a general idea of how it works. They can be a marketers shortcut to gaining extensive knowledge. Each podcast has its own unique features. Every feature may not feasible for everyone but many people. All that’s left is for a marketer to try out a couple of them and see which one can help him/her the most. The podcast is a convenient method to improve one’s general knowledge and stay up to date with current trends.       

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