Top 10 Manufacturing Companies in Maine

Maine is home to many industrial businesses, including key defense industries to the footwear business. The state has made significant progress in luring and supporting modern manufacturing enterprises while maintaining a grip on its historically dominating paper and food processing industries because of its wealth of natural resources and highly educated people.

Seventy-one thousand two hundred fifty-two people are employed by 2,256 manufacturing enterprises in Maine, according to MNI. With 6,076 people, Portland has the most industrial occupations of any city in Maine.

Based on the workforce, the transportation equipment industry is the largest industrial sector in Maine, employing 18% of the state’s industrial workers. Food processing comes in second with 12%.

Best Manufacturing Companies in Maine:

10. Windham Weaponry

Windham Weaponry, a firearm manufacturing company, is situated in Windham. The business was founded in 2011 after Richard Dyke, the former owner of Bushmaster, chose to establish a new business in the same spot as his previous one.

Soon after its debut, Windham gained prominence in the firearms market. They are now recognized as a reputable firearm maker in the country.

Windham Weaponry produces numerous weapons and accessories, some of which are specifically designed for police departments.

A wide range of cleaning products, tools, handguards, grips, multi-caliber systems, gunsmithing equipment, and other accessories are produced by Windham. The firm manufactures weapons in a variety of designs and calibers. Additionally, Windham designs and produces unique weapons.

9. Auburn Manufacturing Inc.

Auburn Manufacturing Inc., a manufacturer of innovative textiles in extremely hot settings, is based in Mechanic Falls. The business started in the sector in 1979 by producing textile alternatives for asbestos.

Auburn Manufacturing worked with Advanced Functional Fabric of America and the National Fire Protection Association to provide the best goods possible.

Products made for severe temperatures are the specialty of Auburn Manufacturing. Over 20 textiles were produced by the firm and were F.M. certified. It produces heat-resistant textiles, safety apparel and fabrics, gaskets and sealing components, welding protection fabrics, detachable insulating pad components, and more.

The company’s products are utilized in many sectors where high temperatures are typical, by the military, and to comply with fire standards.

8. Saunders

Saunders is a Readfield-based firm with more than 65 years of expertise. Clipboards and aluminum form holders are Saunders’ main products. The business is dedicated to quality, as well as to its customers and the environment.

At least 30% of each product’s materials are recycled. Some plastic clipboards that the company manufactures contain at least 50% recycled materials. The firm only uses recycled or recovered materials to make its hardboard clipboards.

For use by professionals in law enforcement, appraisal, engineering, medicine, emergency services, education, and many other fields, Saunders produces well-known clipboards. The company’s goods are perfect for people who must bring some work home with them.

7. MIPR Corporation 

Located in Newcastle, MIPR Corporation is a manufacturer focusing on composite- and rubber-based engineering. The business has been in the industry for more than 33 years. It provides expert services to allow its clients more freedom and security.

With skilled engineers, MIPR Corporation can produce high-quality designs fast and per the customer’s needs. The business will create prints and drawings and modify them to meet specific requirements.

Conveyor belts, customized conveyors, gaskets, expansion joints, bellows, and other products are all made by MIPR Corporation. MIPR also produces high-temperature textiles for various uses, such as insulation, coating, expansion joints, and specific surfaces.

The application of MIPR’s conveyor belts is widespread, including in the mining, shipping, transportation, and fishing industries.

6. Puritan Medical Products

Puritan Medical Products has produced high-quality medical supplies throughout New England since 1919. Guilford serves as the company’s headquarters, and it takes great pleasure in its New England roots. It thinks that the firm should be represented through its goods since it is from New England. 

Puritan Medical Products produce products for a variety of markets. These include medical, environmental, forensics & genetics, controlled environments, diagnostics & specimen collecting, and microbiology media.

Puritan merchandise is centered on high-quality single-use items. Cotton swabs, liquid transport medium tubes, ESK sampling kits, cytology collecting swabs, wooden tongue depressors, wooden scrapers, and other items are among the available products.

