Top 10 Manufacturing Companies in Ohio

According to MNI, Ohio is home to 15,326 manufacturing businesses that employ 890,926 people, placing it third in the US for manufacturing employment. With 123,752 people, Cuyahoga County has the most manufacturing jobs in Ohio.

Franklin County has 79,139 employees, followed by Hamilton County has 89,529 employees. There are 46,171 industrial employees in Summit and 47,956 in Montgomery County.

According to employment, Ohio’s largest manufacturing sector is the industrial machinery sector, which employs 17% of the state’s industrial employees. Transportation equipment comes in at number two, followed by fabricated metal items at 12%. Food goods employ 8% of Ohio’s industrial workers, compared to 9% for rubber and other plastic products.

Biggest Manufacturing Companies in Ohio

10. the Lincoln Electric Co. (Cleveland, OH)

On December 5, 1895, the American company Lincoln Electric was established in Cleveland, Ohio. A special direct current electric motor for industrial uses was created and commercialized with an initial cost of $200.

Lincoln Electric is known as The Welding Experts worldwide and has emerged as a global leader in arc welding and cutting. They continue to drive innovation and provide demonstrable value to clients and their operations thanks to the industry’s top team of specialists and the most comprehensive solutions.

The company’s headquarters are located at a 2.2 million square foot facility in Cleveland that manufactures arc welding, cutting tools, and supplies.

9. Whirlpool Corp., Clyde Operations (Clyde, OH)

This 150,000-square-foot plant in Cleveland, Ohio, employs 3,500 people and manufactures washing machines, including the Kenmore and Roper.

The company wants to set the standard for excellence in global production, provide best-in-class goods at reasonable prices, and forge a long-term competitive edge.

World Class Manufacturing (WCM), a complete technique for raising productivity and quality while lowering production system losses, motivates this objective.

Our production and distribution network is getting more robust because of real-time data and analytics, artificial intelligence, and equipment connection, which results in best-in-class operational excellence.

8. Honda of America, Anna Engine Plant (Anna, OH)

Honda’s facility in Anna, Ohio, which employs 3,500 people and manufactures vehicle engines for the company’s Maryville plant, was founded in 1985. Today, the activities encompass four cutting-edge facilities in Ohio, employing close to 9,500 people and bringing in millions of dollars annually to the state’s economy.

What started as a handshake between Ohio Governor James Rhodes and Soichiro Honda in 1977 has developed into an Ohio operation of international status and impact, a creative global leader in charge of the introduction of Honda vehicles all over the world. In November 1982, the first Honda Accord produced in the United States went off the assembly line at our Marysville manufacturing facility.

7. The Procter & Gamble Group (Cincinnati, OH)

Procter & Gamble was founded in 1837 and produced and sold consumer packaged goods domestically and abroad.

P&G manufactures a variety of goods, including batteries, cleaning supplies, personal care, beauty, and grooming items. It also makes goods for domestic cleaning and fabric care. In Cincinnati, the corporation has 4,000 employees.

6. Cardinal Health, Inc. (Dublin, OH)

The Dublin, Ohio, facility of Cardinal Health is a significant manufacturer of medical and surgical items, including surgical gloves, surgical gear, and fluid management equipment, with annual sales of $108 billion.

The corporate offices of Cardinal Health are also located here. Pharmaceuticals, medical and laboratory items, and performance and data solutions for healthcare institutions are distributed by the company.

They provide end-to-end solutions and data-driven insights that progress healthcare and enhance lives every day, serving as a vital connection between the clinical and operational facets of the healthcare industry.

With more than 50 years of expertise, the organization seizes the chance to tackle the most challenging problems in healthcare, both today and in the future.

5. Swagelok Co. (Solon, OH)

This Swagelok Co. facility, founded in 1947 and serves as the company’s headquarters, manufactures various fluid systems, including valves, tube fittings, and components. Swagelok, which has 4,800 employees in Solon, exports its goods worldwide.

4. Bath & Body Works (Columbus, OH)

Your go-to store for surprises and delights in gifts and goods is Bath and Body Works. Finding that ideal something special becomes a joyful experience thanks to their selection of energizing perfumes and calming skin care.

Bath & Body Works in Columbus, Ohio, employs 4,816 people and manufactures a variety of home fragrances and personal care goods. The company’s headquarters are also located here.

3. Stellantis US, LLC (Toldeo, OH)

Five thousand employees are employed to assemble the Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Wrangler, and Jeep Gladiator at this 3.6 million square foot facility near Toledo.

The business received a silver designation from World Class Manufacturing in 2016, making it the first American manufacturing facility to receive such an honor.

2. Midwest Fasteners, Inc.

Midwest Fasteners, Inc. produces capacitor discharge (CD) and arc welding equipment, hanger adhesives, insulation fasteners, and stud welding accessories.

Their fasteners include washers, caps, panel nuts, lacing anchors, cup heads, capacitor discharge, and arc weld pins.

1. GE Aviation Systems, LLC (Cincinnati, OH)

GE Aviation’s Cincinnati facility is a sizable enterprise, with claimed annual sales of $16.8 billion and comprising 6.5 million square feet of industrial area.

Turboprop and turboshaft engines are produced at this facility, which has 6,500 employees in Ohio for cargo, executive, and passenger planes, as well as bombers and helicopters.

Additionally, the factory supplies derivatives of aviation engines for marine propulsion and industrial power sources, and its services unit offers upkeep, service, and replacement components.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What products are manufactured in Ohio?

Along with manufactured metal goods, chemicals, and processed foods, the manufacturing of motor cars and their components is among the top industries.

  1. What is the most valuable company in Ohio?

In 2021, Cardinal Health was the largest publicly listed firm, with its headquarters in Ohio, according to Statista. With sales of 152.92 billion dollars, Cardinal Health came in first.

  1. What are the three major industries in Ohio?

Trade, transportation, and utilities account for the majority of employment in Ohio, followed by the government, and the health, education, and manufacturing sectors.

  1. What does Ohio produce the most?

Ohio has 80,000 farms, an average size of 206 acres, and 14,900,000 total agricultural acres. Ohio has 200 different types of crops, but maize and soybeans are regarded as our “top crops.” Ohio farms a lot of livestock, including cattle (1.25 billion head, to be exact), pigs, sheep, and chickens, like neighboring states in the corn belt.

  1. How many are Fortune 500 companies in Ohio?

According to Fortune, 25 Buckeye State-based businesses reached the Fortune 500 list for 2021, which was rated according to total revenue.

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