5. Peavey Manufacturing Co.

When Joseph Peavey made his first tool in 1857, the Peavey Manufacturing Co. was founded. Peavey Manufacturing is still producing top-notch tools more than 160 years later.

The business relocated to its current headquarters in Eddington in 1996 and has been there ever since. With 10 acres of surrounding land, the firm includes a 35,000-square-foot indoor production facility.

When it comes to the creation of its tools, Peavey Manufacturing is dedicated to genuine craftsmanship and premium materials. The company Peavey Manufacturing Co. makes a variety of metal and wooden tools. 

4. Smith & Wesson

Horace Smith and Daniel Baird Wesson joined in 1852 to produce guns with self-contained cartridges. The business quickly established a reputation for itself due to its creativity, superior quality, and dependability.

Smith & Wesson continues to pursue excellence, innovation, and durability. Law enforcement officers frequently employ Smith & Wesson weapons nowadays.

Today, Smith & Wesson produces a wide range of products in addition to weapons. The firm makes many items like multi-tools, sunglasses, axes, batons, torches, magazines, and other knives.

Gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson produces a range of weapons, including pistols, rifles, competition gear, and several firearm accessories. Additionally, the business manufactures holsters, shooting mats, ear muffs, cleaning kits for firearms, magazine pouches, and other shooting accessories.

3. Tex Tech Industries

Portland-based Tex Tech Industries started producing synthetic textiles in 1904. Since then, it has developed into a market leader in woven and needle felts production.

The corporation makes significant investments in research and development to continuously innovate, produce, and maintain its position at the cutting edge of technology. The business builds ties with its clients to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Tennis, filtration services, protective markets, 3D weaving, high-performance materials, automotive industries, ballistics industries, and the aerospace sector are just a few industries Tex Tech Industries serves with high-quality goods and services. The business produces woven textiles, non-woven, specialized, and three-dimensional objects.

2. JSI Store Fixtures

For more than 25 years, JSI Store Fixtures has been producing food displays. The business is based in Milo, with additional offices spread across Maine. It values all meals; thus, the company works hard to design displays to showcase the cuisine.

With the right shop fixtures, businesses may display themselves more attractively and draw in more consumers. All around the nation, JSI Store Fixtures has been collaborating with supermarkets. Whole Foods, Safeway, Price Chopper, Hannaford, Sprouts, and many more are just a handful of its customers.

1. L.L. Bean

Having founded the business in 1912, Leon Leonwood Bean first had exclusive control. Since he began making outdoor gear, the industry has produced finely designed fashions while continuing to be a small, family-run business.

Although the company’s main office is in Freeport, two manufacturing facilities are in Brunswick and Lewiston. L.L. Bean pledges to uphold client pleasure. Because of this, the business offers a guarantee that enables clients to return its items for a refund up to a year after acquiring them.

L.L. Bean produces outdoor gear of every kind. The choice of goods is wider, though, since they include anything from outdoor boots to household items.

Frequently asked questions

What is the biggest company in Maine?

In 2021, J.D. Irving, having its headquarters in Maine, was the biggest business, employing around 15,000 people.

What is Maine known for manufacturing?

Paper products, including cardboard boxes, paper bags, and pulp, in addition to paper, are the most famous produced goods in Maine. The manufacturing sector’s second-place product is computer and electronic equipment (personal computer microchips, communications equipment).

What are Maine’s major industries?

There are several economic clusters that the state has recognized as having the best potential for growth given the ambitious and committed workforce in Maine as well as the state’s endowment of woods, farmland, and coastline. These industries include marine/aquaculture, food/agriculture, life sciences, forest products, and outdoor recreation.

What products is Maine famous for?

Whoopie pies, wild blueberries, and lobster rolls are all popular in Maine. But the state’s entrepreneurial drive and Yankee ingenuity resulted in numerous ground-breaking and widely sought-after products, including veterinarian diagnostics, energy bars, and drumsticks.

What is Maine’s main export?

Paper is the state’s largest manufacturing export sector, making up $356 million of Maine’s total commodities exports in 2018.

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